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Electronic wallets have become a popular tool for making online payments. With the development of online business, their popularity is only growing. Users of online casinos choose e-wallets for a variety of reasons – confidentiality, a high speed of transactions processing, and convenience. With a lot of options available, Neteller is a leader among e-wallets. It is chosen by thousands of players in various countries of the world as a safe, fast, and reliable method of casino payments.

Neteller Overview

Neteller is one of the first electronic wallet services. It was established at the turn of centuries – in 1999 in Canada. As of today, its headquarters is located on the Isle of Man. The service covers 150+ countries, and is actively used by millions of people for quick money transfers and convenient and safe online purchases. Neteller is supported by a vast majority of e-casinos.

Why do Casino Players Choose Neteller?

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing sectors of online business. The total turnover of the largest casinos exceeds several billion dollars. The circulation of these funds becomes possible due to numerous payment operators. Neteller ranks among top-5 providers of payment services used by gamblers all over the world. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Fast money transfers, including international transfers, with minimum efforts.
  • Low commission fees.
  • Flexibility, multi-language and multi-currency support.
  • Top-notch customer service.
  • Compliance with high security standards.

In the next sections of our review, we’ll touch upon the advantages and disadvantages of the service in detail. Also, you’ll know how to use Neteller for casino payments.

Depositing with Neteller: a Hassle-Free Process

Using Neteller is quite simple and straightforward once you’ve created and verified an account in the system. The registration doesn’t take much time: just visit the official website of Neteller and sign up, following the instruction provided. As usual, you’ll be requested to enter your name, surname, e-mail address and some additional personal information. To get unlimited possibilities and make quick payments in multiple online venues verify your account. The information of how to do it is also available on the site.

There is one more step. To make a deposit with Neteller you need to have money in your account. The funds can be transferred to Neteller from a credit card or directly from a bank account. Also, some alternative methods are supported. As soon as the account is verified (this is done only once) and funded, you can use Neteller for casino payments.

  1. Select a reliable Neteller casino. With so many of them available it is not a problem. If you are not sure what to opt for, check our collection of reputable Neteller casinos and choose the one with a decent games selection and lucrative bonuses.
  2. Sign up a casino and go directly to its banking page. Choose Netteller in the list of available providers and follow the instructions to make a deposit. Specify the sum you want to transfer, confirm the transaction, and wait for the operation to be completed. Usually, money is credited instantly.

How to Withdraw Cash with Neteller

A lot of casinos allow withdrawing winnings via Neteller. The process is rather fast and simple. If you already have a valid verified Neteller account, just visit the Withdrawals page at the casino’s site and select your provider in the list. Enter the amount you are going to withdraw, after which you’ll be automatically redirected to another page. Here, you’ll be requested to specify your Neteller login and password and confirm the operation.

In most cases, withdrawals with Neteller are rather fast. Of course, some casinos have a pending period (usually, a couple of days). As soon as the period is off, the application is processed within 2-48 hours.

Security Issues

Neteller is rightfully considered to be one of the safest payment systems around. Each transaction is encrypted with the most advanced methods, and the highest protection of payments is guaranteed. People all over the world trust Neteller, and the spotless reputation of the provider is the best evidence of its reliability.

On the top of all this, Neteller has a strong support service and a huge community that helps to find answers to most issues in the shortest time. Also, they offer a great FAQ section and a lot of detailed guides for customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Neteller for Casino Payments

There are a lot of benefits in using Neteller wallets for making payments in e-casinos. Here are some of them.

  • An ultimate security. Every single transaction is protected.
  • Confidentiality. You don’t need to enter your individual financial data (such as a card number) anywhere.
  • Flexibility. You can fund the Neteller account in many ways and choose your ideal balance of security and convenience.
  • High limits. If you prefer to play at the high stakes, or withdraw large sums of money, Neteller will do pretty well. It allows its verified users to operate with substantial sums.
  • Bonuses. Some casinos offer cool bonuses to the customers, who use Neteller for funding their accounts.

However, there are some minor drawbacks in using this service, which we also need to mention. Here are reasons why you may want to opt for another provider, instead of Neteller.

  • Payments are not charge-free. In most cases, for every transaction you pay a small fee.
  • In some casinos, players, making a deposit with Neteller, are not eligible for bonuses.

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Questions and Answers about Neteller
Q: Do I need to pay for opening a Neteller account?
No, you don’t. This is a free service available to everyone.
Q: Do I need to enter my card number anywhere if I pay with Neteller?
If you are going to fund your Neteller account from your regular debit or a credit card, then you need to link this card to the account. In the future, you won’t need to enter the card number anywhere. In all the online stores and casinos you will be requested to insert only your Neteller login.
Q: Will anyone on the Internet see the number of the card linked to my Neteller account?
No, this is confidential information. Your card number is hidden.
Q: Is it safe to use Neteller?
Yes, surely! It ranks among the most secure services in the world.
Q: Are there any limits regarding the size of money transfer transactions in Neteller?
Yes, there are certain limits. One user can transfer no more than $10 000 a day. The minimal transaction is $50.
Q: Can I choose a currency when using Neteller?
Yes, you can. Neteller supports a wide range of currencies – not just dollars and pounds, but also euros, francs, rubles, and many others.
Q: Can I convert currencies within the system?
Neteller allows currencies conversion, but keep in mind that there is a fee charged for each operation. The standard fee if 3.39% plus an extra interbank commission.
Q: Are withdrawals with Neteller allowed?
Yes, most casinos allow to use Neteller for funds withdrawing.
Q: Residents of what countries can use Neteller?
As of today, Neteller works in the vast majority of the countries with some minor exceptions, such as China, North Korea, Iraq, Sudan, and some others.
Q: What are the alternatives?
Of course, Neteller is not the only e-wallet system, though it is the most popular one. Its closest counterparts are PayPal and Skrill.

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