Casual players can think of gambling as an easy method of raising some cash. However, avid gamblers know for sure that it is a game, which shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You never know whether the luck will stand with you or not, and this expectation of winning is much more exciting than winning itself. And even if you don’t have spare cash right now or just don’t want to spend it, you still can enjoy playing marvelous free slots for fun. We offer an array of superb free slots to play for fun only. In our review, we’ll cover all the key features of these slots, and tell about their benefits.

Free Slots for Fun

The main distinctive feature of free slot machines for fun is that you don’t need real money to play. Consequently, you can’t win any real prizes. Needless to say, toy won’t have an access to the progressive jackpot which is normally formed of real-money players’ stakes. All the rest features are the same. You see the same in-game symbols, the same reeland, and need to form the same winning combinations. At the beginning, you are granted a certain number of virtual (fake) “credits” that are used for playing just like usual money. Playing free for fun casino slots, you may either multiple these credits or lose everything, just as with real-cash machines.

Though all free casino slots for fun are similar in terms of functioning, they can be slightly different in terms of their accessibility. Basically, 3 types of free slots are distinguished.

  • No download slots. As the name suggests, all free slot games for fun that require no downloading any software can be described as no download slots. Most free slots fall into this category. We offer you to play free slots for fun no download right now – we have oodles of top-notch games from the world’s best developers in one place. All you need to start playing is any modern browser, Internet access, and Adobe Flash player installed.
  • No registration slots. Some e-casinos require registration to get an access to free online slots for fun, while others allow playing without signing up. For playing free slots for fun no download no registration is required. Just choose the title you like and start spinning the wheel of fortune.
  • No deposit slots. It seems evident that you don’t need money to play free slots for fun. However, some casinos make all their users deposit some money, for example, $10. It is not convenient for people who don’t want to enter any personal or financial information. We don’t require anything of the kind. If you opt for our free slots to play for fun, you won’t need to pay anything as long as you are playing in the free mode.

Slot Machines: are They Different?

Check our collection of free slots games for fun, and you’ll be shocked with their diversity. Chances are you’ll wish to try all of them, and you’ll be able of doing it for no money. By the way, playing free slot machines games for fun is a perfect way of picking out some favorite games that you will want to play for real money later. Let’s review briefly the key types of free slots.

  • 3-reeled or classic slots are known to gamers as penny or fruit machines. They replicate the first land-based one-armed bandits that used to be installed everywhere before the beginning of the digital era. Though these machines seem too plain and even primitive if compared to modern slots, some players feel nostalgic when playing them. If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 20th century, you may try your luck in these three-reeled archaic machines with the single payline.
  • Multi-payline and multi-reeled slots are all the rage today. The number of reels can vary from 3 to 7, and the number of paylines – from 5 to 3125. Of course, we won’t cover all kinds of slots within one small review: you’d better come and see them with your own eyes. As free slots for fun only have the same features as real-cash slots, you’ll enjoy their brilliant HD graphic, colorful animated symbols and special effects without limitation.
  • Progressive slots. Though it’s impossible to hit a progressive jackpot by playing free slots for fun, you still may want to try some progressive slots in this mode. By doing so, you’ll get acquainted with the game, better understand its rules and the opportunities it gives. Who knows, maybe after playing in a free mode you’ll be ready to invest some cash into gaming.

Mobile Slots

The modern gambling industry can’t be imagined without mobile playing. A lot of slot games admirers have no opportunity or no desire (or both) to use a desktop PC or a laptop. It is so convenient to see the game right on the screen on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Our slot machines free play slots for fun can be played on several mobile platforms, which lets you play your favorite slots right on the go, on your way to work, while sitting in a traffic jam, and a variety of other situations. All you need is a modern mobile device (no matter, a smartphone or a tab) with the support of Flash Player.


It is widely known that in most casinos new users get bonuses for the first deposit (or deposits). However, few people know that some platforms offer “free” bonuses that don’t require spending any real cash. In some casinos, you are rewarded for a mere fact of signing up. Such bonuses are usually referred to as no deposit bonuses. If you are looking for free online slots for fun with bonuses, no download required, we have something to offer. Just check our list of trustworthy casinos that offer no deposit bonuses and play in the chosen casino for free.

Benefits of Playing Free Slot Machines

If you think that only real-money gaming can bring a real drive and excitement, chances are you haven’t tried the best free slot games to play for fun yet, and it’s high time to do it now. Playing free slots for fun has several apparent advantages:

  • you can try a lot of games without spending a penny and find the one you really like to play in the future;
  • it’s the best way to test new broadly advertised games and check whether they are really so cool as claimed;
  • for playing free slots for fun only no download of any software is required; you can play at any time in any browser, on any PC or a mobile device.

Finally, it is just a good entertainment that doesn’t require any investments. Colorful, diverse slots from the best suppliers will never let you get bored.