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Eli. Reviewed on 03.07.18
“Zoom” is one of the slots recently released, in July 2016, by the company “Thunderkick” which is a slot that combines classic icons of sevens, fruits, and bells, with a new concept in terms of structure and game system.

The grid of this game is 6 x 4 reels divided into 6 segments of 2 x 2. The number of paylines set for this game is 64 and I must say that this is a small number in my opinion considering the large number of rows and columns it has, many times we even see symbols appearing on positions that intuitively we recognize as a hit, but in this game it is not because of the strange way in which this supplier has had to distribute this small number of lines precisely because of its structure.

This game features a wild symbol that works only as a substitute for ordinary symbols. The other special symbol that appears in this game is the letter “Z” which is a scatter and it can only occur one of these symbols for each section of 2 x 2. Each time a “Z” appears, we are granted a respin where the full section where it previously appeared the “Z” is occupied by a big symbol of 2 x 2, which can be any of the ordinary symbols or even a wild symbol.

The best chance that this game gives us to get a big win happens when we get four Z’s into 4 sections forming a large square of 4 x 4 reels, in which case, all 4 sections merge to create a unique mega-symbol; basically this is a good opportunity if this mega-symbol appears positioned on reels 1 to 4 ensuring a hit.

In practice and for a couple of sessions with this slot, I could never get a mega-symbol of 4 x 4, and my few big wins never exceeded 16x my total bet, so that in my specific case, this slot has been a totally disappointing and frustrating game since its average payouts are pretty tight.

In conclusion, I think that “Zoom” is a quite original slot but not generous enough to be included in my list of favorites. Maybe someday someone else can live a better experience with this video slot and I will be ready to read its opinion, but in the meantime, I rather play other games that offer better chances to win.

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