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Lorrie. Reviewed on 08.07.18
When you fight with swords, spears and arrows, it is called a 'battle'. If you fight with tanks, missiles and bullets, it is a 'war'. But if you fight with just dollars, cents and betting sense, it is a 'bettle'! And the '24' certainly does not refer to 24 people in the bettle. That would be too damn little, making a survival simply impossible. So now you know what 24Bettle means, right? What? You already know? Damn...I thought I was smarter than you! Hahaha.

Askgamblers, who else, introduced this new casino 2 or 3 months ago, or thereabouts. I had a quick browse into their website, looked at what kind of games they had in their list, and what kind of interesting promotions they were having at that time. Can't really recall now what the promotions were, but I couldn't sign up due to my blardy crawling snailing ISP. The registration form simply refused and wouldn't load. But recently, when the snailing ISP was kind of asleep, I quickly took off, with some dollars and cents in my grip. Yep, I finally beat that bugger ISP on that day and made my entry into my bettle...err, I mean entry into 24Bettle. With 24 no-deposit free spins upon registration, plus 240 free spins upon first deposit, my mind was completely rattled. The promotions were just too good, if I didn't take them, I'll be completely out of my mettle! What? Me, out of my mettle? No way Jose, I ain't gonna miss out on any good bettle! Hehehe.

Ah well, expectations are nothing more than mere expectations. That 24 no-deposit free spins went with the wind without any exclamations. With my eyes squinted, staring at 24Bettle, I let my 10 Euros loose to join the bettle. Hoping for a better and a rekindled play without any hassle. Hmm, so what game did I play? Clever you, you just made my day! Hehehe. Yep, it was none other than good ole Dead Or Alive. The only game that can make me go dead or become alive. But damn, 20 Euros just simply wasn't enough to buy good reliable bullets to fight with Jesse and his outlaw boys. After 3 showdowns, that's 3 free spins games, if you're not into cowboy slang, I ran out of my plastic bullets, which didn't even put bruises on those outlaws. Damn! I knew I should have bought good brass ones instead, but being at a new bettle venue, I was moving more carefully than dangerously. Ain't that right DNCE? Yep, I'll stop moving carefully and start living dangerously...soon enough! Hehehe.

After all that has passed, next came the long long enduring waiting period to get over the 240 free spins and the 10 days it took. Oh boy! That sure was a pain in my, err, heart. My blardy crawling ISP just loves to snail around, making me wait for the moon to come around. But I endured, day after day, for days and nights, and I finally got all of free spins for 8 days. I had missed out on 2 days due to that blardy snail, but 24Bettle Support came to my rescue, replied my email, and credited the remaining missed-out free spins for me! Yappa-dappa-doo! Thank you Julia, from this player to ya, for a great customer supporter...but 'damn' for that Spaniard explorer! Yep, you've guessed it correctly. 10 gruelling days and nights fighting with Gonzo the Spaniard explorer, 240 free spins played and gone, and all he could say was 'see ya!" Aargh! Next time, I'll have to make sure that I knock his helmet off first before asking him to go search for the hidden treasures. With his eyes covered by his helmet like that, no wonder no treasures came my way!
There isn't much that I don't quite like about 24Bettle Casino. It is similar to Casumo and Casino Room, with missions to play and complete, with rewards to gain upon completing it, with some socialising functions too, which I'm not interested in, but I wish 24Bettle could have much better selection in their games directory. What they are having is okay, for now, but certainly not sufficient enough. We players always want everything! Hahaha. Oops, before I forget, Customer Support via email is good, if not great. Live Chat, when available, was good, if not great too, but until Live Chat goes 24/7, this part is still lacking a little bit, so go for it 24Bettle!
Annmarie. Reviewed on 23.09.18
24hBettle Casino offer games from several software game providers such as my favorite Micrograming and NetEnt and you can play Play’n Go games as well. It’s not me, but mostly people would look at casino bonus offer before they decide whether to deposit or not. From my point of view, 24Bettle welcome offer is really good and do not hesitate to check it out, don’t switch to another casino because you might find here the offer which might suits you the best. If you decide to claim it, bear in mind you are most likely to be rewarded with free spins as well. I had 3 deposits here so far and only once I claimed welcome bonus because I couldn’t resist delicious free spins. I like free spins though. Back in time when I deposited, I think that Starbust free spins were killing market, not only here but in most casinos. I got little tired of seeing Starbust across casinos, I even want to say, that I kind of, got sick and wanted to see something different. But I am very well aware, that game was and is perfect for such a promotions. As per my limited budget.. once I left casinos I never stopped by, for the simple reason and it’s that I want to try out as many new casinos as possible. The day I played wasn’t lucky for me and I lost around 100 euro.

I can’t recall wagering requirements for my welcome bonus, but I do remember my loses. Since then , I have received numerous bonus offer and it was really amazing to see free spins bonus offers of 50, 100 up to 200 free spins. Yes, you heard me very well. I had no withdrawals so far, but I no doubt it’s a safe place. I just checked and saw that W.R. for their bonuses are x 50, well, that might seem high but still, it’s possible to meet W.R. if you get lucky.
Yung. Reviewed on 27.09.18
There are a lot of games to choose from and they offer a lot of free spins with no wagering requirements. Creating an account is simple and fast, same as depositing. But if you are lucky enough to win something and try to withdraw...
...then the neverending story begins. First of all: The live chat is very friendly but completely useless as they cannot help you with any question about your finances. (Aand honestly, what else would I contact live chat for, trying to get a date?!)

When you make a withdrawal the status of it will change to pending. This status stays for at least two or three days and then you receive an email, that your withdrawal request was denied and you wuld hae to send a ton of documents in order to verify...

This process takes about another two or three days, if there is a weekend in between, of course longer.

After you have been verified you can start another withdrawal request, that is pending again for three days. If you are lucky you get an email "your withdrawal has been processed". But this does not mean that you get your money the next day. You have to wait again for 5(!) working days (they try telling you it COULD be shorter and it was because fo the bank, but this is definitely a LIE. I had an interesting conversation with my bank account manager about the happenings with this casino) until you finally get your money. I advise not to play in this casino, unless you like endless discussions in order to get money that belongs you...
Adam. Reviewed on 03.10.18
Lots of freebies. I've been playing at this site for a couple of months and I've won something worth withdrawing which is nice.
Netent - All of the free stuff is Netent, which for Canadians means I have to chat in to customer service to get every valuable converted.I'm sure for most players in other locations this isn't a problem.

Also, this site seems to have more than it's fair share of technical issues. Trying to process a withdrawal online and I'm going through an endless loop of trying to get an SMS code to verify my account, and being told by the system that it cannot send me an SMS. I'm told they're looking into it, but a withdrawal can't be processed without verifying an SMS code. So now I'm just sitting and waiting to request a cashout.
Desmond. Reviewed on 05.10.18
Good game selection (like the providers) and nice promotions.
Very slow chat response, even slower email response, terms on their site are not updated! As they promise you to withdraw the same way as you make a deposit. This is not true, after depositing with neteller, I won some money. But then the drama started. I have to withdraw to my bank, but I dont want that, after arguing for a week now. My documents are still not good, but the funny thing is I send them the same as I do to all the other casinos. So it takes already more then a week for verifying my account. Such a shame that there are nowadays casinos with terms who are not up to date. And so tilting depositing takes you 1 minute, and cashing out a year:(
Kizzie. Reviewed on 06.10.18
- It has Netent and stuff but switching games is too slow.
- Welcome bonus is oke, 100% & 24 free spins for 10 days, but u get it every day at 02.00am, kinda late.
- Some sort of achievements is nice, but progress is hardmodes.
- First they told me withdrawal of 20 euro no need to be verified but that's not true. They still need ur documents and everything.
- They dont email you. (I have not even 1 email from them.)
- Live support can't tell u anything about the finance department.
- Live support is not available 24/7. (Sometimes its broken or in maintenance)
- Withdrawal is approved for more than a week and still no results.

My advise is not play here or play at ur own risk.. Goodluck!
Dollie. Reviewed on 07.10.18
What I extremely like on this one is the challenge route! Or achievements how they call it!

Played Casumo and Heroes as well, but while leaving some reviews I came across the new casino section of AskGamblers - and don't you just love this? Will definitely head back here, and beside being lucky today: will keep you posted when I get my payout I made today!

Boooom! My winnings are in! Recommending this one if you like the extra angle and challenges.

For me:
Number 1 in my new top 10!
- if you want to close your account, it will direct you to b-bet casino. It is the same casino in my opinion.
- unknowing customer chat.
- don't waste money, honestly.
Pasty. Reviewed on 07.10.18
Nice design, lot of good slots. Lot freebies. Many deposit options .
I really want to give this casino chance, but I see now instead of getting better is getting worse. First of all withdrawals. Epic long verification and withdrawls are only via bank transfer. Problem with achievements, free spins etc. That thing design to made this casino better than other are really broken. Support at first look seems nice and helpful but for real they cant do anything. I got even mail with info about free spins in my account but when I enter game there was no spins. I inform support about that and they cant or dont want to do anything. This casino looks nice but really even if you won this will be not good memory .

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