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witches wealth Reviews by Players

Miriam Meiners. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Witches Wealth is one of Microgamings old slots, you can see it by the design it has and the layouts for game preferences. It is a 5 reel 9 payline slot and I think last month was actually the first time I tried this game, when I had 100 free spins on it at one of Microgamings' casinos. Although it is one of the old games, it definitely is good and can give good winnings.

The theme of this slot is witches and the symbols in it are everything related to magic- witches, black cats, spell books. I love magic and everything about it so this game is a spot on for me. As it has 9 paylines, you can place even minimum bets of 0.09€ which is good if your balance is low or you want to wager bonus.

This game has scatters, but they don't trigger bonus round or free spins, you just get paid for them. If you have 2 scatters that are placedon a winning line, you'll get 2x bet size win. This game has 2 bonus rounds. If you get 3 or 4 blue cats on a winning payline, you'll get Spinning Wand bonus. There you'll spin the wheel which has 5 different coin wins and 1 bonus win. If your wand stops on bonus, you'll be redirected to other bonus round. You can get to that bonus round if you have 5 blue cat symbols on an active winning line. On that bonus round you have to catch falling objects and prizes can be even trippled, if you get all the way through home. It may sound weird but so far it has been easier for me to get 5 cats on a winning line then to get to that bonus through Spinning Wand.

I played this game last time when I had only 20€ balance.I placed minimum bets got mostly 0.36€ wins and soon enough I got 3 cats that led me to Spinning Wand bonus. Unfortunately I got the lowest coin win- only 0.10€. I played overall around 300 spins, got about 5 more bonus rounds but none of them was Flying Rescue bonus and I got either 10 coin or 40 coin wins.

This game is great, based on the fact it has 9 lines and it can be played with so small bets. And even with small bets it can give decent winnings, and the bonus round is quite easy to get. However, I do think it's not good that you can trigger the bonus only if the cats are on winning lines, it makes it much harder. I've got many times 5 cats but didn't get bonus round because they weren't on a winning line. Overall it is a must try and could help with wagering, I give it 8/10.
Honey. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Witches Wealth video slot it is another one typical old microgaming video slot, which looks not so great, but still have some charm in my opinion. This game has 9 paylines only, and therefore you can expect to start playing this game with only 0.09$ per spin. i never bet so low, when i play such games i start from at least 0.27$, because playing with 0.09$ it is just too low for me, wins are low, and it is not interesting to get x100 total bet and realize that it is only 9$, which is nothing of course.

This game has wilds and scatters, wilds have payout itself, and it is not so big compared to other microgaming 9 line games. Also wilds here did not double or triple win when substitute, and it is a bit sick. Generally i think it is boring game, because scatters payout also low, and scatters did not trigger anything here. To get bonus feature you need to collect 3-5 bonus symbol on payline, and the thing is that 3-4 bonus symbols will start bonus game, but there win capped at something like x 100 total bet, but if you trigger bonus game by 5 bonus symbols, payout there capped at something like x 1000, which is much more better. I played this game only once, and i never trigger bonus game with 5 bonus symbols to check how it pays there. I trigger bonus game around 10 times, and never have win more than 20 x total bet. THis all means only one thing for me, game not interesting, and i even did not see any chance to score big here, so i will not play this game again.

Low variance video slot without freespins feature but with bonus game, which pay low amount of money, if not triggered by 5 bonus symbols.I did not like such game and will not play again.
There really should be more than 1 bonus symbol on the wheel because I find that it took me 2 triggers to land on that bonus slab before going to the rescue bonus! AND it could've been more awesome had my 2x win ($22.68) be multiplied further with 3x from instead of $11.34 x 3x for $34.02!!! Still, a job well done for only a 9 paylines slot!

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