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Wild witches play online casino for real money

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The company NetEnt is focused on the production of game slots with a slightly unusual theme. So, very recently they have developed and released a new gaming machine, which features the theme of witches and witchcraft. Wild Witches is the name of the slot

General Description

Based on the name of the game, it is not difficult to guess that here you will meet with a large number of witches. It’s not a secret for anyone that witches are either good or bad. Here everything is in your hands: if you behave yourself, they will treat you kindly, and if you act bad, beware of the curse. Therefore, your task will be to make friends with these ladies and enlist their support. This development of events will give you a much better chance to win and earn the most valuable prizes. The main task of the main characters is that they constantly have to cook a secret potion from various ingredients.

If you want to earn their trust, help them collect the necessary components, and in return they will award you with good prizes. The developers decided to use this topic, because, in their opinion, it was bound to find its audience of fans. It should be noted that they did not fail at all, because after a short period of time the gaming machine became very popular among fans of gambling.


The stylistics of the slot  fully corresponds to the proposed theme, all players will be able to plunge into the beautiful virtual world of witchcraft and magi with ease and without special efforts. Running the game, you instantly transferred to the main screen. It is represented by five standard game drums against the background of clouds, strange objects,and mysterious buildings. On the game drum there are special symbols that also correspond to the game theme. Each symbol is absolutely unique, both in appearance and functionally.

At the top of the Wild Witches slot is the display with the enchanting title of the game.On both sides of the drums there are numbers from one to twenty, they are needed to tell the player which lines and how many he has already used. Under the playing drums, the image of a possible Jackpot flashes and the most tempting combinations that will allow you to earn big winnings. At the bottom of the screen there is a classic game control panel that will give you the opportunity to set parameters and start the rotation of the reels. The design of the slot machine is quite bright and rich, the designers have worked hard and provided players with a quality product.


The Wild Witches gaming machine has a rather fascinating and rich gameplay. Here you definitely will not be bored, because the development team has done a great job. You will be able to play and enjoy the very process of the game, which is very easy to observe. In order to start playing, you first have to set the original parameters. Choose the value of the game coin, the number of active lines, but not more than twenty possible and determine the amount of bet on the involved lines. Remember that the more lines are activated, the more often you can stack good winning combinations.

To start the reels, use the round green key. To better navigate in the game, you will need to familiarize yourself with the table of winning combinations and corresponding payments before it starts. The emulator provides the presence of special symbols and free spins of drums, which will bring you huge profits. On the control panel there is a Bet Max key, which will allow you to play at the maximum bet, nothing while not exposing. In general, the gameplay is very exciting, you can relax and have some fun. Do not miss such a tempting opportunity.


Wild Witches slot from NetEnt is a great opportunity for excellent rest and good earnings. If you want to start right to combine business with pleasure, then try playing gaming machine. You are guaranteed to get a charge of positive emotions and a bunch of memories of an unforgettable virtual world. If you are new to this area, then it’s better to use the free version of the game. That way, you will gain experience and understand all the principles. Fortune prefers to reward the most persevering players, so do not give up if you can not win the first time.

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Wild witches Reviews by Players

Rashida. Reviewed on 01.07.18

Wild witches it is old game from net entertainment. I can't say that i am play this game a lot, or often, but i try it few times and can't say anything bad about it.

This game also is a clone of trolls, another one old net entertainment slot. This game has 20 paylines, and i really like how it works. Here we have wilds, which multiply any winnings by x 2, and also have golden wild, which very rare appear on reel 3 and multiply win by x 4. At this game is possible to get 5 of a kind wilds, and this will pay 500 x total bet in base game, i am not sure did golden wild will multiply wilds to x 2, if yes than biggest win in base game will be x 1000. I never had 5 or even 4 wilds, but have few nice 5 of a kinds, even with golden wilds, therefore i have a couple of more than 100 x total bet hits in base game. Also in this game possible to trigger free spins feature, in my experience it is triggered about once in 100 or 150 spins, and this good amount of spins needed to trigger free games(i am of course saying this from my own experience, i did not know what real chances to hit 3 + scatters). Take note that winnings in free spins have x 3 multiplier, and another one great chance to hit big - collect 5 scatters in one spin, this will award 30 free spins and 500 x total bet(amazing 1500 x total bet in free spins).

This game has medium variance, i have couple a great wins on it, and i like it, but these days all my deposits go to mega high variance games, and i think it will be boring for me to play medium variance game. But this one is great, and interesting game, i will play it if will stop with high variance slots.
I would bet that about anyone reading this review watched at least once, a few years ago the TV series „Charmed“ . Well, Wild Witches is a slot whose theme has its origins in this TV series . All sorts of young and pretty witches, some of them riding on a broom or not, preparing all kinds of magical potions, fighting always the evil. A slot with 20 paylines from NetEnt casinos, that despite his magnificent theme (and graphics) would have brought me into in bankruptcy if I had played it for real money!A slot where after 350 spins played I lost, playing with the minimum possible total bet (80 cents) over 170 Euro . A slot where almost every spin played out results in an average loss of 50-60 cents!

This loss is not due to lack of features in the game, but to the fact that these features are being triggered very rarely. There are 2 types of „Wild“ symbols: the common one which multiplies the payout combination that contains it with 2, and the „Wild“ symbol on the central reel which multiply 4 times . If you are lucky enough for a combination to have two „Wild“ symbols, your gain will be up to 6 times multiplied. Unfortunately, although the occurrence of these „Wild“ symbols is not rare (about once every 3 spins ), they enter winning combinations only very rarely for a reason unknown to me. There is even the „Scatter“ symbol present here in this game, which theoretically should trigger (when you have 3 Scatters present) a minimum of 10 Free Spins with a multiplier of wins of 3x, but at least in my case in over 350 spins I did not had 3 Scatter at the same moment on the screen. Being a game from NetEnt casinos, the maximum bet level in this slot is only 4 (for those that do not know I say here that the bet level is related to the complexity of the payline), and perhaps for this reason, the wins from normal spins are very small , if almost non-existent. Three symbols aligned here lead to an average win here like 10 cents, 4 symbols come out rarely and 5 symbols do not line up ever.

I repeat myself, but said in a few words, this is a very attractive slot in which the entire action is alert, but where the wins are almost nonexistent despite all the features present. Maybe only I had bad luck, or maybe the casino where I chose the play this slot (Redbet) does not offer too many wins. Pity.
Eric. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Today I’m gonna review Wild witches another slot game I love and hate in equal measure! Wild witches is produced by Software scandics Net-Ent and is a 20 payline 5 reels video slot. The minimum players can bet is 0.01 and the max players can bet is 100.00 therefore this game suits every gamblers betting needs. Wild witches is of course themed on Witches folklore of old with Net-Ent making them all attractive looking to make the game more attractive I guess!

Wild witches is comprised of different symbols the best winning combination players want is 5 cauldron scatter symbols this wins a bewitching 500 x total bet and 1500 x total bet inside free spins+30 free spins! Players can also activate the free spins by collecting just 3 Cauldron Scatter symbols for 10 free spins (5 x bet) or 4 for 20 free spins (2 5 x bet ) all the wins inside of the free spins are multiplied by 3 at least. As if all this was not enough players can infinitely retrigger the free spins by gather 3 or more during the free spins! I have had about 4 retriggers more than one time ;)!

Next favourite symbol for me is the golden wild this little beauty multiplies your winning payout by 4( x 12 in free spins!)! Wild witches does not just have the one Wild though oh no it has another that doubles your win ( x 6 inside free spins! ) This is not all though for 5 wilds of any kind players win 10,000 x the line bet!(30,000 if inside free spins) The rest of Wild witches paytable is not half bad either with the next Witch worth at least 750 x for 5 and possibility of multiplied by 2 or 4 too! Other witches pay out ranging from 200-500 x for five of a kind. Other icons included are what you would expect from this kind of game frogs or toads, potions, rats etc.

I personally love this slot as I have ran great on it more than once in the past and have actually hit every combo apart from 5 scatters and 5 wilds, which is not common to be honest and is commendable that players can get these hits without pulling out their hair first! My best win on this game was just under £40 with only 9 paylines active! And on other occasions I have won at least 100 x my bet more than once! Skins or similar games if you like are Trolls and Excalibur.

Here are my pros and cons of Wild witches :


Outstanding pays even for the low variance symbols

Looks great and is fun to play when it goes crazy!

Suitable for players of all bet levels and decent to complete wagering requirements on

Retriggers inside free spins

Massive pay for 5 scatters/5wilds

Not as impossible to get the premium symbols as some other games are.

Players can autoplay if they get tired of clicking the mouse.

Overall I would give Wild Witches 7.5 out of 10 pretty good slot but the cold runs and some bad free spins let it down badly I’m giving it 7.5 because I know what it can do when that cauldron bubbles over cue the witches laugh!

Freida. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Wild Witches is a great and really interesting game that I played, that is brought to us by NetEnt software. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines and I find this theme really awesome and mysterious with a lot of cool symbols that represent this game just the right way. The minimum bet that can be placed on this slot is 0.20$ and the maximum is 80$.

I played it with a 0.20$ bet per spin for a long time before I managed to accumulate some decent profit so I could raise the bet to 0.40$ and continue playing. This slot is packed with some good features. This slot has two kinds of wild symbols, the blue wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except scatter symbols and will give double wins. Also there is the gold wild symbol that is called Witchy Wild and can only appear on reel 3 and it will like the previous wild substitute for all symbols except scatter but it will give a 4x win. Also we have the scatter symbol that when triggered can grant free spins from a range of 10 to 30 FS depending on how many symbols appeared, also all these free spin wins are tripled. So after I raised the bet I thought my luck would carry on with me and I would slowly build up my balance, but unfortunately it was quite the opposite it went cold on me and started eating my balance pretty quickly. Before I knew it ended up on zero.

Overall quite and interesting game to play with reasonable good graphics for an older game like this. The payouts can be really good but also the game can go cold on you and it can eat your balance pretty quickly plus it is not rarity that most of you free spins end up totally empty. 7/10
I can't say that I dislike this game but I do forget about it, otherwise I would have played it more. The other thing is the pays, they are a bit small in my view, and would need to be doubled to make this game awesome. Over all a very beautiful game that can pay big if it wants too. My rating 7 out of 10.

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