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The well-known company Net Entertainment has always presented its fans with various slots with amazing themes. This time they created a gaming machine called Wild Turkey, which you will like right away.

General Description

The subject of this slot is rather unusual: it is dedicated to a tribe of turkeys, who united and began to defend themselves and their fellow men. It’s no secret that North Americans like to hunt turkeys, but they won’t be able to do that in this slot machine, because they can repulse anyone who dares to attack them. The slot machine will allow you to plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere of incredible adventures. The game immediately tunes you to win thanks to its brightness and saturation.

What can you think of better after a hard working day than to come home, conveniently located on your couch with a gadget in your hands and enjoy playing your favorite slot? After the law on banning gambling came out and all the ground game halls were gradually closed, the gambling business quickly changed its real residence permit to a virtual one. This was a huge step forward in the sphere of excitement. Both players and users received a bunch of additional features. If you previously had to look for similar entertainment in the gaming halls, now the excitement itself comes to you at any convenient time. You only need to connect to the Internet. This slot machine deserves your attention and time. Try to play and you’ll be able to see for yourself how simple and accessible everything is.


Stylistics of the emulator will really please you, it fully corresponds to the game theme. Thanks to the beautiful design, you can immerse yourself in a beautiful and unforgettable world of relaxation and entertainment. Wonderful background music, high-quality graphics, fascinating gameplay and thought-out game story – and this is not all the advantages of the proposed slot. When you start the game, you are immediately transferred to the main game window, which is represented by five classic drums on the background of plants, lianas and other flora.

On the playing drums there are funny symbols, which are placed there in three rows. Each of the symbols plays its own special role in the gameplay. On the edges of the drums are numerical values ​​that show the player how many lines he has already used and which ones. At the top of the screen there is an inscription with the name of the game: “Wild Turkey”, that is ,made in the North American style. Under the game drums, there is a game control panel and several additional information boards are arranged according to the standard scheme that help the player to navigate the game: they display the amount of the current balance, the number of active lines, the value of the coin and fix all your winnings. At the bottom of the monitor is a round green button that will send you to incredible adventures that you will remember for a long time. Decoration of the slot is also at a high level, so you will not be bored at all.


As for the game process of this emulator, it does not have many differences from other slots made by NetEnt. All the same classical principle, as well as the same construction of the game. To begin with, you have to decide on the game’s initial parameters. Select the value of the game currency from 0.01 to 0.50, then decide how many lines you want to use. You can up to twenty lines. Then you have to bet. Further, with the help of a green round button, you start the rotation of the game drums and rely entirely on luck, which will allow you to fold the winning combinations. If you want to feel yourself more confident while playing, then before you start, be sure to read the table of payments.

Thus, before the very beginning of the game you will know what you can count on in this slot. The gameplay is quite rich and exciting. Despite the absence of additional modes, you will still have a great time and will be able to receive a fantastic reward. For the most rational players in the game there is an autostart mode, where you have to set the initial parameters once and the drums will rotate completely independently. The “Max Bet” key will allow you to always play at the maximum bet, without setting any additional parameters. The gameplay is very exciting, you will definitely like it, and you will be satisfied, making your choice in favor of Wild Turkey.


Wild Turkey slot  will allow everyone to relax from home problems, recharge positive energy and get a bunch of unforgettable impressions. Developers continue to translate their fantasies with animals into reality.  There is every reason to believe that belligerent turkeys will become successful and will find their audience among gambling users. Never need to be afraid, be bold and persistent, but most importantly – do not forget that there must always be a measure in everything. Adhering to simple rules, you are guaranteed a great success in this area.

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Wild turkey Reviews by Players

Kacy. Reviewed on 01.07.18
For me "Wild Turkey" is another hit from NetEnt, from conception of its characters to the rules of this slot have a unique charm to my view. Scenario of theme of this slot is a clearing in the middle of a jungle, located in Central Africa apparently, because characters in this game are turkeys personifying-native Mayas, and I know they are Maya because I saw one of them holding a wooden stick with pieces of obsidian inlaid, that is a “macuahuitl ", a weapon designed to injure or incapacitate rather than kill, needed to keep the enemy alive to invite him gently to a sacrificial ceremony, as I imagine that enemy would be another turkey, it would be a very delicious and nutritious sacrifice.

Format of this slot is the most frequently used by NetEnt, 3 x 5 reels and 20 paylines, but what I think is really remarkable in this slot is the wild symbol with dual role, first it serves as substitute for standard symbols as usual, but second, it also assumes the role of "scatter" for triggering free spins rounds, and why the latter is so wonderful for me ?, well, because in many cases I have felt that scatter symbols, instead of helping me, they appear simply to interpose by not allowing many times the natural formation of paylines during the base game. I do not know if any of you have played one of those slots full of special features, and each is triggered by some kind of different scatter, for example, some of them employ independent bonus, scatter and free spins symbols, and in each spin you can see one or more of these symbols, not only they don´t trigger most times any of those special features, but it is common to see them somewhere over the first three reels taking up a spot and just preventing the formation of a line of 3 or more of a kind, very different from what happens in "Wild Turkey", where instead of obstructing, this symbol facilitates you to complete a payline when they have not appeared the 3 symbols required for activating your free games. Additionally these wild symbols play an important role during free spins round, since every time a whole reel is wild, 2 free spins are added to your round; stacked wilds on this game are simply cool.

Personally I think this slot, rather than played, I have enjoyed it, and the best is that it has also left some few credits more in my balance.
What I disliked was the fact that the Wilds are very rare. And although 5 turkeys bring up to 40 Euro, I won just once 10 Euro. But I got myself even with the money so I am satisfied.
Clorinda. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Wild Turkey is a slot I recently had a lot playtime with. Not too sure why I chose to play this game in the past, but those screenshots of big wins must undoubtedly had their influence on me. Wild Turkey is another slot from NetEnt, and you can find the game at online casinos like Guts, Redbet, Unibet and many others

The theme is based on turkeys all dressed up in different outfits and each one of them logically has a different value when it comes to the paytable. Wild Turkey has 20-paylines and 5-reels. In addition it features wilds which also serve as scatters to unlock the free spins. The minimum bet is 20 cents, but I most often played 1 euro bets.

As far the base game goes, I must say that I agree with cocopop’s review. The wins during base game are trash most of the time. I don’t think I’ve won anything mention worthy during the past while playing this game during the base game. 50 x bet size must have been my best to this day and that says a lot, since I really have had a lot of playtime.

On the upside, the free spins do seem very easy to trigger. I never have to try very long to trigger the free spins. So either I’m lucky or they are just easy to trigger. You need 3, 4 or 5 wilds to win respectively 15, 30 or 60 free spins.

I never had more than 3 wilds appearing though. The main advantage of the free spins is that there are stacked wilds, which means that in the best case scenario you can get 5 reels full of wilds. And you can only imagine what that means. A super hit!

I never got that close though. In addition of a stacked wild appears fully on a reel you get 2 additional free spins, and this does happen a lot. I’ve had a couple wins of around 150 euros with just one euro bets thanks to a couple of wilds. Most often I finish the free spins with just 20 x bet size wins, which seems to be the avg. for most NetEnt games.
Sometimes too boring to play since there is too little potential during base game. You can’t really win big there, apart from the free spins.
Venessa. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Wild Turkey video slot is from Netent provider and of course they are my favorite video games. I really don't know why I didn't pay any attention on this game or I always forget to play it when I visit some of the Netent casinos. The reason why I said that, because I played this video slot in few casinos offered as a free spins and three times in a row, whenever I play this game I always hit the free spins feature, so maybe its a sign that I should play this game, but it seems I always forget it, but next time I am sure this game will be first to play in some of the casinos, when I deposit.

So this video slot is with 5 reels and has 20 paylines, which the minimum bet can take from 0.20 euros. The theme about this video slot is about the Turkeys living in the ancient time and I really like the graphics of this game, just because it is interesting slot. The Wild in this game is Turkey Totem feature which and it will make any winning combination with other symbols because its substitutes all the other symbols, so that way you have winning combination. The Totem feature also acts a scatter so triggering three of them will award you with 15 free spins, getting 4 of them will give you 30 free spins and 5 of them will award you with 60 free spins, which I never triggered them, but hoping to see them soon. What I like about this game, the free spins feature, when you played them the Wild symbols became stacked. So it will really boost your balance, well that depends what are the other symbols on the reels. But when that stacked wild, well if you triggered it, when she covers all the reel then you will get plus 2 free spins.

So far I didn't have the chance to trigger those 60 free spins but hoping to do that in the future, because I am planning to play this game so will see how it will reward me. I do recommend this slot, just because I think it has potential of solid winnings. Good Luck!

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