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what on earth Reviews by Players

Evia. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Looking at its name, What on Earth, I was ready some great playing experience in alien, space theme and I conjectured some kind of exceptional visual effects and tempting graphics but I was disappointed because this game has one of the worst graphics that I’ve seen at any Microgaming products. The symbols are very childish, not too attractive and for me some of them are simply uncategorized. Adding to this the out of date background sound (like the most simplest video game had in the second half of the 80’s), the whole appearance not just didn’t entertain me but while playing with it a little started to become annoying.

On the second spin I had a $95 win for my $1.35 bet and despite all of my first negative impresses I kept playing because the wins don’t depend on how the slot looks like and anyway the little profit I made here gave some room to maneuver.

This session lasted circa 35 mins. and had some entry to bonuses. Interesting, though the game has no free spin feature it works with 3 scatters and all of them has the ability to trigger the bonus game. So in bonus I had to pick 1 alien space ship out of five that determined the type of bonus game. It could be a single multiplier win (that was my reward at the beginning when I won 70 times of total number of staked coins), Beam’em Up bonus when the space shift’s beam of rays absorbed something from Earth that has multiplier value from x3 up to x200, or Beam’em Up Contest when the same happened than at the other bonus except this time the aliens competed each other or Destination bonus with Globe symbol where had to choose one destination (London, Cairo, Tokyo, NY) just for variety’s sake the space shift’s beam of rays absorbed something from Earth. At least here as the destination changed the background image and sound followed it and showed for example pagodas in the Tokyo scene or played some Arab music in the Cairo part.

They really were very one dimensional bonuses without enjoyable or interesting moments. Just to be mentioned the What on Earth emblem is the Wild, though only substitute just 2 other symbol and the best paying participant (x7500).

I had to realize this slot game is far, far away to entertain me or be attractive me. I think Microgaming team has already lost me when they dreamed such type of graphics for their game. Sorry to say that but I found here nothing that can give me any innovative thing or forced me to think about playing with What on Earth again.
Karon. Reviewed on 27.09.18
What on Earth is an extraordinary paying slot I really love! Sure it can be just holding 9 paylines and paying not only returned bets & paying for high symbols alone but the bonus can climb to heaven to see angels dance! I say this because the bonus is a great way into a massive payout!!!

The main purpose to get the bonus game can come from any ships, 3 of them beside each other to trigger the feature. It doesn't matter where they are as long as they same in the same campground to roast a fiery bonus with marshmallows. That means 3 ships "Of the same colour" on reels 2, 3, and 4 altogether or even on reels 3, 4 and 5 can trigger the bonus. The bonus is really like Monsters in the closet for those of you would have entered the bonus game for 3 keys only I think Monster's in the Closet took What on Earth's idea as it's own. What on Earth should get it back in a duel hehehe! The bonus can be extraordinary because your picks can have the potential to reach "skies the limit" payout that makes a building look like crackers in hot soup!

While I'm happy to say this, in one encounter with a Globe under the influence of $0.72 triggering bet for my first pick inside the bonus I chose to go to New York where I picked the purple looking alien I was able to beam up the Statue of Liberty!!! Do you know how much that's worth!?!?!? Finding the Statue of Liberty is worth a colossal 400x on my $0.72!!!!! I was wiping my face from top to bottom repeatedly trying to accept that change for $288!!!!! I felt very dehydrated after that win and would like to find another 400x win for a much larger bet. Were talking $2.25 triggering bet if I can repeat my history again! Oh Baby $900!!!

To finish off I believe What on Earth can expect a 9.8 out of 10!

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