Playing casino games is always a lot of fun. Avid gamers say that money is not the only reason for gaming. Moreover, it is even not the most important one. Gamblers confess that they get more enjoyment from the process of playing then from the fact of winning a prize. And still, playing for real money is much more exciting. The thought of a possible grand winning or a grand failure makes the game enthralling, especially when you play at the high stakes. Of course, to do so one needs to invest his or her money or take advantage of casino bonuses, which are a great tool for multiplying the initial deposit. On this page, you’ll find the list of the latest bonuses currently offered by top web-casinos.

What is a Casino Bonus?

In the broad sense of the word, a bonus is something that is given for free as a reward for our actions. But casinos are purely commercial entities – why on earth should they give anything for free? Well, in fact, there are some reasons for it. First and foremost, a casino bonus is the easiest and the most effective way of attracting new players, who often become regular customers and bring a good profit to the casino. Secondly, lucrative bonuses serve as the best advertisement of the casino. Thirdly, casinos don’t lose much on granting bonuses because of the wagering requirements. In fact, even cash bonuses are not equal to real cash. They are always credited on special bonus accounts and can be used only for playing until the wagering requirements are fulfilled completely. To fulfill the requirements one needs to make bets totaling the size of the bonus multiplied by the coefficient set by the casino. Not all the players are capable of fulfilling the requirements. But the lucky ones get the remaining bonus funds and the winning on their real-cash account and continue playing or cash them out.

How to Choose the Best Latest Casino Bonus

In our list of top gaming sites, you’ll find casinos with the most generous bonuses. They are available in the form of one-time bonuses and bonus packages. The packages can include bonuses of different types.

Casino Bonuses Types

A bonus is a gift provided by this or that gambling platform. It can be presented not only in the form of free credits, but also in the form of free gaming rounds or gaming time. There can also be unique and exclusive proposals formed by separate casinos.

Perhaps, the most broadly used bonus is a greeting deposit bonus, which also has several other names – welcome, first-deposit, or match bonus. Usually, all these terms describe one and the same this – a certain percentage of the size of the first user’s deposit. Traditionally, this bonus used to be 100%, but over the recent years, many casinos have introduced their own systems. That is why the latest casino bonuses can differ from what you expect. Some of the major websites today pay up to $3000 of bonuses to all newly joined participants for up to 5 first deposits in a row.

If you haven’t decided yet whether you are ready to play for real money or not, take advantage of no-deposit bonuses granted as a reward for the registration on the casino’s website. They are also known as sign up bonuses. You don’t have to pay anything or make deposits to claim such a bonus. You just sign up the casino, claim a bonus, and use it for real-money gaming! It’s an excellent way to look around before investing in the casino. However, if you want to cash out the bonus funds and the winnings, you’ll need to fund your account and fulfill standard wagering requirements.

Alternative methods of encouraging new casino members include free gaming rounds and free gaming time. Both options rarely come as a standing alone bonus. Most frequently, they are included in the welcome package. Free rounds bonus is better known as a free spin bonus, as it commonly provided for playing slot games. Free time bonus varies from one site to another and can be given for playing a particular game or all games available.

Terms and Conditions

If your aim of claiming a bonus is just to enjoy the process of gaming without spending your own money, and you are not going to cash it out, then the terms and conditions of the bonus program are of no interest for you. In all the rest cases, you have to read the rules in order not to make a mistake. In particular, pay attention to the wagering requirements, betting limits and methods of payment allowed. If you manage to fulfill all the requirements, you will be able to withdraw all the money, including the bonus funds and the winnings. It is not easy, and not everyone can do it, but it is definitely worthy of trying.

The Latest Bonuses from the Best Casinos are Waiting for You Right Now

No matter what type of casino bonuses you will choose for yourself to try, we are here to help you. We gathered the hottest promotion offers from the best-rated gaming sites, and we are ready to share this information with everyone. The list is regularly updated – we offer only currently held campaigns. Choose one of reputable casinos from our top list, claim the announced bonus and enjoy at full!