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Zombies play online casino for real money

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Released in 2016, this darkish slot game is definitely a great magnet for all experienced casino players who enjoy intense gameplay and the whole theme of zombies hunting for brains. With its great visuals and amazing sound design, Zombies by NetEnt definitely knows how to keep you interested. You will most certainly enjoy this truly entertaining slot where you can play with real money.

Interesting Features

There are many interesting features that will keep you invested. Zombies is a game that offers you rhythmic gameplay, regular prizes, and colorful smooth animations that will leave your breathless. There are several key features that you should be aware of:

  • Stacked Wilds. Zombies provides you with an opportunity to improve any combo on the screen. Even if the first combination was something subpar, it can immediately turn into a much better one.
  • Random Wilds. This is yet another addition to the functionality of this game. Every once in a while, you will receive a nice Wild Symbol that will help to form better combos.
  • Free Spins. These are standard for the industry and Zombies slot machine does not shy away from implementing this feature that many gamblers love.
  • From time to time, you will engage angry zombies that will try to bite off a piece of your head. Don’t let them touch your brains and shoot vigorously. This is a really fun little mini-game hidden amidst traditional reels of the slot.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

Zombies slot game has a lot of undeniable advantages, but one of them is the simplicity of game mechanics and more than just usable interface that allows you to quickly choose desired settings and start playing right away.

All smart players try out a demo version of any slot before starting to play with real money. Zombies will have the same functionality in the real game. Start playing and trying out different features. When you feel that you have a good grasp on the basics, try putting in a couple of bucks.

You can choose up to 20 simultaneously active paylines. If you want to be more conservative and aim to get more bonus features, you should slightly reduce your wager. On the contrary, aggressive players can try being a little bit more reckless.


There are several of Zombies slots, but NetEnt definitely outdone itself by a huge margin. This is an outstanding game. It has great graphics and memorable sounds. However, it is not the design that attracts players.

The playfield of the game Zombies is similar to many other slot games with 5 reels. It does not have anything groundbreaking, but the simplicity of the gameplay is an undeniable benefit for the vast majority of players. If you are constantly on the run, having a simple yet good looking slot game is a blessing. You can also turn on the “AUTO PLAY” function and enjoy yourself while the slot spins on its own.


The variety of symbols in Zombies is quite impressive. There are 10 main icons that appear constantly. They form the vast majority of combinations.

Here they are:

  1. 10s will give you up to 70 coins.
  2. Jacks grant you up to 75.
  3. Queens will give you up to 80 coins.
  4. Kings are a little bit better (up to 100 coins).
  5. Aces will get you up to 125.
  6. Club and Axe is a great symbol that allow you to earn 400 coins.
  7. A torn out eye costs 500.
  8. Tasty brains – 600.
  9. A gas mask will give you 800.
  10. The best standard symbol is a circular saw that has a value of 1000 coins.

This is not a full list of available icons. There are also wilds, scatters (mutagens), and a special stacking symbol that summons a hungry zombie.

Themes and History of Zombies

Interestingly enough, the amount of slot games dedicated to the topic of zombies in casinos is quite low which a surprise given how popular this genre is in modern culture. People of all ages love the idea of zombie apocalypse.

This game has a very contemporary look with slick graphics, cool animations, interesting art, and cool ambient sounds. This atmosphere is definitely inspired by recent trends in gamedev and pop culture. Most survival zombie games have similar looks and sound design. It works for most gamers and in casino it looks really well too.

This slot was released in 2016 when the whole wave of zombies was once again reinvigorated by lots of new games and cool movies like Train to Busan.

Interface and Advanced Options

You can use various button to adjust the game for your requirements and style. Standard interface elements look just like in any other game in the industry. Here is a short list of interface buttons:

  • Level sets the amount of coins bet per line.
  • Coin Value allows you to adjust how much a single coin costs.
  • Circle in the middle is a spin button.
  • Auto Play will open the option menu for advanced Auto Play settings.
  • MAX is pretty much self-explanatory.

Auto Play can be adjusted to your playstyle an overall strategy. Zombies slot allows you to choose how this game will play itself. There are several options:

  • Stop on any win. Stops spinning whenever you get a winning combo on the field.
  • Stop on free spins. This will make spinning stop if you get a freespin bonus.
  • On a specific amount of coins won.
  • Stop if cash is decreased by a certain amount.
  • Stop if cash is increased by a certain amount.


This colorful game from NetEnt is a great entertainment. You will have a lot of fun while various settings will ensure that you can control your bankroll.

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Zombies Reviews by Players

Leisha Linda. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Pros: As in film history the apocalyptic themed movies came into vogue again the video slot creators also recognized the popularity of this kind of products and Zombies from NetEnt is one of the prominent representative of the subject. Probably this game has one of the most terrifying interfaces as we can play with eye balls, brains, living dead's, bloody axes as symbols and surprisingly mainly thanks for the great graphics it still has impressive appearance in some ways. I like the very suitable background sounds and music and the little video game like side game is also a nice work from the developer’s part. I think the pictorial world the game creates is very complex and a very appreciable interpretation of the theme.

This slot is a 20-payline product and I think don’t go wrong if I say the Wild plays very important part of being success in this game. Though the best paying symbol is not this emblem, and telling the truth this substituting symbol doesn't pay any by itself but it has really great qualities to boost the winning chances. Normal Wild appears only on the first and last two reels with limited functions, namely, it only replaces other symbols in winning combinations without adding any plus to them but on the middle reels it appears in stacked format and it may cover any positions of the reel if this action means a new winning combination is completed, but the best of it is the Random Wild feature. It can be triggered basically after any single win when any symbol(s) on the table (up to 6) can turn into Wilds resulting sometimes a nice return. I like this feature the most at this game as I almost collected as many great wins by it as I could do during free spins.

Collecting 3 non-paying Scatter on the three middle reels 5 free spins are awarded but it’s a very interesting extra games section. After every spin a secondary screen introduce where an automatically played little side game in side game starts and our hero shoots down zombies and every target is worth coins that added to Zombie Score. The traditional free spins also has great payout potential as the first spin is played with x1 win multiplier, the second spin with x2 then x3, x4 and the last one with x10 multiplier. After the free spins are ended the collected Zombie Score and won amount are multiplied by the line bet to determine the profit of this bonus game. Perhaps the 5 spins doesn't seem too much but some of final results are very satisfying, believe me.

Based on my history with this slot, Zombies usually works in very extremist ways. There’s really occasions when nothing happens for a long, long time and when I started to hate it and think about changing game, bummm something real good can be visible on the screen and I can praise myself to have such patience and stuck to the plan and kept playing on Zombies. For example, last time when I visited this slot I was really ready to switch to another game when the great Random Wild feature is activated and got 6 Wilds on the table and this only one spin was worth more than €100 for my €1 bet. Generally, it’s a typical Zombie behavior so I can advise don’t let yourself bothering by the possible longest cold streaks because this slot really capable to surprise you in positive ways and give back a very nice return in just one spin or a free spin segment.

This slot belongs to that category in my book where I like the game working system much more than the appearance of the game. I've got nothing problem with its exterior at all, even I like and appreciate it but I think what we get from Wilds and free spins occasionally are really superb. The game segment provides me the 2 most important factors what I’m looking for in a slot – entertainment and good rewarding system so pairing them with a decent displaying quality and an awesome video slot is front of us waiting for dazzle us. I like this slot a lot and I hope we will have some more memorable sessions together.
Kathaleen. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pros: Hey people, did you want to kill some zombies? I'd like to kill them, always enjoy video games and movies about zombies, and also i enjoy every time when i play this game. Game should scare players, at least i think this is what netent want, but to be honest with you it is absolutely not scaring, and looks even a bit fun. Also i can tell you one bug about this game, when it is triggered random zombies feature, when few random wilds appears on random place, everyone can already see how much he win on the win box, even before wilds appear. This is really annoying and makes thing bad, and i am surprised why netent still did not remove such things from their slot, who want to know how much win before pressing spin? Correct answer of course no one.

This game definitely has some good wins chances, but generally it is hard to win something more than x 300 total bet on this game, my best hit was on redbet casino, and it was 240 x total bet after free spins, i get something nice on x 10 multiplier, but can't realize now what does it was. I never had really great ups on this game, but also never get so bad experience on it like for example it can be on dead or alive game. But i am think this game is boring a bit, and feature is not interesting.

Conclusion: Game is interesting, funny, and can entertain. Variance is not too high, and no one should fear to bust out fast, but based on my preferences and experience, i can not rate this game high, because i did not like it. Also this annoying thing with random wilds make me sad about this game. This is not best netent game, but someone of course can have fun with it.
This is net entertainment video slot, and it is has lot of fun and interesting to play, at night also!

Idea of the slot is zombies, and there is such pictures like saw, brains, and others. Really not so horror, but if i play at night, like i do few times, and make high sound it can be really scary that i scared to go to toilet one time, really, this is funny, but i fear of zombie apocalypse. Interesting slot with nice atmosphere.

This game have no bonus game, but has some inserted feature and free spins bonus round, and it is really fun to see this features. In main game it is possible to trigger zombies wilds, zombies will suddenly appear on screen with horror sounds, and this zombies will make few wilds, one time i even get wild line from this feature. One glitch is that once they appear but still not made wilds, i already can see how much i win, this is bad thing and did not interesting, and netent should fix this. Free spins can be won by 3 scatters, this scatters come only on 3 4 5 reels, and when it is appear, 5 free spins awarded, every free spins multiplier grown, and last free spins has big x 10 multiplier for any wins. Between every spin slot award some coins for bonus game, in which hero shoot at zombies.

I play this slot most times when i have low money on my account, and this slot save me many times, even on 0.20 euro bet it is possible to hit wins like 50 euro, and this is nice life safe chance. Good atmosphere and nice payouts should be ok to play this slot. Random wilds also can pay nice win, and i had some big wins on this slot and some fun. Also some fear of course.
Sheri. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Pros: In this game you will experience joy, and fear because of the appearance of the symbol. Frankly, I was most afraid of myself because I lose control and start to lose money from the account at lightning speed. If you love horror movies, then you will fall in love at first sight in this slot, like a maniac. I look drum rather reminiscent of my favorite Bloodsuckers, probably because there is a lot of blood on the symbols. But the way of winning the bonus round is identical to the above-mentioned Bloodsuckers slot. The only difference is in the number of payment lines, this game has a total of 20 payment lines. This is the most important fact, because everything else is just psychology, nothing more. Zombies slot I play on three casinos which are: Bet365, Unibet and Stan James. At Stan James in the last month, the most I've played this game.

For the purpose of writing this review, now that honor belongs to Unibet casino. These symbols blades act a bit, as the fruit of a sick imagination, but when you look at the title then anything else and do not expect under the title Zombies. My role here range from € 0.20 to a maximum of € 2. Most often I play with € 0.40 per spin, because generally separate € 20 or more when I play this and similar slots. This coincides with my rules, bet per spin should be about 2% of the amount in the account. Immediately upon entering the Unibet Casino, opening this slot and move with stakes of € 0.40. I took the auto-play of 25 spins and in the top 10 have not won a lot, after these 10 spins I got the bonus round, from which I drew great € 12. In the last ten spins I had bigger gains, they were mostly a combination of three or four symbols that do not make a lot of coins.

The conclusion here is that you will not stay long if you are weak at the scene from a horror movie. Someone who has nightmares certainly will not choose a slot in which it appears the brain, bloody saw and lifted eye. The biggest problem with this slot begins when you start to lose money, all these "bloody" elements are just blockages which if overcome, you've done it. I like the sound that comes into play especially when you put the headphones and turn up the tone. I admit that time is a bit hair-raising, even though I'm not a timid girl. I was unable to win never an amount that could put as screenshots in the forum section "100x winning screenshots". As I said, usually I play this slot at Unibet and Bet365, but I think to transfer some money in the William Hill Games and that there continue to research these bloody things.
Cons: Well, what more can I say about Zombies that I haven't already? I wish there could be more than just 1 Expanded Wild zombie feature, and I also wish the top paying symbol, the chainsaw, could be much more than just 1000x the line bet, which is too blardy low! Nonetheless, this game is worth a go, just hope that it isn't running on a low. Hehehe.

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