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Despite a rapid development of modern electronic means of payments, many people still prefer conventional methods. Some of them don’t want to create e-wallets for personal reasons, others don’t trust these virtual systems. Moreover, there are people who still don’t use credit cards. The preferable payment method for them is a usual bank transfer also known as a wire transfer. This method is not the most popular one with casino players, but it is allowed by most e-gambling platforms.

Bank Wire Transfers Overview

A bank or a wire transfer is a type of a money transfer when the funds are delivered directly from the remitter’s bank account to the recipient’s account. To make such a transfer one needs to visit a bank and fulfill the operation in the bank’s cash department. This method can seem a bit outdated, but it has its own advantages. Firstly, the upper limit of a bank transfer is always higher if compared to e-wallets or credit cards. Secondly, this is the safest method. This is why it is still practiced by some casino players, especially high-rollers who play legally in the officially allowed casinos.

How to Use Wire Transfers for Casino Deposits

The procedure of making a deposit via a wire transfer is simple and straightforward if you have ever transferred money via a bank. First and foremost, select a suitable web-based casino that accepts wire transfer. It is very easy as this method is accepted by the vast majority of banks. If you are not sure of what to choose, check our updated list of bank wire casinos. As soon as you’ve made a choice and signed up the selected casino, complete the procedure.

  1. Obtain bank account details of the casino. If you can’t find them in an open access, contact the support service and make an inquiry. Commonly, these details include IBAN and a SWIFT (or BIC) code, as well as a full address of both the bank and the casino. At this stage, you’ll be also requested to provide your bank details.
  2. Go to your bank or to a special cash office and fill in the form. In the form, you’ll need to write the details of the recipient and the sum you are going to transfer. Keep in mind that banks charge a commission fee. Its size can be different in different places, so specify this information in advance.

That’s all. After you’ve completed the procedure, you only have to wait for your money to arrive. Mind that this method is not instant. It can take from several hours to several working days. As soon as the money is there, you can start betting in the casino.

How to Use Wire Transfers for Cash Withdrawals

Withdrawing cash from the casino via a wire transfer is also very simple – it is all done in just one step on the casino’s site. Go to the banking page of the casino and find the Withdrawals section. In the list of available methods, choose a “wire transfer” or a “bank transfer” and click it. You’ll see an online form, which you’ll have to fill in. Enter your bank details and the sum you want to withdraw. After that, confirm the transaction.

Withdrawals via a wire transfer are also not instant. It can take up to 7 banking days for your money to arrive. A small commission fee is also charged.

How Safe is it to Use Wire Transfers for Casino Payments?

Wire transfers are rightfully considered to be the safest payment method available. Firstly, banks are serious financial institutions that care about their security. All bank transactions are protected with several layers of encryption. Secondly, when you pay directly from your bank account, no third parties are involved. The funds are transmitted from your bank to the casino’s bank. Interbank money transfers are considered absolutely safe.

Customer Support Issues

When it comes to your personal real money, you want all the issues to be resolved as quickly and professionally as possible. In the case of wire transfers, you can always visit your local bank and ask any questions, meeting an operator face-to-face. Also, bank customers have a variety of other channels of communicating with the support service – from a toll-free multi-channel phone to online application and a live chat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Wire Transfers for Casino Payments

As you see, there are some real advantages of using bank wire transfers as a method of depositing and withdrawing cash. Let’s sum them up:

  • Bank transfers are accepted virtually everywhere, especially at reputable honest casinos in all countries. Finding a wire transfer casino is not a problem.
  • Wire transfers are absolutely safe. Choose the bank that you trust and transfer money to and out of casinos without any risks.
  • It is a good option for high-rollers, as large sums of money are allowed. Other payment systems usually have tighter restrictions.

At the same, more and more people seek for alternative methods of depositing and withdrawals. Wire transfers have some serious disadvantages:

  • They are not instant. Today, people are accustomed to momentary payments. In the case of wire transfers, the time of payments processing can reach 7 days, which is too long.
  • There is a fee charged. Sometimes, the fee is rather substantial, though it varies depending on the bank and the country.
  • You need to go to the bank every time you want to make a deposit or get the cash. It is inconvenient if compared to e-wallets and cards.

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Questions and Answers about Wire Transfer Casinos
Q: Are wire transfers safe?
Yes, absolutely. It is the safest payment method.
Q: Are any fees charged for the transactions processing?
Wire transfers are not charge-free. The size of the commission depends on the bank and your location.
Q: Can I claim a deposit bonus if I deposit via a wire transfer?
Yes, surely. Wire transfers are accepted virtually everywhere, and the players using this method are eligible for all types of bonuses.
Q: Are there any alternatives?
Nowadays, more and more players opt for alternative options, such as cards or electronic wallets. These methods are almost equally safe and reliable, plus they are instant.

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