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Pros and Cons of Paying with MasterCard at Casinos


A global coverage. It’s hard to find a country (apart from some exotic destinations) where MasterCard is not supported.
It is definitely one of the most secure payment systems in the world.
The limits for both depositing and withdrawal are usually higher if you use MasterCard or Visa.
You are always eligible for welcome bonuses when you use MasterCard.


Payments are not anonymous. A card is often linked to your bank account, and, theoretically, your banking details can be revealed, though such a possibility is extremely low.
Some casinos allow depositing with MC but forbid withdrawal.
In some countries (e.g. US) banks can forbid using MasterCard cards for making deposits in casinos.



MasterCard is a global payment system, which is recognized virtually everywhere in the world. Nowadays, MasterCard products (mainly, credit and debit cards) are provided by the majority of banking institutions. The cards are accepted in millions of offline and online venues. Of course, web-casinos with some minor exceptions readily accept payments made via MasterCard and allow withdrawing funds to these cards. In our review, we are going to cover pros and cons of paying with MasterCard at casinos and give answers to popular customers’ questions.

MasterCard Overview

It is one of the first cashless payment systems in the banking sphere. MasterCard was established in the US in the mid-1960s and in a short time turned in one of the most common payment methods. As of today, MasterCard covers more than 200 countries: in any of these countries, you may pay for goods and services, using your card. The cards are issued by banks under the brand of MasterCard, but not by MasterCard itself. Commonly, banks offer credit and debit cards, but there are two other options available as well.

Types of MasterCard Products

  1. Credit cards. They are a conventional credit banking product. Credit cards are provided by the majority of banking institutions throughout the globe; they are especially popular in Europe, the US, and Canada. If you wonder whether you can use your credit MasterCard at online casinos, the answer is the reassuring “yes”! When using a credit card, you can spend no more than your bank has provided you in the form of a credit. The size of the credit is set individually to each bank client.
  2. Debit cards. They are the second popular MasterCard product that is used exactly like credits cards for all types of payments in online and offline venues. The key difference is that you don’t borrow funds from the bank. Instead, you use your own money that is stored on your personal bank account. A debit card is always linked to the account, and every time you make a payment, funds are written off your balance. To increase the limit of available money you need to top up your account.
  3. Prepaid cards. This MasterCard product is far less popular, and it is available in some countries only. Prepaid cards are sold not only in banks, but in usual stores as well. Keep in mind that though you buy the card in cash, you’ll still be requested to provide your personal data. The only difference is that you don’t have to open an account in a bank or claim a credit. Prepaid cards are usually accepted by casinos as well as usual debit cards. But you’d better specify the terms of a particular casino every time. Some cards are reloadable, which means you can reload it as soon as you’ve run out of money.
  4. Gift cards. They are the same prepaid cards, but they can be provided as gifts from third-party companies or individuals. Regarding the casinos, gift cards are commonly accepted everywhere where usual MasterCard cards are allowed.

Making a Casino Deposit with MasterCard

Funding a casino account with MasterCard is as simple as making a purchase at any online store. It is done in several simple steps. First and foremost, you have to find a reliable MasterCard casino and make sure that it allows both depositing and withdrawing via MasterCard. The information is found on the banking page and often it can be viewed by non-registered users. Alternatively, you may read MasterCard casinos reviews or simply choose a suitable platform from our top-list of best MC casinos. As soon as you’ve made a choice, complete the procedure:

  • Sign up or log in the casino. To play for real money you need to have a verified account.
  • Open the banking page and select the option “MasterCard” in the menu. Enter the sum you are going to deposit.
  • Follow the instructions. At this stage, you’ll be requested to fill in the form. Be ready to insert such details as the number of your card and a secret CVC code printed on the back side of the card.
  • Confirm the transaction. As soon as the operation is confirmed, the needed sum of money is instantly written off your balance and deposited on your casino account. After that, you may immediately start gaming.

Withdrawing Funds on the MasterCard

Every casino player hopes to hit a jackpot one day. Or, at least, to win some dollars. If the prize is large enough, you’ll want to withdraw it out of the casino. And MasterCard is one of the most frequently used options. Cashing out to a card is rather simple. Just fulfill the following procedure:

  • Open the Cashier page (its Withdrawals section) and select the option “MasterCard” in the menu. Enter the sum of money you are going to withdraw.
  • Insert all the requested information. It includes the card details, your first and last name. Confirm your intention to withdraw money.
  • Wait for the funds to arrive. Keep in mind that most casinos have a pending period of 1-3 days. After that, the application is processed within 2-5 days.

The commission fee varies from one casino to another. Many casinos do not charge any fee from players’ transactions.

The Support Service of MasterCard

Being a global corporation, MasterCard cares about its spotless reputation like nobody else. If you ever have any difficulties or problems with using its products, you’ll find a million ways to resolve them. The easiest way is to get in touch with the support service of your bank. The fact is that MasterCard doesn’t issue cards by itself. So, most problems can be resolved locally, at your bank’s office.

However, if for some reason you’ll need to contact MC representatives, there are several channels to get in touch with the company’s support service. You can send your question by e-mail, use a multi-channel toll-free phone (depending on the country), or access its extensive FAQ section and look for the answer to your question.

Other Deposit Methods

Questions and Answers about MasterCard
Q: Which MasterCard is better for e-gaming – a credit or a debit one?
It depends on your personal preferences and the limit available on the card. If you fear to spend too much, use credit cards with a fixed limit. Also, Banks tend to provide a stronger protection of credit cards, as their own funds are in question, not the customers’.
Q: Is it safe to use MasterCard for gambling?
Yes, absolutely! MasterCard is one of the safest payment systems. Each transaction is reliably protected with several layers of encryption. However, be attentive when choosing a casino. Some scam websites can contain viruses and Trojans that steal banking data. Use only reputable platforms.
Q: What are the commissions for depositing and withdrawing when I use MasterCard?
It depends on the selected casino and your bank. In most cases, you don’t pay commissions if you use debit or pre-paid cards, while credit cards users are charged some fees.
Q: I want to get a bonus. Can I make a deposit with MasterCard?
Yes, certainly. MasterCard is one of the preferable options in this case.
Q: Can I select another payment method if I had already paid with MasterCard?
Usually, it is not a problem. In case of any difficulties, contact a support service of the casino.
Q: Residents of what countries can use MasterCard for e-gambling?
In fact, residents of most countries can make deposits with MasterCard. The exceptions are the countries where MasterCard is not supported, and countries with severe restrictions in the online gaming sphere.
Q: What are the alternatives?
If for some reason you can’t or don’t want to use MasterCard for making payment in casinos, you may choose one of the alternative options. The closest counterpart of MasterCard is Visa. Other options usually include e-wallets, such as Neteller, Skrill, and so on.

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