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wild spirit Reviews by Players

Eleanore. Reviewed on 04.07.18

Wild spirit it is playtech video slot, which not so old to say about bad graphic, because here graphic and sounds looks really great, like any in any other new playtech games, this guys know how to create good looking game i think.

Wild spirit has 20 paylines, and there is involved wilds, best payout will be for 5 of a kind of it, i play this game a lot and best i had it is 3 wilds only, so i can guess that hit 5 wilds not easy job. Scatters on this game almost useless, as did not trigger anything, just pay some money, for 5 scatters it is x 100 and i glad to inform that hit 5 scatters once at 1$ bet, 100$ payout looks not so bad, yeah?

To trigger free spins on this game player first need to play bonus, by getting on reels 1+5 bonus symbols. Here i play stupid pick bonus, and it determines number of free spins and multiplier, best i do was 21 free spins with x 4 multiplier, payout for this free spins was a bit less than x 100, which is surprisingly low to be honest. But my best hit on this game was after 10 free spins with x 6 multiplier, i won around x 300 total bet because hit 5 of a kind couple of times, and this boost me to this nice win. I never had bad streaks on this game, usually feature triggered around once in 100 spins, and i think we can say that feature triggered quite often, but then all depends on picks, because few times i had 8 free spins with x 2 multiplier, which is almost worse scenario for bonus game, max is 27 free spins with x 8 multiplier, but i never was even close to this hit.

Medium variance interesting slot from playtech, i am of course will play it again, big wins possible in free spins if it has good multiplier. Suggest to try this game to you.
Wild spirit video slot is another game which was presented to us by playtech, and i can say that i like it, it is not based on any movie or comics, and does not have any jackpots, so sometimes i think every gambler will want to play this slot, especially those who tired from their huge selection of marvel slots.

Theme is old west, or how this be on English, ah, just remember, wild west of course. So if you like everything with cowboys and Indians, i am not very familiar with it, but for example at dead or alive i love the theme of wild west, so wild spirit game also can some like from me for such theme.

Wild spirit has 20 pay lines, and there is nothing special in the base game. Everything is just regular, but at least this game has wilds, which means that you can try to hit 5 of them and grap some nice money. This is not easiest job, and like i said in my another review i never hit 5 wilds, but i am pretty sure that this is possible, and many people already hit it. This is just unlucky me, who can not get simple 5 wilds on playtech xd At least this game has bonus game, which followed by free spins, to get it you need bonus symbols on reel 1 and 5, and like many times for such triggering, i am many times become mad from it. It can appear 10 times on first, but does not come on last, then reverse and 20 times on last, but not on first. This is sick, and i am did not play this slot a lot for this, but when you hit it, you can managed to get 27 free spins at x 8 multiplier, which is super i believe. My best win on this slot is something like 100 x total bet , and i think it is nice result.

Good old slot, sometimes boring, but can shoot to you with nice win in free spins.
Ashley Amidon. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Ever since my kiddy days, I have always enjoyed watching cowboy movies and tv shows. John Wayne was my number 1 favourite hero then, before Clint Eastwood came along and took over the number 1 spot. Oh-boy...Clint Eastwood was simply the best! I simply adore all his western movies. Remember 'Coffin For A Gunfighter'? That was his first western blockbuster, way back in the 1970s or 1980s! And it was even better than the great 'High Noon' movie. Ahhh...those boyish days of playing cowboys and Red Indians with my kiddy friends...have made a comeback for me now...playing Wild Spirit! The cowboys are all probably dead by now but the Red Indians are still around...along with their 'squaws' too! Hehehe.

Wild Spirit is a 20-paylines 5-reels slot game from Playtech, featuring a Red Indian Chieftain and a beautiful feminine 'Squaw' for the main characters. Other symbols include the usual 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, plus two more symbols of a drum and an eagle. A Horse is the wild symbol, paying 5000x the line bet for 5-of-a-kind, whilst a Squaw (Red Indian woman, if you don't know) is the scatter symbol, paying 100x the total bet for 5-of-a-kind. Both top payouts are only half the usual of 10,000x and 200x respectively, so really big wins may seem harder to get, but this isn't really so, but we'll come back to that a little later on. A Red Indian Chieftain is the bonus symbol, whereby whenever it appears anywhere on reel 1 and reel 5 at the same time, a payout of 5x the total bet is awarded, followed by a Bonus feature game.

In this Bonus game, you are faced with 20 symbols to pick from, one at a time, each symbol carrying either a spin number, a 2x win multiplier, a Magic symbol (which automatically opens 3 winning symbols) or an Evil symbol, which ends the selection. The better picks would start off with getting the 2x win multipliers early, thereby ensuring a higher total win multiplier for the free spins, should the evil symbol be picked out next. The maximum possible award is 27 free spins with 8x win multiplier, which is pretty good, and more 8 free spins can be won with every 2 more Chieftains appearing! The 8x win multiplier may not be as powerful as the 15x win multiplier of some games, and is just below the 10x multiplier of some others, but 27 free spins is a big plus point, where the others only offer 20 or less free spins at their maximum win multiplier. Nevertheless, the biggest single win can only be achieved with the highest win multiplier, but even with this 8x, a 5-wilds win, for example, would pay out 5000x line bet x8 win! A $1 total bet ($0.05 per line bet), would pay out a lovely $2000! Not that big a win but certainly a satisfactory one!

I enjoyed playing Wild Spirit even years later because of the satisfactory wins achievable from this game, even though I have not struck any worthwhile big wins as yet. The possibility and the probability is always there for the lucky player, but if you are not playing it, there's just no hope of getting it! Wild Spirit is an enjoyable and entertaining game to play, until such a time when you start longing for bigger wins or more free feature games. ;)
Mitsuko. Reviewed on 28.09.18
I notice some similarities between Wild Spirit and one of my favourite Playtech slot, Panther Moon though this latter slot’s perfect graphics are very hard to surpass but it doesn’t mean Wild Spirit wouldn’t possess nice visual qualities. The game leads us to the American Indian culture and illustrates it with some nicely drawn characters like Indian Chief, tribal drum, regal bald eagle and decorated cards. Overall, it has very nice look with temperate style and the creators did well with not trying to overdone it.

On 20-paylines, the slot offers the well-known and expected attributes, features like free spins, wild, scatter. The White Horse (Wild) gives out the best that a 5 of a kind win could present here with 5000 times of line bet pay out but doesn’t add anything to the winnings created with it. The young Indian Girl acts as a scatter and can reward up to x100 of total stake. Chief takes the responsibility to activate free spins if it appears on the first and last reels in a spin and in this occasions a 5 times of total bet win is the instant prize before a little bonus game preceded the extra spins. In the bonus some more plus can be gained to increase the winning amount of free spins. We can see 20 Indian signs and symbols and have to pick from them until Evil symbol is selected. There are such 2 unwanted figures but to balance it 2 Magic icons are among the others and if it’s picked it automatically selects 3 ‘good’ signs out of the remaining ones. More free spins and multipliers can be won and in the best case scenario the player can move on with 27 free spins at x8 multiplier that would allure some big prizes from the next stage.
(By the way, I like this bonus image where the signs are on strung leather while an old Indian’s peacefully sitting next to the fire and calmly smoking his calumet.)

To be honest, I haven’t had any real noticeable run on this slot. No big losses, terrible losing streaks and unfortunately no high prize, jaw-dropping winnings and I have to say I don’t feel a big chance for this latter at Wild Spirit, but I’m still loving to play with this. I simply appreciate its purity and the nice, relaxing mood it creates. I think this game can give some refreshing moments but only those who can esteem beautiful graphics as the main strength of the slot.

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