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Bernarda. Reviewed on 08.07.18
I got off to a great start here at 21 Nova Casino the other...registered an account for myself only to find within a matter of minutes it had been 'Blocked' due to security reasons!!! The cheek of it blocking my they know who I am!! lol Just Kidding. I checked my email and it stated I had set up a duplicate account! :-o I never do this but both me and my partner play at a lot of the same casinos and we have in the past set up accounts for each other and forgot about them lol. Anyway I emailed their support team explaining this is what I think happened and apologised, I honestly had no intention of creating a duplicate account and luckily they were able to understand this and I had a response back within 24 hours saying my original account was still active and it gave me the user name so I was able to log in and make a deposit. The customer support team were actually really good about the matter and could clearly see I wasn’t about to commit any fraud, this has happened to me before I wont say what casino and they were so keen to believe me lol!Anyway I was really looking forward to deposit and play here so I could play the slot 'Spin 2 Millions'. I have seared high and low for this little number and not many of the Playtech casinos actually have, well not ones I have looked at anyway. It is only a 5 line slot with a minimum bet per line of 1p, and just from 5p spins if you get the bonus feature you can win amounts like £10/£20 OFF A 5P spin, that’s not a bad little earner is it. I only deposited 10 here and I received 132% instant match bonus so I only had £23.20 in my starting bankroll so this was a great all round slot to start on to try and get my balance a little bit higher. Unfortunately, on this occasion my slot wasn’t paying out at all lol just my luck that! I finally find a casino that has it and it plays rubbish! Just the luck of the draw I guess. I don’t think I have every actually played through a deposit and bonus as quickly as I did here at 21 Nova, the lot was gone within an hour or two!! So I have been trying to figure out what my actual opinion of this casino is.The games played terrible (at the time) but the customer support was excellent and the variety of the games they have is excellent, including a lot of my favourites. I would normally have a right old moan about loosing my money so quick but on this occasion I think I have to admit defeat and say I just played the wrong slots at the wrong time.If you are considering making a deposit here then I would definitely encourage you to its a great casino. If you do though and you manage to figure out that 'Right Place and Right Time' I was on about..let us all know! lol
Antonette. Reviewed on 24.09.18
21 Nova, a pretty basic Playtech casino that has a 320% bonus that does not make sense to the title of the casino. Sure I will give credit to the first bonus of 100% but 320% welcome bonus!? It has nothing to do with 21 and if I made the casino I would have put in 210% just to put the common sense in. However it is not science or chemistry when seeing a good bonus like this and with careful thought it is best that I went for the 100% because of it's much lower wagering even though 320% has more bonus value and will allow me to play at the casino longer. I wasn't just looking for fun I was also looking to be rewarded for my playthrough....while having fun.

For the first deposit bonus it is rather too small to deal with. On the other hand 100% match up to $24 is a small but considerable bonus that fits a nice low profile for the low wagering requirement. The 12 times wagering with my $24 deposit plus bonus was a good way to make wagers easier than making wagers for a larger amount of requirements. I had to deal with $576 total! Both my balance and the wagering were small so much safety betting is necessary to get where I wanted to be. I played Spin 2 Million on $0.25 as it is a 5 paylines slot. Luckily 21 Nova included all games so whatever slot came to my mind it became counted for the wagering! I played at least 100 spins on this slot and gotten lucrative winnings in the bonus round. It's just a normal pick game where I had to pick one of the safes to collect a bonus. There was one bonus for $25 nicely caught thanks to my luck. When I saw everything going well I max betted for $0.50 per spin until I stopped to see no more bonus rounds after about 20 spins in a row. I'll tell you folks it's very hard to hit the 2 Million symbols regardless of your bet! I came across only 2 symbols, never 3 or 4 symbols of that type came by. It's difficult for it's rare occurrence and the small paylines lacked in capturing them.

This is just one slot I played. I also played Cherry Love for 2 coins when I got a good balance of about $80 continued to Gladiator for 3 coins, What's cooking for 2 coins, Golden Games for 2 coins and the list of games I went can fill half a blank page! Gradual steps and bets increased my balanced and took care of the wagering slowly and effectively. I had some struggle for my balance and with more of my good luck it overturned my bad luck. Now I don't have to make complaints about support because they were incredible and after over 7 hours of playthrough it finally came down to cashing out my $167.90! Fast cashouts after including my documents, incredible support, a website that I think needs a do over making content look much sharper and advanced than it is right now, bonuses were achievable so my only problem is to slightly increase the $24 limit on the 100% bonus with the casino accepting to transform their website! 21 Nova, a 7 out of 10!
Michiko. Reviewed on 02.10.18
Hi! I have been an avid Playtech fan for many many years now, choosing Playtech over any other software provider, but I do play at other casinos occasionally whenever the offer is good. 21 Nova casino is one of WHG Group of casinos, the others being Joyland, EuroGrand and Prestige, for which I will soon write reviews on.

Amongst these 4 casinos, I particularly like and prefer to play at 21 Nova. The differences between them are small, even trivial, but some aspects are marginally better at 21 Nova, but a lot better than most other Playtech casinos. Read on to find out what these are.

WAGERING REQUIREMENT. This is the most distinct difference of WHG casinos over all others. Each time you accept a bonus, free or deposit bonus, a wagering requirement will automatically be implied upon that free bonus or deposit+bonus amount, UNLESS it is a wager-free bonus, which I will describe a little later on. Usually, this wagering requirement will be anywhere from 20 times - 60 times the deposit+bonus amount, depending onthe bonus (%) offered, and usually 99 times the free bonus amount. Making a win from such offers can be very difficult to say the least. Not with 21 Nova casino! Deposit bonuses need to be wagered ONLY 12 times the deposit+bonus amount, making it so much easier to make a win, so to speak! (Making a win is another topic altogether, regardless of how much you need to wager!) 12 times over 20 times wagering can be a huge difference when it really matters - I have lost several big wins just because I had so much more to wager before I could make a withdrawal - and that hurt real bad! For me, low wagering requirement is always preferred, whenever possible.

WAGER-FREE BONUS. Up to a few months ago, wager-free bonuses and cash back refunds are rarely heard of. How many people know or realise that WHG casinos have been offering these wager-free goodies to loyal members regularly? Not a lot. I get mine regularly, depending on how much I have deposited the month before. More deposited means more wager-free cash. You can play it without any wagering requirement, or simply withdraw it right into your e-wallet or bank account. No questions asked! If you haven't had one of these before, you are missing out the thrilling feeling of receiving one, hehehe. For example, some months back, I received my $6 wager-free cash back refund from 21 Nova. Too little to withdraw, so I used it to play instead, and ended up with almost $200 cash in my e-wallet! Man, that makes you feel like on top of the world! :)

Oops...I'm talking too much already, hahaha. 21 Nova Casino? I get all my payments 4 days later, no complaints, and is my 2nd top favorite casino, after Omni! :)
Cindy. Reviewed on 04.10.18
21 Nova Casino offered Playtech Software with all new released games. I play few times in Nova 21 Casino few lose and one Big Win. I remember registered in this place a long time ago. Because they offered 320% Deposit bonus for deposit 20€with wagering only x 12- So this was good offers for me I decided- to deposit and received my bonus-long session close to finish wager but- lose. Ok they sometimes send me free bonuses without wagering requirements.So I decided to make deposit again when they send me invitations for 100% bonus with x 12 wagering. I do deposit 20€ received 20€ and this was very good decision. I had great session. Won first in small stake in Thai Paradise 60€ few spin later again won 150€ in stake 0.75€. Change slots to Blade stake 1€ only 10 line with 0.10€ per line. I make maybe 20 spins get bonus rounds and 6 same symbol with x 5 multi players. System show you win 1000€ Wow Amazing- I feel great

I go to live support and ask about my wagering progress- how much I must still wager to finish my playthrough. Live agent from Poland ( yes they have a lot multi language speaking agents), he told me still need 250$ to finish. Ok I go to King Kong and again hit bonus round and won 101 € in 1€ spin play a little and finish my wagering with 1270 € in account. Withdrawal 1200 and stay in account 70 to play a little .

I received my money without verifications! -1200€ Withdrawal and they don't need documents? Great, ID documents verifications is not problem for me but usually casino ask me about my documents when I make first withdrawal or if first withdrawal is big amount (1200€ is big amount for me)Great I received my withdrawal to Neteller after 4 days.

Great casino, good live support and good withdrawal time but this is not finish my story.

After 5 days I received emali:l hello Robert we have for you bonus 6€ - this is real money bonus without wagering good luck and I play with some small winnings first time decided withdrawal 50€ but reverse -again lucky day hit free spins in Delphin Cash and won 110€ Summary in my account was 215€ for 6€ free chips and all this maybe 5-7 days after I withdraw in same place 1200€ from 20€ deposit. So I do next withdraw 215 € from my free bonus and again received money after few days

21 Nova is good reputable Casino with good deposit promotions excellent welcome bonus. And they take care about their customers and active depositors sending often no wagering no deposit free cash bonuses.

Withdrawal time is good and live support also can answer all questions and help players.

I recommend this place for other player.
Emmy. Reviewed on 05.10.18
It is to be expected when I came across a great casino called 21 Nova. It is a Playtech platform owned by the William Hill Group and as such they deliver your usual Playtech style games.

21 Nova offers new players a 320% bonus on their first deposit. But why may I ask is it different when I look into the promotions page? The promotions page states that the bonus is 25% match bonus up to $250 or their High Roller bonus, deposit $4000 to get $1000 bonus in return. When I played within the casino I was truly offered their 320% but today I am not sure if it still stands true.

Most of my choices resulted in an up and down battle where my bankroll kept falling and rising as I was meeting the wagering requirements for the welcome bonus. Starting from a balance of $50 + their welcome bonus = a total of $210 I became motivated to use it on good video slots! My all time favourite slot is Gladiator because playing on this video slot is not only exciting but also rewarding at the same time! Amazing wins came pouring out when I triggered the Gladiator's Free Spins Feature. When I initially triggered the Free Spins I received 4 Free Spins + an Extra pick for the first row of blocks, then another 4 Free Spins before moving to the second row. For the second row I received a Column up Block which entitles me to gain automatically a Multiplier (Mine was 2x), an extra scatter which is the most important during free spins and finally an extra wild to enhance my gameplay, making win combinations alot easier than in normal gameplay! I forgot to tell you...what I got from the extra scatter is the old man with a green background ( I forgot his name) and Aces for my extra wild. Every time the old man shows up in threes it paid me $20. What's great is he showed up in combinations of four 3 times before the free spins ended and paid $300 total ($100 each for four old men x 3). I'm sure you know what I did with the winnings :) . And don't worry about the wagering as I have met them playing both Blackjack and Gladiator. Great Experience!

Support is well mannered and professional! And they even give out No deposit bonuses from time to time! 21Nova is a wonderful casino that I would play on again! Ironically they gave me a free chip today so I'm going to play it off and see what happens. You should try this casino, you will get lucky!

My ratings for this casino are:

Support: 11/10
Terms and Condition: 10/10
Deposits: 10/10
Withdrawals: 9/10
Payouts: 10/10
Lindsy. Reviewed on 06.10.18
21 Nova Casino is a part of the William Hill group of casinos. This is an interesting and what's most important safe group of casinos.

In some casinos that belong to this group the minimum deposit is 20 euros. While in others counting this casino the minimum deposit is only 10 euros. One detail about this casino is interesting. The minimum withdrawal you can make here is 5 euros. That's a really interesting data because so far I have found only a few casinos where the minimum withdrawal is smaller than the minimum deposit you can make. In 21 Nova casino I have had about 5-6 deposits so far.

I also had 2 withdrawals if I remember correctly. Off course WHG is a safe group of casinos which have a good reputation in the online gambling world and I was paid without any problems.

The bonus offer is really good. They offer bonuses with a really low WR. If you are a depositor here you can expect to get some no deposit offer from the casino. The first time I played here I took the 320% match bonus on my first deposit. In the end I managed to meet the WR and had about 150 euros to cashout. The money was on my e-wallet after 5-6 business days.
So you have to be prepared to wait for a longer time to get paid here. The reason for that is the pending time which is 96 hours. I think that there is no need for the pending time to be so long and I hope it will change when it comes to 21 Nova and WHG group of casinos.
My biggest remark about this casino and the rest of the casinos from this group is their live chat support. Here if you contact support via live chat you will have to wait for about 15 minutes before an operator comes online. Off course I don't like that and I can't see the purpose of live chat support if it’s not instant. I really don't have the patience to wait for so long to get a hold on one of the operators.
Marietta. Reviewed on 07.10.18
In mid-2010, I chose to sign up at 21 Nova through a certain affiliate that was offering a special deal of 200% up to $600 on an initial purchase. Having gone on a profitable run for the past few months (particularly on slots at Rival casinos), I was ready and willing to make the $300 deposit needed to receive the maximum bonus amount. While I recall that most, if not all, games were permitted -- albeit with different playthrough weightings -- my main aim on this occasion was to focus on Playtech’s progressive slots. Actually, there was one in particular that I had my eye on with dreams of hitting the jackpot…

Queen of the Desert is an Egyptian- themed slot offering nine paylines, each with a fixed coin value of $0.15 or $0.25 depending on which of two versions a player picks; the progressive jackpot’s size is adjusted accordingly. Given my generous starting balance, I went with the pricier option and was soon spinning the reels. I played for a considerable period what prior experience had proved to be a rather streaky, high variance game and this time proved to be no different. My funds went into rapid decline until I managed to hit a rare bonus round that helped me recover to my original amount.

Growing weary of the constant fluctuations I hit the blackjack tables and, trying to quickly boost my balance, bet more per hand than was wise. This predictably ended in disaster as I lost the lot. I did not return to 21 Nova until sometime last year when I started getting small cash drops with no wagering restrictions in my account that could played with or withdrawn at any time. Except, when I tried to cashout after doubling $10 I got last December, I couldn’t even use the payment method I had made my first purchase with because the casino’s system had no record of it! Informed I had to deposit again to collect my winnings, which I was not able or willing to do at the time, I burned off my balance and closed the account.
Gaye. Reviewed on 10.10.18
21 Nova is the typical type of casino you can expect from Playtech, in other words good. They are offering live dealer games also, through live feed from the Playtech Studio Casino in Latvia. Customer Support is available 24/7 and friendly. CS does not harass you with these chat popups, offering you special bonusses,so you can sit back and enjoy the game. Since I only play live games, especially roulette, I’ll focus my review on these live games. What I like about 21 Nova, and the other casinos of WHG is the fact that miminum table bets on the live roulette tables are 10cts.At 21 Nova there a 3 tablelimitranges to choose from, namely 0.10- 15 ,1 - 50 and 2 - 100.Live roulette bets do count for 20% of the betvalue towards forfilling wagering requirements (just in case you’ve received a deposit bonus). Not bad, since there are plenty enough onlinecasino’s where roulette is restricted from forfilling wagering requirements.At the cashiersection you can see the amount of wagering that is still due. Besides live roulette also live dealer Blackjack and live Baccaratare offered, both with limitranges between 5 - 50 and 25 -200. Also live casino hold’em is available, with limit ranges between 1 - 50, 1 - 100 and 25 - 200.

Funding you real money account is very user friendly, and a wide range of deposit methods are available. For actual bonusses it is best to check 21 Nova's promopage. Normally spoken you always receive a depositbonus, depending on your VIP level.

Withdrawing winnings is easy (I use a neteller account). After requesting a withdraw you'll have to wait for 4 days. After that period the money will betransferred to your account within the hour, smooth and easy. Regular players (in other words depositors) receive a larger no wager bonus from time to time. The exact amount depends, but most of the time it is around 30 - 50% of the amount you usual deposit. In my opinion 21 Nova is a very trusthworthy casino, wich offers a wide variety of games, good for hours of joy and excitement. A big 2 thumbs up from me.
Regards, Seat

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