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Wild wild west: the great train heist

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Wild wild west: the great train heist Slot - DETAILS
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General Description

In the modern world of themed entertainment, the topics related to comic books and adventures are gaining popularity quite quickly. In the first case, everything is logical, after all, the so-called “comic boom” lasts for many years. There are lots films and computer games made due to them. But the adventure theme never left anyone indifferent either. The company NetEnt decided to make a tricky move and combine these two super popular motifs together.


Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist is a comic book story, but it tells the story of life in the Wild West. As is known, the West is famous for its color, inhabitants with a bright temperament, beautiful nature,and arid climate. The user enters a small town that grew up near the railway tracks. From time to time the robbers brake the train to check what is  inside the cars and indulge in looting. But the valiant sheriff along with his assistants regularly protects his territory and does not allow bandits to breathe freely. Literally every user can join the sheriff’s team. Adrenaline and a charge of positive emotions is guaranteed by 100%, because a rich storyline, incredibly bright characters,and a touch of intrigue will accompany the participants during the entire entertainment process.


The visual sequence in the game Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist is very nicely performed. That is not surprising, because the drawing specialists from NetEnt always guarantee the highest quality.. A desert in this case will be a desert with cacti, roasted red earth,and cloudless sky. In the distance, one train after another will pass, and with the help of high-quality visual effects, its movement looks very realistic. Warm colors almost entirely consist of hot orange and sand tints. Dilute this kind of palette with only a few details of the interface.

As mentioned earlier, the style of graphics here resembles comics. Almost all the drawing details have a clear black outline, and the supply of the playing field does not make you think about reading a couple of editions with real comics. By the way, the configuration of the playing field is standard here. It consists of 5 reels, and the lines are 2 times larger. At the same time, none of the lines is marked with a marker on the side panel. And yet, at the moment of winnings, the paths will be denoted by schematic lines, and therefore the user will not get confused. An additional bonus in submitting the machine will be his stunning soundtrack. Users will hear a melody that instantly evokes associations with the Wild West, tunes to an effective game and cheers up.


The most important part of the interface, in addition to the drums, is the control panel. It has a level button that indicates the number of credits, and a coin value button that is responsible for their nominal value. Also there is a max bet key, which is relevant for those who like to bet everything. Running the reels is possible with two buttons, one of which (round central) allows you to start in manual mode, and the second (autorun) – in automatic mode. Also, for acquaintance with the information on coefficients and symbols on the panel, there is an “I” button, the click on which instantly opens the necessary data.


In the video slot Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist there are 10 lines and all of them are constantly active. Therefore, before starting the rotation, the user just needs to specify the bet with the buttons described above. As soon as the reels are launched, you should expect a loss of the prize combination. It can be formed from left to right with the participation of at least 3 identical symbols.

Despite the small number of lines, the game will surprise with its productivity. All because there are many bonuses. First, the slot implies the availability of a standard wildtail and a scatterer. The first will complement the attacks, because it is universal. And the second – to open the free spins. At the moment of free-spins, 4 additional wilds are in use. In addition to its own coefficients and versatility, these wilds can expand in positions, stay in one position and even activate additional multipliers. The remaining symbols form standard attacks, the rewards for which are calculated in accordance with the coefficients.


There is a bonus symbol in the game, the appearance of which on 1.3 and 5 reels give the player an additional prize. You can play this prize in the process of a mini-game, which involves choosing one of three characters. Symbols can be hidden in multiples of x5 to x50. Thus, at best, the player will be able to select a 50-fold increase in the current bet.


Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist is a very colorful, interesting and original slot. The surveyed device will be worthy of competition

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Wild wild west: the great train heist Reviews by Players

Marianna. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Climb on your horse and ride with these bandits for the thrills of your life.

There are a lot of western themed slots out there. Each gaming provider has a few of them but the latest release was provided by NetEnt with the name Wild Wild West : The Great Train Heist.

This game doesn't have anything to do with the movie Wild Wild West, starred with Will Smith and Kevin Kline. It's a independent game, comic styled with nice graphics and sounds. At first, the game was an exclusive at Betsson casino group such as Betsson casino, CasinoEuro, EuroCasino and a few others. This means that the game became popular and now it's avaliable at all NetEnt casinos. I see there's a mix opinions regarding this game. I completly understand if some players do not like the game, most of them didn't like the payouts. I have to say that I also didn't like it at first but the more I play the game the more I began to like it.

Keep in mind that I've played this game a bit longer than average players so my opinion is based on several gaming sessions. CasinoEuro has an interesting tournament on this game somewhere in 2016 and I was a participant of this tournament. During this tournament I managed to trigger the bonus round about 4 times within the first 100 free spins. Now that's a record there, you don't see that kinda record that often.

I've won a lot of free spins from this tournament and that proofs the game's potential (often payouts). Personally I like this game more than I like Starburst. It has 4 different free spins mode, normal mode, multiplier mode, wild expand mode and extra wild mode. Plus there's a choose a vault feature.

Wild Wild West : The Great Train Heist is an economical, exciting game but don't expect to win big time playing this game. Unless you're a high roller ofcourse. I've seen players winning big time but my best guess is that they played the game with a higher stake.
While sound and visuals are good, the gameplay does not come even close to matching it. That paylines aren't common is understandable with 10 lines only, and that's ok, but what about the rest?

The three scatter 7's seems very hard to hit. I've played around 1000 spins on this (around 50-100 being from free spins), during those spins I've hit the pick bonus once or twice, but never the elusive sevens and I've come to not even want them since having two makes a high pitched train horn noise waiting for the third, which never comes, and the two sevens block other wins and pays nothing on their own.

I've only played it from time to time when I have a relatively healthy balance. Not going to happen again. While normally NetEnt games feeels like you at least have a decent chance of getting a reasonable win, this feels only like throwing money away.
Sherita Banner. Reviewed on 26.09.18
When I first looked into this new game from NetEnt, the cartoon illustrations reminded me of another game, 'Cowboys And Aliens' from Playtech, which came out some years ago. Whilst Cowboys And Aliens have very little colour in its illustrations, Wild Wild West have abundance of it, making the whole game looking beautiful and very pleasing, as can be expected from NetEnt games. This game plays with 1 extra line than Playtech's, with 10 paylines, and with better free spins and bonus games too, but other than that, loving it or hating it is purely individual.

The main characters in the game are none other than the cowboy bandits themselves, led by a cowgirl, surprisingly. I've never heard of a female bandit leader before, so it's surprising to me, but in a game, anything goes. The Wild symbol pays a very low 500x the line bet for getting 5 of them, and substitutes for other symbols except the Scatter and Bonus symbols. It's a dumb symbol that doesn't double any wins with it, it doesn't become stacked or expanded in the base game, but increases in number during the free spins. To me, these aren't good enough. The number '7' is the Scatter symbol, another dumb symbol for not paying anything for itself, getting 3, 4 or 5 of them triggers 10, 20 or 30 free spins with random Wild features, and the Free Spins game can be retriggered. Nonetheless, it's another disappointing aspect of the game, whereby good wins from getting 5 Scatters have been removed.

The Safe is the Bonus symbol, the third dumb symbol in the game. It doesn't pay anything for itself, appears only on reels 1, 3 and 5, and getting all 3 of them trigger the 'Pick And Click' bonus game. Pick out 1 safe to win an instant cash reward of between 5x to 50x total bet amount. For the Free Spins game, 1 of 4 Wild features is randomly awarded - Regular Wild, Expanding Wild, 2x Multiplier Wild, or Spreading Wilds. No other multiplier is present for the free spins, making yet another disappointing aspect of the game. As for the symbols, the Lady Bandit pays 500x, the 3 Man bandits each pay 300x or 200x, and the rest pay from 100x to 80x, all per line bet for getting 5 of each kind. A very low paytable for a 10-paylines game. I would even say extremely low!
The few times I played this game gave me some Free Spins games, but all of them paid very lowly and poorly, the best being only 68x my bet amount. The Bonus games fared no better, if not worse, with payouts of 5x to 25x my bet amount. If that's not bad enough, both the Free Spins and Bonus games can take a very long to come, adding further to the overall disappointment for this new game. Yes, I like very much the beautiful illustrations and the beautiful graphics, but the payouts are simply peanuts most of the time. Sorry NetEnt, as the saying goes, 'you pay peanuts, you get monkeys', and I ain't a monkey.

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