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Wirecard is the brand that is known to many people as Click2Pay. The two companies merged not so long ago, and now the new united entity provides banking services in the territory of Europe. Its main product is virtual MasterCard cards for easy and swift online payments and money transfers. Apart from anything else, these cards are one of the popular gamblers’ tools, as they allow anonymous and fast payments with the minimum commission fee.

Wirecard Overview

Wirecard is a German company managed by Wirecard Bank AG. The company focuses on providing free virtual cards that are gaining popularity in Europe. These cards are used exactly in the same way as any MasterCard with one exception: the card is virtual, so it is intended for online settlements only. That said, if you wish, you can order a physical card as well, but it is not free. Unfortunately, Wirecard works only in Europe; one can’t use it in the US or Canada.

How to Use Wirecard at Casinos: Player’s Guide

Basically, Wirecard is used like any other MasterCard or Visa card. If you want to use it at an e-casino, you’ll need to do the following simple steps:

  • Pick out a Wirecard casino that meets your requirements. Mind that some casinos allow only deposits, while others support both deposits and withdrawals with Wirecard. The option is quite popular, so you won’t experience difficulties in finding a good casino. If you still don’t know what to choose, check our list of reliable Wirecard casinos.
  • Sign up or log in the casino in choose Wirecard on the Deposit page. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction. As usual, you’ll be requested to enter the details of your card and the amount. Also, you’ll need to confirm the money transfer by entering a CVV code. Normally, the funds are deposited momently.

Some casinos allow withdrawals via Wirecard as well. But you’d better check it in advance, as not all the casinos offer such a possibility. To withdraw the winnings, select Wirecard on the Withdrawal page, enter all the necessary details and confirm the operation.

Security and Support

If you care about your security, Wirecard is a good option for you. It meets all the existing card security standards. Moreover, its cards are issued under the MasterCard brand. Paying with Wirecard you may be sure that every single transaction is reliably protected.

Though using Wirecard is really a piece of cake, you may have some questions of issues occasionally. But there is no reason to worry, as the support service of the company is helpful and easy to get in touch with. Firstly, you may look for an answer in the FAQ section on their site. Secondly (if the answer hasn’t been found) you may try to contact the support team by phone or via e-mail.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wirecard

Wirecard is a modern and convenient system. There are several reasons to opt for it. Most users mention the following advantages of Wirecard.

  • Your real banking details are hidden. If you want to stay anonymous, it’s a great option. The casino doesn’t “see” the card number and your name. Instead, it gets a special code that replaces the banking details.
  • You can make deposits in all casinos that accept MasterCard. Consequently, it features all the advantages of MasterCard products: ease of use, security, and compatibility with a lot of casinos.
  • A full-fledged virtual card is issued instantly and for free. You don’t need any details apart from a phone number and e-mail as long as you are not going to order a physical card.

Our review would be incomplete without mentioning some drawbacks of the system. Thus, the following disadvantages are usually mentioned by its users.

  • A limited coverage. Wirecard works only in Europe.
  • Few casinos allow withdrawals via Wirecard.

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Questions and Answers about Wirecard
Q: How to register in the system?
To start using Wirecard you need to open an account. Visit Mywirecard website, sign up, enter your valid e-mail and a phone number to get the number and other details of your personal virtual card.
Q: Should I pay anything for a card?
A virtual Wirecard if free, but you’ll have to pay a small commission fee for every transaction. But keep in mind that if you want to order a physical card, you’ll have to pay for it.
Q: Can I use Wirecard in the US?
No, you can’t. Unfortunately, Wirecard is not supported in this country as a deposit method.
Q: What are the alternatives?
If you live in the region or in the country where Wirecard is not available, you may use your regular MasterCard or Visa card, as well as a variety of e-wallets, including Neteller and PayPal.

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