Gambling is one of the most exciting entertainments in the world, but also one of dangerous ones. Its dander is a high risk of addiction, which is apparently bad for financial, social, cultural and psychological aspects of the individual’s life. That is why gambling is hazardous for thin-skinned people and for those who are prone to addictions. To avoid the issue of the so-called problem gambling, try to adhere to several simple rules:

  • Take it easy. Gambling is an entertainment, not a job, and not a method of making money.
  • Decide for yourself what sum of money you can lose without any negative consequences. Play with this money only.
  • Track gaming time. Gambling must not occupy most of your day. Play in short sessions – just to enjoy.
  • Try to notice the moment when gambling stops being an enjoyment ant turns into a desperate spinning of a wheel in a hope to play back. If it happens, it is time to stop right now.

If you suspect a developing addiction, or think that you may face the issue of problem gaming soon, you can check yourself with a special questionnaire developed by specialists of the GamCare company. This company deals with gambling addictions, provides a comprehensive support and renders psychologic help to gamblers. The questionnaire contains 20 questions. If you answer in the affirmative at least seven of them, you, probably, have a problem that needs to be resolved.

How to Deal the Issue of Problem Gaming

All trusted and reputable online casinos today support the idea of responsible gaming. It means that they offer special tools that help compulsive gamers to make a pause when it is necessary. These tools usually include the following options:

  • An option for setting limits of deposit amount, loss amount, and a gaming session length.
  • Temporary blocking of an account (a cool down option).
  • An option of self-exclusion.

Using these tools, you can easier control your gaming. If you feel that you start losing control, simply ask your operator to switch on restrictions for your account.

Where Can a Player Get a Professional Help?

If you can’t cope with the problem of uncontrolled gambling by yourself, you may ask for help, addressing one of special companies. For example, in the UK the problem of compulsive gambling can be treated in GamCare, The National Council on Problem Gambling, and some other organizations. The Gamblers Anonymous Vancouver helps compulsive gamers in Canada.