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wild west Reviews by Players

Josefa. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Wild West is the newest video slot from NextGen Gaming. Initially I was happy to see a new game of them being available at Amsterdams Casino. The game has a cowboy theme and I was doping that Wild West would be having the same potential as the likes of Dead or Alive.

But maybe I was hoping for too much, something I’m often guilty of. Wild West contains 10-paylines, 5-reels and 3-rows. Because the number of paylines is so small, you can play this game for a minimum bet of only 10 cents per spin.

Therefore this slot is in line with the wishes of low rollers. If you only deposit 25 euros into a casino, then it’s not always the right thing to do to bet high. I chose for a bet size of 20 cents after I still approx. 15 euros left to play with.

The concept of Wild West is one I haven’t seen before btw. It offers wild symbols (cowboy) on reels 3, 4 and 5. Each time you manage to get a win, 5 free spins are awarded with a nice additional feature. The amount of the triggering win, will be the amount won when the symbol of a chipstack appears during free spins.

This symbols appears stacked on the reels. I managed to trigger this feature three times. Didn’t look very difficult to trigger. First time I triggered it, was when I ended up winning 3 euros with my triggering bet (15x bet). So the amount that could be won when getting a chipstack symbol was 3 euros for each.

Unfortunately the free spins are over quite quickly and I only saw the chipstack once. The other times I triggered the feature, was when the triggering win was much lower of only 20 cents. Then it did pop up regularly to win 20 cents each time.

The only way I can see this game paying out big is when you trigger the feature with a 5oak of the highest paying symbol, which awards 100x bet. Then the chipstack prize could add up real quick during free spins. There is also a superbet functionality to win a 5x multiplier with a wild win after increasing your bet. So it could be 500x bet if you get 5 ladies containing a wild.

I often prefer not to use this costly feature. During free spins the feature can be re-triggered again by getting a win with a wild. I probably will not play this game again, not too amused with the set up and potential.
That whole exaggerating “Big Win” show after winning just 15x bet. Sorry NextGen, but what kind of player would consider that a big win? No point in having all those chips flying around when a player hardly won anything. It rather annoys people instead of making them happy.
Jan. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Until today the NexGen Gaming slots were on the 3rd place in a top of my preferences. Today, after I played the “Wild West” I was very close to change my opinion. Being a gambler supposes successes and disappointments and today playing the “Wild West” the disappointment was very great. When you play for so long in online casinos you begin to suspect from the start if the game is good or not. But today I was wrong.

This slot has a feature that I also met at other NextGen slots: for paying a “super bet” the slot promises to reward you better at certain times of the game. For example here: if you use a super bet of 5x, each Cowboy (which is also Wild) will bring in a 5x multiplier and from the 5 Free Spins that he will trigger you will get 5x more. Great game I said myself and I filled up the bottle of Whisky from the top left (at the 5x level). The minimum bet is 20 cents/10 lines, and playing with the super bet one pays 1 Euro/spin. And I started playing with courage.

A greater disappointment I never had before. Someone said here on AskGamblers in a discussion that playing for a large bet, the slots become generally stingy, and so far I was inclined to contradict him. But now after this experience... Well I lost in 100 games exactly 90 Euros! Absolutely all the wins that I had were below 1 Euro (this was the bet). And if I am not mistaken I won (with that Super Bet on) even only 10 cents! Then I gave up to this Super Bet that in what concerned my game only meant a loss 5x greater. And great wonder it happened, the slot began to be generous! I had so many Cowboys on reels like never before. And every Cowboy brought me 5 Free Spins from each of which (another wonder) I won now (when I paid 20 cents/spin) about equal to when I had the Super Bet enabled! Eventually I still lost an average of 3-5 Euro for each 100 spins played, but the slot was more generous.

I remained with a great confusion in respect to this slot. Maybe it was just that I was not lucky when playing with the Super Bet, but definitely the appreciation that I will give to this game will be just average.
This Super Bet of 2x and 5x is for no good. If you increase the risk almost all the wins become insignificant. 5 same symbols on a line I had here just once in all my game.

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