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zeus iii Reviews by Players

Miriam Meiners. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Many video slots are based on the Greek mythology. Again and again it proves to be a hot theme among established software providers. Zeus III from WMS is no different since this game also focuses on the Greek god himself. Unfortunately Zeus III is one of them slots I had terrible experiences with due to losing more than 500 euros in a single session.

I have to admit I was betting high though with 1.60 euro per spin. What also didn’t help was the fact that I probably had to wait more than 1,000 spins to unlock the free spins feature. In those cases it’s better to leave the slot alone instead of chasing the feature. I had to learn it to the hard way and still sometimes make that mistake.

However, it shouldn’t be a too big of a negative factor while writing this review. Zeus III certainly has a lot of things I do like in a slot as well. The format is extremely different from what the average slot looks like. We have to give WMS some credit here for their creativity. Zeus III offers 6-reels and 192-paylines, but the first reel only has 2 rows, the second reel has 3 rows, third reel has 4 rows, fourth reel has 5 rows, fifth reel has 6 rows and the sixth reel has 7 rows.

So this game offers the possible to have a six-of-a-kind and that 192 times. However, let’s not get carried away since it’s extremely difficult to get there. In addition, Zeus III offers wilds and the Zeus logo will turn into a wild as well if it covers the whole reel.

Because of this and the layout of this game, Zeus III is quite entertaining to play. I failed to have any decent wins during the base game though. Don’t think I won more than 50x bet size, but then again I was chasing the free spins.

You need 3, 4 or 5 scatters to unlock the 10, 25 or 50 free spins. After a long time I finally managed to get 3 scatters to win 10 free spins. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I saw the reels getting flipped from right to left, meaning the first reel all of a sudden had 7 rows and the other reels followed the same slot format in opposite direction ending up with reel six having 2 rows.

In other words, the odds of winning something significantly increase during free spins. But that’s not all folks! The Zeus symbol turns into an expanding wild during free spins, which contributes to your success heavily as well. Although I saw a few of those expanding wilds during my feature, I failed to get a significant return on my investment. I won like 75x bet size and decided to switch to another game with 500 euro net loss.

I guess I was just unlucky, but despite my loss this game can definitely be terrific if it reaches its full potential during FS.
High minimum bet of 40 cents and very difficult to trigger free spins.
June. Reviewed on 28.09.18
The Zeus 3 slot is again a WMS game unique in its kind. The slot appears as a grid of 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7 with six reels instead of five and an increasing number of lines (from 2 lines on first reel, to 7 on the last reel). Here all possible ways pay and the number of paylines rises to 192. Due to this peculiarity there are possible combinations of “6 of a kind” that pay enormously, but which are obtained with extreme difficulty. Furthermore, only 2 lines on reel one is a major drawback for the alignment symbols, and almost only just when on the reels 1 or 2 there is a wild you will be able to get the symbols aligned. In the rest of the game very easily there will be stacked wilds on most reels but on reel one you will miss that very symbol so necessary. However, if you play enough you will not lose much here. And if you have the courage to continue although the losses still gather at a moment you will be greatly rewarded.

First, you will have those rare “6 of a kind” promised and thus you will jump with 10 Euro from a single spin. Then, quite often “3 or 4 of a kind” will bring again 1-2 Euro. (However, because wins are so rare one can have losses up to 10-15 Euros before being really rewarded.) This reward will come when you enter into the Free Spins. Because now the game flips over, and on the first reel the slot will have no less than seven lines. With some luck, because the symbols are stacked if you align 4-5 of a kind you will have hundreds of winning lines. I am sorry I missed exactly the moment when I won over 70 Euros one Free Spin. However the win from the end of Free Spins together with another Big Win from normal game are uploaded above.

All are good and nice when they end well and I was very pleased to see that after just 100-200 spins the win was nice. If the conditions to obtain these payouts would not be so difficult the slot would be magnificent.
The most unpleasant fact here are the existence of only two lines on reel 1 followed by only 3 lines on reel 2.It is very difficult to get a win under these conditions. “3 of a kind” pay 1 cent and “4 of a kind” pay 3 cents and if the symbols were not stacked, the total wins would be extremely small.

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