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We live in the world where new technological solutions appear and disappear just about faster than we get accustomed to them. This is especially true for the Internet solutions. Not long ago, few people could imagine that they would ever be able to transfer money from one country to another in a blink of an eye, without the need of visiting banks or other financial institutions. Nowadays, thanks to e-wallets and virtual cards, we can pay for the goods and services from all over the globe without even leaving the home. However, not everyone likes quick changes. A lot of people prefer old-school methods of payment, which seem to them more reliable. This refers to all spheres where online payments are commonly used, including online casinos. For example, there are gamers that choose conventional checks for casino payments.

Checks Overview: What is It?

For years, checks used to be the most popular payment method in some countries, including the US. But due to a rapid development of advanced digital tools, people living in the modern context sometimes don’t even know what a check is. Basically, a check is a transfer note or a bill of exchange. It is used for money transfer between individuals or businesses. The owner of a checkbook can issue checks by filling the amount and date and putting his signature. The recipient then can go to a bank and process the check, i.e. to exchange it for money.

The Difference between Checks and Bank Drafts

The two tools are close to each other, but there is an important difference. When paying with a check you use your own funds that belong to you. With bank drafts, the funds are provided by the bank. The bank then writes off the money from your account. For a recipient, the process of obtaining money is similar in both cases, but the bank drafts are considered more secure, so they are more popular.

Checks at Online Casinos

E-gamblers can use various payment methods, depending on the terms and conditions of the selected casino. Checks as a payment option are available in many casinos, including some major globally recognized platforms. If you prefer this method, select a reliable check casino from our list of top-rated sites and begin playing. Using checks, you can transfer substantial amounts of money (this is important for high-rollers), moreover, some casinos allow withdrawals via checks as well. To make a deposit using the check method, do the following:

  • Open an account in the chosen check casino.
  • Choose paying with checks on the page where the deposit options are enlisted.
  • Use your checkbook to write off a check. Fill in the amount of money you want to deposit, the date, and put your signature as usual. After that, you need to send the check to the correct address. If you are not sure what address is correct, contact the support team to specify the information. It happens that the checks need to be mailed to a processing center rather than the casino itself.
  • Wait for your payment to be processed. Payments with checks are not instant. Usually, it takes 3-7 days for the money to be delivered to the casino and credited on your account.

If the casino allows withdrawals with checks, you may use this option for taking your winnings. To order the withdrawal, simply choose checks on the Withdrawals page and fill in your details. At this stage, you can select the method of the check delivering – a regular mail or a courier. As soon as the check is delivered, go to the bank and process it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Checks for Casino Payments

Like any other money transfer method, paying with checks has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, the following strengths of this method can be singled out:

  • Ease of use. It is the simplest method, especially if you are technologically challenged.
  • It is convenient for high-rollers that want to deposit large amounts legally, officially and securely.
  • It is available in the US. Many e-wallets and card services don’t work in America or American casinos don’t accept them. Checks are usually accepted everywhere in the US.

However, in the modern context, the method of paying with checks is far from being perfect. The following its disadvantages can make players look for something else:

  • It is very slow, according to the modern standards. Very few players want to wait several days. Most other methods allow to transfer funds instantly.
  • Not all casinos accept checks. More and more platforms opt for modern, advanced method of payment. Conventional checks are quickly becoming outdated.
  • Transactions are not encrypted. It is a hole in security, and some players feel anxious about it.

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Questions and Answers about Checks
Q: Are any fees charged when you pay with checks?
Commonly, there are no fees charged for the processing of a check. However, some casinos can charge small commissions.
Q: Are there any similar methods of payment?
If for some reason you don’t want or can’t use modern electronic methods of payment, you may opt for a traditional wire transfer method, bank drafts, or Citadel (an instant banking method). But first make sure that the casino supports these options.
Q: What are the alternatives?
There are a lot of casino payment options, but the most popular ones, traditionally, are all types of bank cards and electronic wallets – PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.

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