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Roseanna. Reviewed on 08.07.18
Tried to setup account, they said not accepting USA players. So I guess AskGamblers needs to update there top ten playlist on the side over there.
If there was an award for losing your way in the on-line casino industry I think 3Dice would be the strongest contender I could possibly imagine to take the gold medal. I was a regular player here, depositing and playing almost every week for over a year and making a withdrawal once a month perhaps if I was lucky. Without fail I could put in a request to have my money sent to my Skrill e-wallet and the funds would be received some time the same day, often as little as an hour or so. Then out of nowhere things just started to go wrong...

The last time I requested a withdrawal it hadn't been paid after 48 hours so I contacted support and was informed they were having problems with their processor. Fair enough I thought, although I did wonder what processor they could be referring to considering it was a Skrill withdrawal as I thought those were only necessary for players requesting to be paid by cheque or card. Another two days passed by and I decided to take a look in the on-line forums to see if anybody else had experienced problems. To my horror I discovered that some players had been waiting almost a month for their withdrawals to arrive. Some people were awaiting a payment of thousands of dollars and were being given excuse after excuse my 3Dice.

It became clear this wasn't just a fleeting issue when people started reporting being unable to deposit funds at the casino either, although according to 3Dice this was only an issue for players based in the US. I wasn't willing to attempt making a deposit myself to find out if that was true. I accepted there was a chance I may not be going to see my money and had started to forget about it when almost a month later the money showed up in my Skrill account. There was no communication from 3Dice during this time and when I did try and chase them up myself they were unable to give me any firm answers.

I'm actually surprised that they are still in business and from what I hear these problems are now long behind them and things have returned to normal, but the experience really put me off and I haven't been back since, which is a real shame as I used to enjoy playing the slots and games at this casino. Their software is completely unique and unlike anything else available on-line, including some fantastically high paying slot machines and a great variety of different Video Pokers.

USA players don't have a great deal of choice for where to play and if I was living over there I expect I'd probably be more willing to give 3Dice another chance as it must be extremely dull being limited to just a handful of RTGs and a bunch of extremely shaky Rival casinos, but as a UK player I have far too many good options now to take another chance on 3Dice.
Angle. Reviewed on 24.09.18
I joined 3Dice earlier this year and have loved it from the minute I joined. The slots are unique and with a massive variety of table games such as all the forms of Video Poker you can shake a stick at Aces and Eights, Tens or better, Deuces wilds just to name a very small amount I would be here all day if I mentioned them all!

Another great thing about 3Dice is the number of free roll tournaments every day. 3Dice have tons of tournaments where you can win bonus cash but with a very minor wagering to complete so its almost as valuable as cash. My favourite tournament to partake in is the all games as you can literally play on any game to achieve the highest peak balance. I have won a few as I managed to get massive wins on arctic adventure got the free spins 100 at x10 on a 75p a line stake 7.50 a line for every win! Yes this means in real mode if a player were betting at low roll of 20 x 1 p they could win up to 10 x more during the free spins if they select the correct path which is amazing! Do not fret though as if you don't get to the queen with enough steps left over you do still win consolation of whatever you accumulated on your way to her.

Three of the other slots I am very fond of here are definitely Stick Shifter, Happy Valley and Tomb of Tutankhamun. These slots are Very High/High Variance respectively meaning they do contain loads of losing spins but as with games you may be more familiar with i.e Dead or Alive, Reel Steel, Spring Break and Break da Bank again when they win big your eyes will pop out of your skull if you hit a big one on these!

If you aren't a fan of Video slots you have other games to play on such as Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and Roulette and there are dozens of variations available too this sites a gamblers paradise! You may be a fan of old school 1 line 3 reel style slots and yes that's right you have these to play to ranging from very small bets of 5cents right up to £5 per coin my favourite one from the old school section has to Penta Pays with one hit you can go from 5k balance right up to a massive 25k+ depending on what the progressive jackpot has reached.

Pros and Cons of 3Dice:

- Fast Cashouts
- Excellent variation of Video slots, Games, Table Games, 3 Reel slots
- Speedy customer care team
- Loads of tournaments even more when you deposit just 50 bucks

- Some of the Video slots can be very fickle and take all of your money so choose wisely!
- I find some of Slots to be a bit strobe effect and can’t play them because of this

Overall 3Dice gets 8/10 for me
Jason. Reviewed on 02.10.18
I've always enjoyed playing at 3Dice casino. I just seem to have a hard time getting a good deposit method going and staying. There aren't a lot o free chips or bonuses at 3Dice, but they do offer a nice selection of free tournaments every day for the non-depositing players and a whole lot more tourneys if you have made $50 in deposits during the month. These tournaments for depositors happen every hour, with special ones added in. So, you get a lot of play for your deposit even if you didn't do well. Join all the tournaments you can, even if you don't know how to play the game. My best win ever was at RedDog, and I scored a nice easy $10 prize.

Every season or holiday 3Dice dresses up it's site with decorations of all kinds. They even change the games up on occasion so that you get extra added fun. And every so often there is a PJP on site, which is nice. The chat application is nice as it not only allows players to interact, but posts high scores and is the site of many special games where you can win even more. These games aren't easy, but they are free, usually, and so a great treat.

The withdrawal is so easy. Not only do they have many withdrawal methods, but they include my favorite, cash.Yes, real cash delivered in a few days to your front door. I can't think of a better way to cash out than to just open the door and grab my check!

The games here are mostly unique, as far as the slots go. They also have a lot of casino and card games and also Keno. Nobody seems to like to play the keno but a few players have hit big so I try it when there is a $10 tourney going on. You get $10 and play any games and hope to be one of the top 3 players.

Support is always available and there is a host in the chat room who greets and converses with the players and facilitates special chat games. It is always nice to have someone to go to online when you have a question. The online forum is nice to read and find out about game strategies. And they have a feature where you can check out how the slots are paying off at the current time. This is nice if you want to go for the best opportunity to win.

Depositors will be pleased to find a rainy day fund available. If you have run out of cash you can borrow from this fund and pay it back on your next withdrawal request. Now that's a great thing to offer loyal players!

Overall I give 3Dice 3 thumbs up and I hope you enjoy playing here as much as I do and as do all the loyal 3Dice players.
Kendal. Reviewed on 04.10.18
3dice casino is well known on different forums, and some people even from Europe are happy with this casino, and call it one of the best.
I disagree with this, I did not see anything amazing with this casino, or anything really superb whichbetter than Guts casino or Betat casino or 32red. I agree that this is one of the best casino for players from USA, and also this is really great casino at all, but I can't say that I like, or that I can fight with Guts, for example.

I have made in this casino around 5 deposits, and also had two withdrawals. Withdrawals are quick, yeah, first took 6 hours with verification, second took 15 minutes to Skrill, this is great speed. Also they had always interesting promotions, some bonuses, and other things. But I would like to complain about game selection, which in my opinion really is poor, moreover most games are just boring, and only few high variance is interesting.
In total there is no more than 30 slots or so, and this is really not good. I can't see myself depositing on this casino usually, when I had Microgaming and NetEnt. For people from USA this is great place to play with fast withdrawals and great service. But for me as I am from Europe it is nothing really special.

My two withdrawals I made after playing table games, because slots on this casino are not lucky for me, and I cant' win anything playing their games. Blackjack and roulette are much better, and at least I cover some losses, and even finish with some profit.

3dice casino is one of the most safest online casino, this is true. Their customer service is one of the best, this is also true. Bonuses is average, withdrawals are super quick. But games selection is just not interesting in my eyes. But even so, I can't rate this game with less than 8 stars.
I think casino here got shady thing going on behind scene.
I took welcome bonus deposit 100 euro play for a while finally bust me. Next month I deposit 3k euro and play the slots at high bet and never return even modest bonus. Just take.

I uninstall casino, come back 2 month later, deposit total for month 5k euro to try blackjack game because I like at other casinos and sometimes win.
At 50 euro bet max it took all 5k and dealer get 20 and blackjack so much more often than me. I email Anna, the support manager, tell her how can this be so crooked and she closed my account because I call her a liar.

That game is honest. I live in Romania and never again would I play 3dice casino or tell friend to play here, much better option out there. I lose almost 10k euro here and never even get cashout of any amount.
Jadwiga. Reviewed on 06.10.18
What sets 3Dice apart from any other online casino is that 3Dice is not just a gaming site... It's a community. I have played on numerous gaming sites for many years, but until I played at 3Dice I always felt like something was missing, and it was. Through it's real-time chat-room, 3Dice offers the opportunity to experience the social aspect of being in a crowd filled casino. I have met a worldwide assortment of players, and consider myself lucky to actually count a number of them as friends.

When it comes to exciting and fun games to play, 3Dice is at the forefront. Their games will never bore you, even when it seems like they aren't spitting back the coins fast enough. The best part is when they do start spitting coins at you it is hard to find a bucket big enough to hold them all. I have played a lot... won a lot, and lost a lot, and and had more fun doing all of it at 3Dice than any other site online, and I have played at most them.

Getting down to the money of it, I can honestly say that I have never had a problem with cashouts and any issues that have come up with depositing have been rather skillfully solved. The reps at 3Dice are amazing, they not only listen to you they actually seem to care, and best of all, work with you solving any questions or problems you might have.

Gambling is supposed to be a form of entertainment, and 3Dice certainly never disappoints, whether it be playing their games or simply visiting the chatroom.

With all that having been said, it is important to remember that any casino is in business to make money, and if they can't do that then why would they bother being in business. I know that from my experiences playing both on land and online when I walk away with my pockets empty it is most likely due to my rather compulsive inability to know when to quit. At 3Dice I often leave empty handed, but I am usually more at blame for that then they are, and on the occasions when I do have bulging pockets and make it out, 3Dice makes it easy for me. My negative experiences at other casino's online, trying to cash out or just receiving adequate assistance with questions or problems led me to 2 years of not playing online at all, until I stumbled across 3Dice completely by accident. Now there is no other place I would rather play than 3Dice.

If there is a negative side to 3Dice other than any usual one associated any casino, I am unaware of it. I do wish they would bring out some new games, but otherwise I am good to go... speaking of which I gotta go spin, so thanks for reading.
Carmelo. Reviewed on 06.10.18
If there is one US friendly casino with a super reputation through all these years, which I have to point, than it would be 3Dice without any doubt! I can talk much about this casino and most of it would be only superlatives, but for your convenience I will try to point the most important only, because otherwise I must write till dawn! :)

So where to start from, maybe from their support?! Yes, definitely 3Dice offers to their customers perhaps one of the most competitive and top-notch quality of support service across the entire gambling community nowadays! They are not only fast, but lightning fast! They are not just kind, but treat as you a god! They are not only correct in the answers, but also honest. To be honest, I think 3Dice is among the top 5 best casino supports in the world, if not even in top 3!

Fast not only in responding to their customers answers, but fast in paying too. And now that is really something extraordinary, when talking about quick payouts from a casino, accepting US players, don’t you agree? I made several withdrawals both to my Neteller and Skrill accounts and the longest time, I supposed to wait for my money was only 12 hours! 12 hours, how fast do you think is that, because in my opinion this is super fast, especially compared to most of the other US friendly casinos, powered by RTG or Rival!

These guys are so innovate that they had implemented a forum in their own website! And even allow you to post, without being censored! That was rather shocking for me in the beginning, to see some pure negative posts there without being whipped out in the very first second! Good for you 3Dice!
Another good point for them is their own casino software and mostly their slots, which I like very much indeed, although their number is not so high as I wish to.

The only trouble I had with that casino can be described with only one word – greed! My greed, of course! I was so much ahead in 3Dice, but knowing when to stop is not always so easy to achieve! :(Anyway, still a few hundreds ahead.
So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:
Support: 9/10
Software: 9/10
Security: 9/10
Finance: 9/10
Bonuses: 9/10
Terms&Conditions: 9/10

Overall: Perhaps the best US friendly online casino!

Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to AskGamblers for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!
Virgilio. Reviewed on 07.10.18
3Dice is one of the very top online casino performers.
3Dice installation is simple and very fast.
The games appear clean, uncluttered and very sharp. They are colorful and have superb 3D graphics.

3Dice offers an original collection of games you won’t find anywhere online. From some of the most innovative, I can cite those original video slots like Stick Shifter or Slotronomicon.
3Dice has a built-in forum into its platform that enables interaction and socialization. You can therefore chat with your fellow players as well as a helpful support staff. This social dimension is one of the most important aspects of today’s online gambling places.
In addition to that social factor, the casino also offers various contests, tournaments and trivia where players can win numerous prizes. The casino even runs frequent free-roll tournaments where you can win real money without even depositing. Yes!

3Dice publishes detailed RTP payout statistics along with statistics on popularity, recent wins and progressive jackpot sizes.

Some other details are to really extend further some casinos from others like the existing internet streaming radio station to listen to while playing at your favorite games. Further more, the quality of the sound is excellent, and you have the choice between over 100 internet radio stations from around the world. Best of all, the software has a built-in screenshot function allowing to take and save a screenshot of your (big :)) wins!

One drawback I must mention though is that you can not choose the order in which to download and install the games. I couldn’t first download the games I choose before some of the others.
Many bonuses are offered with wagering requirements at different rates, but the bonus is fully cashable. While playing for real cash at the casino, you cumulate comp points that improve your VIP level.
You can add or withdraw funds at 3Dice through most of the popular methods. Having made several deposits and withdrawals at 3Dice, my banking operations went very well, each time.

3Dice has a fantastic around the clock support team to handle casino members’ queries. You can instantly contact them via their ‘Live Chat’ feature. There are also several email addresses to use and toll-free telephone numbers. Having dealt with them dozens of time, they are simply fantastic and willing to guarantee players satisfaction.

Note that 3Dice Casino welcomes players from U.S.A.
Finally, 3Dice is definitely a state of the art casino where quality is the motto. You will be pleasantly surprised across the board.
Thumb-ups to 3Dice!
Deshawn. Reviewed on 10.10.18
I have played on 3Dice before. They offer a 110% bonus up to $100 along with 250% in comp points!
As usual there wagering requirements are 30 times before anything can be withdrawn. Sometimes when I look into an unknown or new casino I search for rogues or scams to see if anyone has experienced any. Once everything is a green light I try it out to see what the casino is all about.

3Dice Casino is safe, and reliable! It is also secure so you won't have to worry about your deposits being taken away or anything. I would say this is the best casino but I could say it's loaded with excitement. 3Dice has been awarded for Best casino in 2010 - 2011 and for Best Customer Service 2008 - 2011 so you will know you will be with people who you can trust!

In my experience I find that their comp points roll much quicker for us when we play games. I will have to admit 3Dice is a cross between Microgaming and Real Time Gaming because I noticed during game play when I played on some of the games such as Squirrel Pike or BlackJack they have similarities!
For one thing on Squirrel Pike every win you receive gives you the option to double on your current wins and when you choose to do so it takes you to another screen almost in resemblance to the gamble screen you find on Microgaming Casinos. The other half is how Blackjack has almost the same setup as the Blackjack games they have in Real Time Gaming casinos.
For the majority of time there I played Blackjack because it is addictive to play when you keep on winning! One win keeps you bound to play more. As I decided to continue with Blackjack I browsed for more games to play.

My next game is Stick Shifter. It gives an impression that your inside a race car. If you get 3 scatters you'll get 20 Free Spins at an initial 1x but if you manage to land 4 scatters you will receive 40 Free Spins at 1 x. Every time you hit the gear level during free spins it will increase your multiplier to 1 x more (2 x). The only problem is if you hit sixth gear you will end the bonus since 6th gear blows your transmission and end the race.
You must try this video slot out in order to appreciate what it has to offer. Like a book you will not know how the story ends if you do not read it to the end.

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