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white king Reviews by Players

Rebecka. Reviewed on 04.07.18
Pros: Recently when I searched after some new challenges I saw this slot at a multi-platform casino and it was a real surprise when I realized that this is actually a Playtech slot (maybe it can be explained by the fact that this slot is not available to play at my most frequently visited casinos, which is a big surprise and I don’t know why). So when I finally started to play with it I was very impressed by how this slot looks like and I think this game has one of the most captivating interfaces that I have used lately. First and foremost the graphics are really awesome, the symbols are beautiful, crystal clear and very detailed and got very properly chosen color tints and fortunately other pictorial elements really take this appearance to another level. The background image is fantastic as it illustrates blue sky, green meadow and snowy mountain tops and I still don’t really know how the decorative motives on the game buttons and top of the reel area how fits to this animal themed slot but definitely help the overall visual effects to be more attractive and impressive. I’m really satisfied with the appearance of the game and this is as noble as the illustrated animals and not really could mention anything here that I wouldn’t find amazing.

The slot offers 40-paylines to bet on but the game features and qualities are not the best that I have ever met with. 5 Lion King characters on an active payline would mean the best line win is achieved but it’s just worth only 1000 times of line bet which is not too generous. If it doesn’t come in enough numbers it also can do some favor as this icon also serves the game as Wild and though it doesn’t possess any power to boost wins with providing multiplier value or pay by itself at least it appears on the reels in stacked format. Fortunately it can happen that not just one such reel full of Wilds turns up on the screen and if they are the first two reels that’s quite a good and promising situation. It’s especially true if it happens during free games where the chance for this is even higher. 3 Scatter symbols on the middle reels activate 5 free games but that extra segment doesn’t bring any further add-on's except the mentioned increased appearing frequency of Wild.

I feel that the game segment doesn’t offers enough and I think it must have more feature-rich mentality. I don’t accuse of the game of being bad paying because in this form how the game operates now it still can surprise us some good wins I just imagine how this game get close to be perfect if a real good rewarding system and capability would have assigned to it. For me this slot is a very pleasant surprise and almost always a very enjoyable game to play with. I suppose White King has such high impact on me that I can forgive it to have some not so great qualities but I just simply became a huge fan of this game and especially of its appearance.
Cons: The game takes some time to get going and I have to spend a bit more than I expect. The pays are also a bit small and only wilds make it worth your time. Also be careful when double tapping on this game, it is a bit pricey and take your cash in no time. Over all a very beautiful game with great potential and pays. My rating 8 out of 10.
Kurt. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Pros: I played this game made by Playtech first time in William hill casino most of time. Graphics in this game is very nice to eyes, all is good matched to climate a'la something as well known by some of us as Lion King film. For me it was very sentimental cinema film in past decades, but here the lion is white.

Ok so when it goes to game, there is 40 pay lines and 5 reels. There is 3 scatters appears only in 2 3 4 reels. You them all three to hit free spins bonus round called Mystery night or something like that, I'm sorry but don't remember because I has got only 2 - 3 times at all this feature in which is only 5 spins (!) and you must wait so long for this so better is to forget about it. It is worst thing of the game I think, bonus scatters are interfere only to collect some good from lines.

Good thing in this game are wilds. There are everywhere and hitting 5 of them is possible. In mystery night when you get free spins wilds are more often. You can use turbo mode if you want play faster, it is for you. This game is worth trying and has big potential of winning because of stacked wilds. My best hit there was something about 50 Euro at minimum stake 40c at William Hill casino I think. Many times I played this game for free spins and sometimes got money from that. I think this game as near to be perfect and it can be with some little changes.
Cons: - The pays are bit too small and only wilds are what is worth of playing.
- Free spins are too hard to hit, and even if you hit em there is only 5 free games.
Karolyn. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Pros: White King is a new game and I am very happy to be the first one writing about it. I usually play it on Boyles and I absolutely love it. Then I started playing the game I started with less lines and was always getting small wins, but when I put it back to max lines I started getting some serious pays. My best line hit was around €50 on minimum bet. I got five lions a few times and they were all just a bit away from filling up the reels.

The graphics is also very good and is the main attraction of this game. I play a lot of games and not many are as beautiful as this one. I spend a lot of time playing this game and it is very enjoyable. The other epic thing is the wilds. They are all stacked and you can really win big. In the free spins the wilds come out much more and give you a chance for a massive win.

There is only one feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. You are given 5 free spins with more wilds. I played this feature only three times and on every single one of them made more than 75x.

The game has a turbo mode and if you are not a fan of double tapping then give this a try. I personally tried it and did not manage to win more, but on a double tap got the feature, so give that a try too.

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