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The company Net Entertainment recently introduced the world a new and exciting gaming slot called Wild Water, which is simply created to give people joy and cheer.

General Description

Thematic of the game apparatus are surfers. Many people dream of ever becoming on the board and trying to conquer the ocean waves. So, relying on this, the development team decided that if it creates such a slot, a large number of people will finally be able to partially realize their dream and plunge into the ocean world. It should be noted that all expectations were fully justified and the slot machine gained a significant audience of fans in a very short time.

Of course, surfing is a very dangerous sport. Reflecting only on what kind of threat the sharks carry, the desire to conquer the waves in reality is already fading away. However, the life of the players of this slot does not threaten anything, because this is not reality, although it feels easy to mix it up. Today, thanks to the Internet connection, you can simply feel how you conquer the unbridled sea waves just by playing at the computer. What else do you need for a real and peaceful holiday? Wild Water will please you and allow you to escape from boring everyday life.


The game emulator has a very high quality and attractive design, which collects around a lot of gamers. Stylistics of the slot fully corresponds to the proposed topic, and it’s not strange at all, because the development team includes high-end designers, thanks to them, this product is made with such quality and excitement. Amazing graphics, detailed drawing of all elements, fascinating gameplay and thoughtful to the smallest nuances of the game story – all this will allow you to move to another carefree world of rest and entertainment as soon as possible.

Launching the slot machine, you will see the main game window, which is represented by five classic drums, with unusual symbols on them. There are clear pay lines, which differ slightly from standard slots. The background of this game is the image of huge waves with surfers who conquer them. Above the game drums, the name of the emulator: “Wild Water”, which is written in the style of water. On both edges of the drums there are certain numbers that are necessary for the player to be able to navigate, how many and which play lines he has already used. At the bottom of the screen is the usual game control panel and five information boards that display the number of active lines, the value of the coin, the available credits, the rate level and fix all your winnings. Musical design allows you to relax a little and feel out the atmosphere of the slot.


It is not difficult to play Wild Water slot, you do not need to download anything, because the emulator is available simply in your browser. The gameplay itself is quite interesting and rich. If you decide to start the game, you will first have to set the initial parameters. Select the value of the game coin, determine the number of active lines and make appropriate bets. After that, you can safely run the rotation of the reels and wait for the results in the form of combinations, some of which may be beneficial for you.

The game process provides free spins and bonus games where you can collect combinations of five surfers and get multiplication of the bet by twenty times, and if five different surfers are added to the drum, the coefficient will already be equal to two hundred. These two combinations are never paid together. One other interesting thing about this slot, is that one character can occupy the entire drum at once. Thus, theoretically, it is possible to take the entire screen at once with the same pictures. The slot machine will also please you with its variety and luxuriance. The control panel has an autostart key for those who do not want to start the rotation of the reels manually.


The Wild Water gaming machine will give unforgettable impressions and inexpressible emotions to absolutely every player. Relax from the boring daily routine and gain some energy. You wanted this for so long, and now there’s a wonderful opportunity, so use it fully to your advantage. Remember that fortune rewards self-confident and going to the end players. Do not give up if it did not work the first time, but always have a sense of proportion.

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Wild water Reviews by Players

Berniece. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Wild Water is another sunny slot coming from NetEnt. The graphic and animation of the game are good, but the symbols are placed back in the 70's and have a more simple design like they were drawn back in those days.

This is a 20 payline, 5 reel slot so it is great for those who like low rolling. Another detail that distinct's this game from the rest is the stacked symbols. This reminds me a bit of Iron Man 2 from Playtech. One thing you will notice from the base play is that the wild symbols tend to come often and you have some low wins which are frequent so you won't lose too much money playing this slot.

From the bonus features this game has 3 total. Two of them are a cash bonus which award a win xbet. The first bonus awards a smaller win of 20 x bet and is trigerred when you get any mix of the 5 surfer symbols on the reels. The second bonus awards a big win of 200 x bet but in order to get this you need to have all 5 different surfer symbols on the reels. This bonus is very hard to get and I have never gotten it so far. I hope to see it some day on my screen when I am playing on a higher bet. The last but best bonus of the game is the free spins bonus. It is triggered when you get 3 scatter surfers on the screen. This is a really great bonus because here every wild that comes on the reels expands to cover the entire reel. It would be great to see 4 wilds and a golden surfer on the reels resulting in an incredible win, but in the free spins the wilds come rarely or usually connect low paying symbols.

I can't say that I had some big wins on this game, but I hope my luck will change soon.
With the slot of Wild Water, NetEnt provides some interesting things visually, at the used working system and appearing style and personally I’m not sure whether I like these unique methods or not. The slot has a ‘surfing’ theme and that’s why almost all used symbols illustrate all kind of surfers and strangely the creators placed the whole screen back in time to the 70’s and I don’t necessarily see the meaning of it. The graphics of the game reflects the well-known and high quality work of this developer but here it is manifested in scratch-drawing technique which I’m not really a fan of. The exercised colours are moderate but greatly chosen and the design of the game is also very decent. The displaying method of the appearing symbols is not too common as the icons may appear on the reels in single format and stacked format too and because of it sometimes we can see a very unusual screen where the landed icons really look strange and at times are unfitting to each other. Perhaps it’s just me but somehow I don’t get here that kind of atmosphere and pictorial world what makes NetEnt one of the best in the business and that’s why the overall visual effects and experience is not that powerful and adorable as at other product from this developer.

Sometimes I also experience this kind of unknown feeling which is very new for me at a NetEnt product as if something would be missing here and the game should offer overall something more and better (and even the features the game. has also would require more remarkable qualities). The best paying 5 of kind type win rewards us only 2000 times of line bet which is surprisingly not a too generous amount. Shark figure is the Wild of the game but besides substituting other pictograms in winning combinations it can’t really give any another plus to the wins during normal game mode but at least it appear in expanding format if a win can be achieved by this move in free spin feature which is triggered by getting at least 3 Scatters (also has got own paying ability but it is just 60 times of total bet in best case) then 15 free spins are awarded.

The slot provides two bonus rounds too which are not traditional bonuses as we’re not carried over to secondary screen and aren’t involved in any ways so the entertaining and excitement values of this extras are very close to be zero. Surf’s Up and Surf Team bonuses just focus on the appearing symbols and when 5 Surfer characters land on the reels covering all three spots on a reel and at least 2 of them are identical we win 20 times of total bet and if they represent all 5 Surfers a very decent 200 times of stake prize is credited to the balance.

Personally, this product is a little bit disappointment for me. Even though the working qualities of the game segment are average and the winning tendency of the combinations are also solid but the entire game is not what I would expect from NetEnt. Perhaps my expectations are too high regarding this developer but it proved me many times with many other products that what they’re capable of making real great video slot is truly respectable and I admire that ability but this is what I miss here much that nothing can amaze me and there’s really nothing I could really love here. That’s why Wild Water is not among the group of video slot what I consider as real good and for me this game is just barely reaching the average level and from NetEnt this is simple not enough.
Monique. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Wild Water is a relatively new 60’s surfer themed 20 payline video slot. If you are regularly on ask gamblers, you may have noticed I had some pretty strong views of how awful I thought this slot was, however after playing it for a good length of time between bets of 20p-40p. The game did payout! I hit an over 200x win on free spins at two completely separate casinos!

Wild water has different stacked surfers as symbols as you’d expect. It also features a scatter symbol, a golden surfer silhouette symbol and a wild shark symbol (this expands during the free spins). Top symbol being the golden silhouette this pays out 2000x your line bet(just imagine getting this with expanding wilds in free spins!). The highest paid surfer is the guy in red shorts he pays you up to 500x line bet lowest being 75x for the light blue lady surfer.

If you are lucky enough to get 3 or more scatters you win free spins. The scatters do not pay but you can win up to a whopping 60 free spins for 5 of them! For 4 scatters 20 free spins and for 3 scatters 15 free spins. The free spins bonus is the reason my opinion has changed. After a long session of nothing but small wins and maybe the odd £3-5 quite big hit…the free spins came and they paid in spades! On 3rd spin in I hit some insane combo with 3 expanding wilds and great symbols this paid £47.80 in one spin at 20p bet! Now considering I had started with 20-something balance this is decent and there is a good argument for using this game to complete wagering requirements.

This is not all this slot has to reward players though! Players can also land a surf team bonus by lining up all 5 surfers across the 5 reels this pays out a magnificent 200x total bet! With betting levels from 20p all the way up to a monster £100 a spin whatever you bet when you get this you win lots! There is also a mini version called the surfs up bonus which pays out 20x total bet you can get this by lining up any combination of the 5 surfers(I have had it twice so far).

In summary it seems I judged this video slot without giving it a proper go, it is no Creature from the black lagoon or Dead or Alive but it certainly isn’t as bad as I thought!

Here’s my PrOs and cons of Wild Water!


Nice graphics smooth game play and ability to quick spin the slot.

Up to 60 free spins can be won!

Expanding wilds within free spins!

Surf team and Surfs up bonus great especially if your funds are depleting!

Consistent wins most of the time.


Can go cold but it did redeem itself for me twice.

Overall it is a good video slot and worth trying just bet according to your bankroll and you should be fine!

I give Wild Water 7/10


No multiplier during free spins.

Can take lengthy time period to hit free spins but they are usually worth waiting on!

Can go cold but it did redeem itself for me twice.

No multiplier during free spins.
Lenna. Reviewed on 27.09.18
One of the newer games from Net Entertainment, Wild Water is pleasing to the eye with its nice graphics and sexy ladies, but the 60s rapping of that guy certainly doesn’t sound so good to my ears. Give me some good old nice 60s music and I would have loved this game more! Also, why given the title Wild Water beats me, because it would have suited a river scenario better. A beach scenario would have been more aptly name, like Wild Beach so something like that, but that’s not really relevant I guess. It’s the designers’ prerogative to name their game with whatever name they like. Ah well, still 1 star down.

Is the paytable any good? Not to me. All symbols have low win values, except for the highest paying symbol of the Golden Surfer (2000x line bet). The Wilds are blanks and 5 surfer scatters only pay 60x total bet. Not good at all. Then there’s the Surf’s Up Bonus of 20x total bet, which is still low, and the Surf Team Bonus of 200x total bet, which is much better. As a low paytable affects the overall win payouts of Wild Water, I have to give it 2 stars down.

Luckily enough, the free spins cover back most of the paytable weaknesses. So far, the free spins that I got all paid reasonably well, with wins from 20x to 60x total bet amount. I’ve had better Super Mega Wins but those cannot be considered, because I was playing in the fun mode. Why does all the big lovely wins have to happen in the fun mode only? I can’t get them when playing with real money. The same goes for the two Surf’s Up and Surf Team Bonuses. Perhaps not the time yet for me, but the chances are definitely there. 1 star up.

Game wise, as strange as it may sound, the game play was rather good! There’s plenty of friendly sharks around, which don’t go eating up our surfer friends, instead, dishing out lovely payouts. Nice! The 3 surfer scatters are pretty good too, managing to pop onto the reels quite often (nice surfing there guys), unlike that elusive Golden Surfer, which seem to prefer appearing in ones or twos only. Never had 3 of them as yet. Still, 1 star up.

Overall, a nice game to play, with plenty of action from the surfer on the waves, and plenty of sharks popping out of the water to say hello. Yet another super new game from NetEnt.
At some moments the Free Spins round becomes difficult to access . The first time I entered this round I played first over 250 spins. However the second time this round was triggered after only 25 spins. Also, about 60-70 % of the payouts here are still lower than the total bet and some bigger wins would increase the player satisfaction.
Although the theme is nice the graphical drawings of the 5 surfers seem to lack talent (it is like the surfers were drawn with crayons on paper).

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