If you reside in Europe or America, the term “pokies” might cause you some confusion when used in the context of online gambling. But the explanation is simple; it derives from the regional differences in the vocabulary of gamblers. “Pokies” is the word used to denote “slots” in the South Pacific region, Australia and New Zealand. If you’re curious to give online gambling a try, you will find a huge variety of pokies slots in various web-based casinos.

The most popular kinds come with five reels and multiple pay lines. Besides, gamblers across the world have a special appreciation for pokies that offer an abundance of bonus features and rounds. However, people’s tastes and preferences vary greatly. There are also fans of the traditional pokies equipped with only three reels. These kinds of slot machines don’t always offer many bonus events. Second-screen features and free-spin rounds may be a rarity.

Features And Advantages Of Pokies

Not long ago, the industry of online gambling software witnessed the introduction of somewhat revolutionary features. These include multiplying coefficients that are applicable to specific winning combinations of symbols, allowing the player to magnify their win. Another novelty is the free spin round, which is usually triggered by special symbols. During this round, the wager is the casino’s money rather than the gambler’s.

It didn’t take long before online pokies slots gained a solid position in the gambling world. What gave them ground and popularity was the range of benefits they offer over traditional slot machines. The advantage pointed out frequently is the high convenience of online pokies. The gambler has no need to leave their house in order to enjoy their hobby of hazard. Another undisputable point of advantage is the enormous variety of pokies. No matter what your preferences are in terms of themes, design, and gameplay, you will find a slot that perfectly suits your taste.

Developers Of Online Pokies

The industry of online gambling has been on the surge for a while, which resulted in a huge number of companies striving to create games to cater to the needs and preferences of a very broad range of users. Some of the renown developers of online pokies slots have long been in the industry as providers of software for physical slot machines. Devices of this kind are found in land-based casinos, as well as some hotels, clubs, and pubs. The famous examples of such developers are Ainsworth, Aristocrat, and IGT.

Other providers of pokies specialize solely in the development of software for online casinos and pokies aggregator websites. This category includes many reputable companies, such as Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt. The large number of software providers and developers means that the industry is on the rise and the number and quality of online pokies will continue to grow.

Pokies Bonuses Offered By Online Casinos

The enormous popularity of pokies across the world has had an impact on the policies of many online casinos that offer this kind of entertainment. In order to attract an even greater number of people eager to play free pokies slots, the web-based establishments have developed extensive systems of bonuses. It’s worth taking your time and approaching the choice of an online casino with care.

The bonuses vary from website to website, but most of them attempt to win the loyalty of new players by offering a certain amount of in-game funds, which you can use to enjoy the pokies without spending your own money. Make sure to check the availability of such generous promotions and don’t hesitate to take advantage of them!

What Are Some Of The Best Pokies Out There?

Seeking to play free pokies slots? Their variety is huge, but some of the games are more worthy of your attention than others. Below is the trio of online pokies by reputed developers that enjoy particular popularity with gamblers in the South Pacific region. Their advantages are no need to download any software on your computer or mobile device, as well as the complete absence of any fees or charges for playing.

  • 50 Dragons by Aristocrat. The game design is rich in colors and features an abundance of gold. A particularly lucky spin will result in the screen filling with Golden Dragons, which will bring you the largest possible in-game reward: your betting amount multiplied by 50. This pokies slot machine is popular both online and in land-based establishments due to how generous it is, thanks to the Pearl wild symbol and the Ingot scatter.
  • Devil’s Delight by Net Ent. Capturing the humorous side of hell, this pokies slot delivers generous rewards through the variety of special features and bonus rounds. Enjoy the engrossing and profitable journey to the underworld!
  • Miss Kitty by Aristocrat. This animal-themed pokies slot has a pretty kitty as its main character and boasts of exceptionally eye-candy graphics. Although hard to hit, its special features (free spins and sticky wilds) deliver payouts of decent size. This pokies slot is distinguished by the availability of neat versions adapted for mobile devices and Macs.

The Terminology Of Pokies

  1. Pokies. This interesting term is what the locals call slot machines in the South Pacific region, New Zealand and Australia.
  2. Cardies. This is a dated term used to refer to the video machines that allow the gambler to play poker.
  3. Paytable. The section devoted to describing and explaining various useful facts about the machine, such as rules, special rewards and prizes, winning combinations and multipliers.
  4. Jackpot. The largest winning amount the game can deliver to the luckiest player.
  5. Progressive Jackpot. The more people play the game, the larger the jackpot grows. This is achieved by adding a certain percentage of each gambler’s lost wagers to the ultimate prize.
  6. Random Jackpot. There are no rules or designated conditions for triggering the biggest in-game reward. It’s triggered by the great random.
  7. All Ways. This term is used to denote an in-game setting that allows the player to place bets on all pay lines and all ways.
  8. Cascading Wins. This kind of win occurs when the symbols that created the winning sequence disappear only to be replaced with new winning symbols.
  9. Gamble. If a video slot comes with this feature, it means when the gambler wins he or she is given the opportunity to enlarge the winning amount x2 or even x4. This feature is frequently referred to as the Double Up.
  10. Wilds. A special variety of symbols that has the power to replace any other icon on the screen, except scatters.
  11. Stacked Wild. The wild symbols appear in stacks.
  12. Expanding Wild. When a wild symbol of this kind shows up on the screen, it takes the places of all other icons on the reel.
  13. Scatters. A special variety of symbols that triggers a bonus round or an instant reward, regardless of their position on the screen.
  14. Multiplier. Pokies fitted with this feature have options that allow the gambler to have their win multiplied, depending on the winning combination of symbols.
  15. Respin. If the slot is equipped with this feature, under certain conditions it allows the player to keep some of the reels locked and respin the others.

Tips For Newbie Pokies Players

  • Before you start a gambling session, determine and set aside a budget. Never go beyond the specified sum in hopes of winning the money back.
  • The pokies budget should only be taken from your “fun” budget. Never use the funds you need to cover your basic living expenses, such as utility bills or groceries.
  • Losing streaks happen to every gambler. Refrain from increasing your wagers if you’re dealing with one of such unlucky streaks.
  • If you’ve lost some money, don’t chase it. Try viewing it as a payment for the fun time you’ve had playing the pokies.
  • Your gambling sessions should have not only monetary but also time limits.
  • Refrain from viewing a new session as the continuation of the previous one.
  • If you haven’t encountered a certain in-game feature in a while, it’s not a valid reason to continue playing beyond the preset limits.

Most importantly, online gambling is supposed to be an entertaining activity. If your experience of playing pokies slots online starts to cause negative emotions, you might want to quit it for a certain period of time. Generally, it’s advisable to give the game a try in the demo version before you start using real money. This enables you to estimate how interesting and enjoyable the specific pokies slot is to your taste.