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Warlords: crystals of power

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Gambling machines usually develop in the vector of complication. The graphics become more refined, the plot becomes overgrown with details, the rules do not fit on one screen for a long time. The Swedish company NetEnt is one of the engines for the evolution of the slots. This is a very powerful motor. Warlords – Crystals of Power goes in full accordance with the trend and offers the player to participate in the creation of a fantasy universe. There are enough adventures for long hours of play, and the generosity of bonuses is fantastic.


A short animation 3D movie tells the whole story. In the center of the plot are 3 soldiers of different races: Samurai, Barbarian, and Archer. Everyone has it’s own weapon and fighting style.  All of them also have a companion: a wolf, a boar, a panther, and everyone owns their own Crystal of Power. What will happen when warriors converge on the battlefield? Fans of the Misty Forest slot machine will probably notice some similarities, but be sure, the plot of the presented video slot is original and extremely fascinating.


The design of the 5-reel Warlords gaming machine is made in accordance with the latest fashion trends. This means that it is optimally adapted for playing in any conditions. The opening video promises ultra-realistic 3D graphics. The animation is beautiful, the work of artists is amazing.

NetEnt gaming machines have a specific control panel with a central round start button and a symmetrical layout of the elements. On the sides of the main button are Autoplay and Max Bet buttons. The autoplay can be flexibly adjusted to the number of rotations and to the stop event (winning ceiling, balance limit). On the right, with the + and – keys, the coin value is adjusted. On the left, the number of coins per line (Level) is determined in exactly the same way. The Warlords slot machine has 30 lines, and all of them are fixed.


Since there are three main characters in the Warlords gaming machine, their full-length images are elder symbols. They  can fully occupy the drum, which makes the maximum win very significant. They are estimated, however, in different ways. In the main game there are two kinds of wilds. One habitual, which replaces the remaining images and creates their own combinations, and the second is a group of 3, according to the number of characters, random wild symbols. They do not fall out  too often. Specialization of the war distinguishes their form.

Bonus Games

The bonus round begins with the falling out of two scatterers of one of the three kinds on the drums 2, 3, 4. This is not the game itself, but its prelude. Then one re-spin is provided, during which only the scatterers are carried. If at least one more scatter falls out, the bonus game begins. Often the 3rd required scatter symbol does not appear, then the Final Chance is given.

Last Chance

This is a consolation prize in the form of a random instant bonus in the amount of 3 to 100 bets.


Scatterers should only be of one kind. Sometimes, however, it does happen  that they are different, and then everything is decided in a mini-round Battle.

When the scatters turn out to be of different types, a battle takes place between the heroes. Victory is determined randomly. As a result, all scatter symbols become homogeneous, and one of three variants of the bonus game is possible.

Free-backs Samurai

This is 5 free moves, during which the previously dropped out scatters  turn into frozen wild symbols.

Free-backs Archers

7 bonus rotations, in which each new scatter increases the multiplayer win. The maximum is X5.

Free-backs Barbarian

9 basic prize moves, to which 3 is added each time a new scatter falls out.


The Warlord slot machine was expected for a long time, and it fully met the aspirations of the fans of Net Entertainment. A saturated plot, first-class design, dynamic gameplay and a huge set of bonuses create a rare atmosphere of involvement.

There are three types of bonus games, and each with its own characteristics: they are intriguing and extremely effective. Additional rounds are used as a basis for free-backs with a variety of functions.

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Warlords: crystals of power Reviews by Players

Lily Pass. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Warlords: Crystals of Power is a Net Entertainment slot with 5 reels and 30 paylines. The story centers on the 3 remaining rulers: The Barbarian, The Priestess and The Samurai. They battle each other to become the ultimate ruler and capture everything for themselves. With a medieval theme, it has brilliant graphics, superb animations.

Each of the rulers appear stacked on the reels. Their respective masks and animals appear as single on the reels. This include warthogs, wolves and a panther. All of the single symbols are the low paying symbols and the ruler themselves are the high paying symbols.

The wild symbol comes in form of a gold square with crystals in the middle that represent each rules. The crystals are red, blue and green in color. Not only does the wild substitute for everything except scatter, but the wild features in an overlay feature as well as barbarian hammer feature and the priestess arrow feature. The 3 features that include the wild symbols can be triggered on any spin, but don’t get excited, these do not happen often. Maybe every 50 or 75 spins, but when it happens it can create some generous wins.

The game has 3 free spins features with 3 scatters representing the free spins feature according to each ruler. When 2 scatters of different color appear then you enter the re-spin feature which is the battle between the relevant rulers based on the color of the scatter. You get the barbarian free spins for the blue scatter, the green scatter awards the priestess free spins and red scatter awards the samurai free spins feature.

My best feature that I always choose when it gets triggered are the samurai feature. I once had 7 wilds sticky on the screen before I started the feature with a bet of $0.30 I ended winnings $74 after 5 free spins which was pretty impressive. The arrow feature is okay with an increasing multiplier, but the barbarian free spins is the worst, no multipliers or sticky wilds just extra spins for every scatter appearing on the reels. I got 15 free spins and won $0.80 with $0.30 bet.

I must admit the game payout is a bit poor and you do not win often. You mostly get combos with low paying symbols. The keyword for this game is "Patience".
Leandra Tarrance. Reviewed on 30.06.18
“Warlords: Crystals of Power” is an action-packed video slot based on epic battles in which three glorious warriors face each other. This engaging slot is the new game released by “NetEnt” during the current month of November.

Its theme features a samurai, an amazon, and a barbarian, and each one has its own wild beast as pet, likewise, each one has its own round of free spins, which finally turns out to be the real center of attraction of this slot thanks to the decent winning potential of each one of the three different rounds.

During free spins each additional scatter that appears on the reels can grant us +3 extra free spins, +1 wins multiplier, or become a sticky wild for the rest of the round, all that depending on which warrior is commanding our reels.

It may also happen that during the base game each of the warriors deposits some wilds on the reels; a great feature as well since more wild symbols are always welcome.

Most notable moments during my first sessions with this slot include a free spins round extended up to 47 turns with the barbarian warrior that ended with wins close to 67x my total bet, and also a round of free spins with the amazon warrior that ended with an accumulated multiplier of 5x and with profits of almost 53x my total bet.

This video slot is considered to be a medium-high variance game, and its theoretical RTP is 96.89% and the feeling that “Warlords: Crystals of Power” has left me is that these numbers actually seem to become real as we go through our session.

Another advantage I find in this slot is that the player must pay only 15 credits for 30 pay lines for each spin, which makes it a perfect game also for low rollers.

I barely know this slot and I already feel that I'm growing fond of it, mainly because my first pair of sessions have ended with gains, modest sums, but profits at the end.

I think this new NetEnt slot deserves an opportunity, you'll certainly have some fun and it's even possible that you can get to savor the sweet taste of victory with it.
Vernell. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Warlords - Crystals of Power is the newest video slot created by NetEnt software company. This game has 5 reels and 30 pay lines. Here you will meet many warriors and join their battles. The graphics and sounds are great, like as I expected from NetEnt provider.

The game has 3 different scatter symbols with each scatter symbol having a free spins game associated with it. The blue scatter with Barbarian free spins, the green with the Priestess free spins and the last one – red with the Samurai free spins. Each for these free spins feature has set different number of free spins. For first feature triggered you get a minimum of 9 free spins, for second 7 free spins and for the last one 5 free spins. During features additional scatter symbols appearing on the reels will activate a feature depending on the free spins game:
- in barbarian free spins only warrior and animal symbols are present and a new scatter on the reels adds 3 extra free spins.
- in priestess free spins additional scatter increase a multiplier x1 for each scatter symbol
- in samurai free spins scatter symbol becomes a sticky wild for the duration free spins

Beside free spins you can also get some respins but I do not like them at all; because I never got anything from them. Winnings during base game were ok, but for me it was nothing special. I expected bigger payouts when I got 3 wild symbols on some paylines. I guess I was playing Dead or alive too much and now I expected good payouts at any NetEnt game. Hehe. Otherwise I think this game is good, maybe I will play it sometimes when my balance will be on higher amount of money. But I don't think I will play it at the beginning in any of my gameplay session. It is not so great as I expected. My ratio 6 stars.
Dannie. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Warlords: Crystal of Power is a video slot game from NetEnt. This is a newer game from this provider so I have played it only once not long ago. The soundtrack of this slot is very powerful, even too powerful. Especially when I am landing 5 of a kind wins and then I see that the win was not higher than 5 x bet. In general all the wins are like that in this game. They come on regular basis but they are not so huge. This can be good at times especially I realized that I will play this slot in the future when I will have colossal wagering requirements.

Warlords: Crystal of Power is a 5 reels and 30 pay lines video slot game. There are 3 different scatters in this game and they are the hammer, the arrow and the sword. They are all in different colors so the green one rewards the Priestess free spins feature, the red one award the Samurai free spins feature and the blue one awards the Barbarian free spins feature. I must say that these features are really difficult to activate. Even though I had a really long session I only managed to activate the Samurai free spins feature. I got only 5 free spins and at the end I won only 40 euros. This was not bad but still I was expecting more. The game itself seems complex at first but once you start playing you get used to it. I mean the game play is really nice but I was expecting some better wins.

Warlords: Crystal of Power is a nice game that is worth trying. Even though I did not have a very nice session the first time I played the slot I know that I will play it again because I liked the theme of the game and it seems that the features have a huge potential to pay.

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