The Privacy Policy comes into effect as soon as a user visits the TrustGamblers website. Users accept the terms of the PP by using the website’s services. If the current terms and conditions don’t suit you, please, stop using the site. The same is true for upgrades. If a user continues using the site services after upgrading, he or she automatically accepts all the changes.

Non-Personal Identification Information

Non-personal identification information, which is gathered when users visit the website, is information that doesn’t allow for personality identification. Commonly, this is technical data, such as web-browser, device model, operative system, search engines utilized, keywords, IP-address, etc. This data is derived for the inner use only and is never traded or shared to anyone.

We collect non-personal information in order to make our website better and more user-friendly. It is utilized in purely technical purposes by TrustGamblers analysts. All sorts of user data are reliably protected.

Personal Identification Information

We inform our visitors of the fact that every time they perform certain actions on the pages of the TrustGamblers website, some personal identification information is derived. These actions include the registration itself, logging in, filling online forms with personal data, contacting the support team, and submitting to newsletters. Users can choose not to give personal information, but by doing so they restrict their possibilities in the website using. Beware that we never give access to any personal data to third parties, except for the legal bodies.

The personal data collected include a user’s name a surname, his or her username on the TrustGamblers site, e-mail, postal and residential address, age, date of birth, phone number, the recording of his or her conversations with support agents, ID card number, payment data and some others. This data is necessary to process users’ complaints against casinos and settling other arguments. Users’ personal information can be accessed only by managers, processing complaints and is never traded, sold or used in any other way.

A user has the right to ask for the access to his or her personal data stored on the site in order to revise or correct it.

In case TrustGamblers is acquired by another company or merge with another entity, users’ personal and non-personal information will be transmitted to the new owners. Users will be notified about the changes via e-mail.

A user account is protected from an authorized access with a password.

How Users’ Personal Information is Used

Users’ personal identification information is used with the purpose to improve the efficiency of communication between a user and the TrustGamblers support service and make complaints processing possible. Here is how different pieces of personal data can be used:

  • E-mail is primarily used for newsletters and notifications sending. When registering on the site, a user expresses his or her agreement for receiving newsletters and promo materials.
  • User’s real name and surname as well as his or her username in a casino are used in complaints processing. This information is necessary for identifying an account.
  • Records of a user’s conversations with the support agents of the casino in question are used in order to clear up the situation when analyzing a complaint. Sometimes, the answers of casino support operators contain important information that can be used in resolving the issue.
  • ID cards, address proof and other verifying documents can be requested in order to check whether there are any problems with receiving documents from the user, or with the validity of these documents.
  • Payment data is usually required for resolving financial issues. For example, if a user complains that the casino doesn’t fulfil its financial obligations, checking the transaction details is the only way to find out the truth.

This is a general list of documents that can be used in complaints processing. In fact, the range of personal data required can vary from one complaint to another, as every particular case is resolved individually.

Retention of Data

All individual information that relates to a particular user complaint is stored on our website for 5 years since the moment of this information providing. By storing user data, we make it possible to access the needed information quickly if it is necessary. After the period of 5 years, all the information collected is deleted if it is not used anymore.

How We Protect Users’ Personal Data

We use new-gen reliable tools for the protection of information derived from our users. Unauthorized access to personal and non-personal identification is effectively prevented. We guarantee that our users’ information won’t be disclosed, damaged, traded or changed. Logins and passwords are safely secured and are never sold or transferred to third party companies and individuals.

We use the SSL secured channel for the data procession. The maximum protection is ensured by using digital signature and modern encryption methods. Complying with PCI vulnerability standards is one more effective tool for data protection.

Additional tools for ensuring security include a double-layer password protection and an automatic deletion of all personal data after 5 years of its storage. Nevertheless, if you suspect an unauthorized access to your data, please, let us know it.

Sharing Users’ Personal Information

Though access of third parties to any personal data belonging to our users is excluded, we retain the right for sharing some aggregate information to our business partners, affiliates and/or advertisers. This is general information that doesn’t allow for personality identification. It is used for statistic calculation and in other technical purposes.

Sometimes we need to resort to services of third-party companies. For example, the list of such services includes newsletter sending, marketing, and advertising. For this purpose, we provide a limited amount of personal information to these third-party companies.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We reserve the right of changing this Privacy Policy without previous notice. Changes, amendments and additions are available on this page below the current PP. Users acknowledge and agree that they need to check the PP for updates by themselves. All new information is open to public; to be aware of updates you need to check the PP regularly.