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wild blood Reviews by Players

Demetra. Reviewed on 03.07.18
Wild Blood powered by Play n Go reminds me of other vampire based video slot, we all know which game I am talking about, aren't we? Yes, Immortal Romance (by Microgaming). The guy with the dark half long hair looks just like the same guy from the Immortal Romance. Other characters are also pretty similar with the characters from Immortal Romance.

I've played Immortal Romance a few times (probably more than 20 times) and I must say that Wild Blood not as bad as I thought, is this game a knock off? Well I think so but Immortal Romance is also the same.
Play n Go has a lot of great games and Wild Blood is one of them.
I've played this game twice in the last week and as always, the first time always brings you luck.

Wild Blood is available at Casinoeuro and here I played the game for the first time, played with the lowest bet (15 lines and 1 cent per line).
Within 10 minutes I won the bonus round by collecting 3 test tubes containing blood that appeared on the uneven number reels (1, 3 and 5).

In the bonus round you have to choose flasks for prizes, I could only choose 4 because the fifth flask went black and explode! I won over 300 credits and 5 free spins with 2 x multiplier, it sounds not much and unfortunately it was indeed not much. A total of 420 credits (4 euro and 20 cents) was the winning from the bonus round.

Not long after I won another bonus round and this time I was able to collect the same amount of flasks but no bonus money, just free spins with a multiplier of 4 times :)

In the end of the bonus round I won a nice winning of more than 200 times bet.
After winning that kinda money I quit the game and went playing other video slot.
Yesterday I've tried Wild Blood once more but I've pressed the spin button over 150 times and no win or bonus round at all.

Tomorrow I will try this game one more time and I hope I will win another big win :) fingers crossed.

Wild Blood is a good game and I will keep playing this game.
Recommend this casino to other player? Hell yeah!
As I do not expect to play too often at very good slots, the same I do not expect to have to do too frequent with many weak slots. But the slot “Wild Blood” simply pissed me off in the true meaning of the word. Perhaps there will be players here to give a better rating to this slot, but as far as I am concerned, it barely deserves attention. This game can be found in Play’n’Go casinos and has only 15 lines. I have played here before slots having 15 lines, but their quality was much better than that of this game.

The theme of the slot wants to transpose into game a vampire story. When I saw this I was angry for the first time. For those readers who do not know, I was born in the real city of Dracula, and every time when I read a story online about vampires (having for sure some connection with Dracula) I am blowing up. The second time I got cheesed off here was after the first 50 spins when I saw that except for 2-3 spins when I had 2 Scatters, from the other spins I had no winning combinations.(Later the wins became a more frequent, but I did not lost the initial anger). A third major dissatisfaction was produced by the low quality of the graphics. All (minor) symbols are full of blood and when you see the glass half full of blood, this makes you feel very bad. And in addition all the people here (major symbols) lick their mouth after taking a good mouthful of blood!

To have a somewhat bigger win here you need to play much. On rare occasions a central Wild expands. Only if you have a second Wild on the other reels (which happens almost “never” and "jamais") you will win something (here above in the screen shot you can see the only time I had this arrangement in 200 spins). All the same, almost never you will have those 5 respins promised by a particular arrangement of some special 3 symbols on the screen (a Wild framed by 2 different “medals”). And last but not least, to enter the Bonus Game is just as difficult. It is like when all the nature is against you when you play here.

For all these reasons (bad theme, weak graphics, small wins, rare features) this slot receives only an average bad rating from me.
Noble. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I believe that all softwares should have at least one vampire themed slot because it can be executed in an interesting way, and I think it's a popular theme overall. I've been eager to try this game for a while, but somehow always forgot about it. But lately I've been playing Play'n Go games a lot, and this is one of the games I explored this month.

It took me a while to get adjusted to the design for this game, because it is quite dark but the symbols are really bright, but after some time I got used to it and liked the looks. It is a 15 payline slot and minimum bets are 0.15€ per spin, and I don't play this game with higher bets.

This game has scatter symbols, but you only get paid for them, yet there are two bonus rounds, one of them are respins and the other is bonus round where you can get free spins. In my experience the bonus round is much easier to trigger, it takes 3 vial symbols, then you get to pick me bonus, where the vails hold both free spin and coin winnings, the game ends when there's an empty vail. Free spins multiplier is 2x, my best achievement so far has been 45 coin win with 19 free spins. That being said, I don't really think this game is capable to pay huge winnings. Although there is wild symbol and if it is on middle reel, it expands, most of the time when I get free spins, almost all of them are empty.Then there are also respins, but I must say I have never got them, I think they are incredibly hard to get, because you need the wild on 3rd reel altogether with two specific symbols.

Overall I do like this game but I wouldn't play it much, just because I don't have luck with it and so far it hasn't given me decent winnings. I think that re-spins can pay nicely, but although I have spent decent time with this game, I just can't get them.

Design is good, the bonus round is fun, but at the same time I miss the fact that you can't get free spins with scatters, because there have been times, when I pick a vail that doesn't hold free spins and then I end up with small coin win, therefore my biggest win on this game hasn't exceeded 50x bet. Also I never get scatters in the free spins, but for 2+ scatters the multiplier increases, but I haven't got that either. I might play this game sometime, but it won't become one of my favorites.
Free spins feature is very difficult to trigger and only awards 5 re-spins. Not good enough in my opinion. Annoying background sound during each win. Looks too much like a copy of Immortal Romance if we take the game play out the equation.
Lucila. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Sometimes when you play a video slot you just can’t help the feeling that the game is somehow too much of a copycat compared with another game. I think this goes for Wild Blood from software provider Play N Go as well. Although the format of this video slot is extremely different to Immortal Romance, I’m sure Play N Go tried to profit from the popularity of the legendary Immortal Romance.

Let’s face it, does the lady in red and the vampire guy in blue not look very similar to Sarah and Troy? I think so, I see The Runner in the review below me thinks so as well, and I’m pretty sure others feel the same way as well. It’s easy though to judge a book by its cover without giving it a read.

I did play this slot like a year ago though with bets of 1.50 euros. I was up, way up during that day and felt like experimenting. Wild Blood offers 15 paylines and 5 reels, and the minimum bet is only 15 cent. So from that perspective it’s cheaper than Immortal Romance.

While playing this game I got extremely bored. Not much was happening and the annoying background sound even had to be switched off, since it was too much of an irritation. The manly vampire is the wild symbol in this game and can expand if it ends up on reel 3.

In addition, Wild Blood also has bonus symbols and scatters. Though the scatters are no use in Wild Blood because they only award a coin prize, and can’t even unlock the free spins feature. To unlock the free spins feature, you need to have a wild symbol on reel 3 and that star type of symbol on reels 2 and 4.

You then get 5 re-spins with reel 3 completely wild and a 2x multiplier. The scatters do increase the multiplier though if another 2 appear during free spins all the way up to 5x multiplier.

If you get those stars on reels 2 and 4 again, then you get two extra re-spins. The feature simply offers too little, especially if you take into consideration how difficult it is to trigger the feature. I only won 20x bet size during this feature.

The bonus game can be triggered by getting 3 potion symbols. I never succeeded in doing this though and left while breaking even thanks to a 80x bet sized win during base game. I never played this game again since, simply because it doesn’t seem to have too much to offer.

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