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Viking’s treasure

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The Viking’s Treasure slot machine from the manufacturer Net Entertainment was created in order to bring pleasure and a lot of positive emotions to its users. This game slot will help you plunge into the world of unforgettable adventures and see in person how many years ago people lived in Scandinavia.


Due to the fact that these people did not have the opportunity to engage in cattle breeding and farming, they were forced to constantly travel through the cold seas to somehow survive. Therefore, this tribe is considered the most severe and courageous in history. Although we should not forget about the conditions in which the ancient warriors, heroes of the Sparta gaming machine, were absorbed. This way of life tempers the spirit and brings up character. Vikings, returning home, brought with them a lot of trunks with gold and jewels. The brave people had no fears and because of that they conquered many lands. At Viking’s Treasure slot, you will have to be in the role of one of the brave characters and go along with your brothers for dangerous and risky adventures.

After the law on the prohibition of gambling was issued and all the ground gambling halls were closed, the gambling business was forced to change the real residence permit to a virtual one. This is what has been a huge step forward in the field of gambling. Now every player can come home after a hard working day, sit comfortably in his chair and enjoy playing his favorite emulator. If you previously needed to find a place for such a holiday, now the excitement comes to you at any convenient time. Both players and manufacturers received a lot of additional opportunities, which can not but rejoice both sides.


The slot machine is executed in a rather interesting stylization, which fully corresponds to the proposed topic. An elegant graphic design, high-quality drawing of all the parts, the gripping elements of animation and addictive gameplay will allow you, without any special effort, to plunge headlong into the world of gambling entertainment. Running the emulator, you immediately find yourself on the main game window, which is represented by five classic drums with beautiful symbols. In total, two windows are provided, the first is the main one, and the second is a table with combinations, symbols and corresponding payments. On both sides of the drums there are colorful numerical values ​​that tell the player how many play lines are already involved.

Under the standard set of drums there is an inscription placed with the name of the game slot: “Viking’s Treasure”. At the bottom of the screen is the game control panel, which allows you to choose the value of the coin, the number of active lines and the amount of bets. There are also several information panels that display the amount of credits and fix your winnings. The background of the game is the ice field, which makes it possible to feel the severe Scandinavian climate to a greater extent. In short, the designers of Net Entertainment have created a high-quality product.


As for the game process itself, it is quite fascinating and diverse, the player will have a lot of things to do. In order to start the game, you will have to decide on the initial parameters: select the value of the coin from 0.02 to 0.50, the number of active lines, but not more than fifteen, as well as select the number of bets. After determining all the parameters, start the rotation of the reels and wait for the combinations to fall out. In order to better navigate the game, you must first familiarize yourself with the table of winning combinations and the corresponding payout ratios. Despite the fact that the emulator does not provide additional bonus modes, the game is still quite interesting, dynamic and profitable. You will definitely be satisfied, because the development team has put maximum efforts into this device.


The Viking’s Treasure slot machine will present many incredible impressions and unforgettable emotions to all users. So do not forget that fortune prefers to reward only the most confident and courageous players.

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Viking’s treasure Reviews by Players

Kelli Kloster. Reviewed on 01.07.18

This is another visual disappointment for me by NetEnt and this game is just another example how a historic, adventure themed video slot doesn’t bring its full graphical capacity. Somehow, I don’t really find any attractive pictorial elements in the appearance of Viking’s Treasure and it’s especially strange and unusual from a NetEnt product. The graphics are not high quality but more importantly the used symbols don’t really express too much imagination or great designing work and they’re absolutely not pleasure to the eye. I understand the creators wanted to be authentic with the font styles attached to the letter characters but they’re not too nice and I don’t think they would be fit too well to other pictograms (this same also can be said about the icon which illustrate a hand holding treasures), the Viking Woman symbol is a terrible looking one and bad graphical work and even if the others like helmet, shield, axe, Viking ship, Viking warrior characters are OK, but together they don’t really represent such kind of average NetEnt visual quality what all we like and that’s why I said this whole interface is not a likeable one and it surprises me that NetEnt gave its name to this kind of unimpressive graphic artwork.

The game segment of this 15-payline slot is not too complicated but possesses very good qualities. The best paying Viking symbol can be worth up to 10.000 coins in the case of a full win with it and it also works for the game as Wild and has the power to double the value of winning combinations. Scatter is the other main symbol that owns very great qualities as it not just triggers 15 free games where all wins are counted by tripled value after 3 of them become visible anywhere on the screen but also has a very respectable award of 500 times of total bet if 5 such emblem land on the reels at the end of a spin.

I’m not really a fan of the idea that only the hyper, giga features can make a video slot very profitable and entertaining and always thought if a product has good qualities and more importantly fair game settings it also can provide lot of thrilling and enjoyable moments while the players can collect some nice winnings and I think this slot possesses these kind of properties though I have a little concern about its game settings. The winning tendency and their average payouts are quite good and even if the free spins could be triggered more often but it’s worth waiting for it because sometimes it tends to surprise us with some bigger wins. As usual my total bet is around €1.25 at this game too and once when the feature was re-triggered and I got about cumulative 25 free spins I could pocket almost €220 at the end of the extra and generally an ordinary session here brings back no less than x 40-x 65 of total bet.

As you can see there’s absolutely nothing problem with the working system and paying abilities of the game and I really like that segment of the game and I believe this slot got all the tools what we can wish from basically a mini-game and this is an appropriate product to chase our luck in hoping to win any noticeably amount but for me the appearance of the game is that one area which ruins the overall playing experience and makes me think twice whether I should play this slot or chose another one where I can get it all in one package. So my final verdict is Viking’s Treasure is a very reliable and good working slot but the appearance and graphical work of it has some challenges and there are many things which could be improved and fixed there and that’s why it is no more than all things considered just an average game in my eyes.
Another older slot from Net Entertainment which you can find at many NetEnt casinos is Viking's Treasure. It's a simple designed slot with not too much graphical excellence, but sometimes it's nice to play an old slot instead of all those flashy lights and countless features that drive you dizzy. In short, if you're into old school slots then you should definitely give Viking's Treasure a try.Viking's Treasure is based on the tales of the Vikings, whom battles conquered Europe during their journey across Europe and America. The symbols depict the era of the Vikings with axes, masks with horns, ships, hand with money, blonde Viking man and blonde Viking girl. It also features wild on every payline which is that of the blonde Viking man. I found these wilds pretty difficult to appear, but collecting five on a payline does guarantee a huge payout though. The other best paying symbol is that of a ship.I didn't find this game too entertaining unfortunately. Even though the images, animation and background sounds match with the theme. My wins during base game were kind of shameful most of the time when betting 1.20 euro per spin. Viking's Treasure has 15 paylines and 5 reels, so the minimum bet to play this game is only 15 cents.I probably lost more than 100 euros playing this game. Had a chance to see what the free spins are like though. If you collect 3 scatters (hand with money symbol), then you trigger 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier. During free spins I managed to get a nice 75x bet size payout. I ended my session in more than 100 euros loss though. Overall it's not a very entertaining slot to me, and I have never went back since there are so many options.Final rating for Viking's Treasure is 6.5/10
Tawny. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Viking's treasure it is another one clone game from net entertainment. Like most other their old games, here we have another clone, but i have experience which make me think that it is one of the best game across all their clones.

First of all, not so many net entertainment clones had 15 paylines, i really enjoy to playing with so low amount of lines, because it is increasing payout. So with 0.15 bet, which is min bet here, 5 wilds will pay 100$, which is almost 700 x total bet, sounds great, right? Also less lines - lesser min bet, and this give a chance to have more playtime and did not lost everything fast, like for example playing dead or alive. Another one amazing thing, here we have 500x total bet for 5 scatters, and also even 3 scatters give 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier. Wilds here have x 2 multiplier, so it is always a pleasure to trigger free spins. And one more great thing - NO ANY BONUS GAME. Yeah,i think no one here like netent stupid bonus game, where you spend few minutes of time and get wins like 5x - 20x total bet, no points right? I play this game few hours in total, and i really enjoy it, because free spins triggered often, feature usually pay not so bad, and generally i have very good experience with this game, in my A-Z challenge i hope this good clones will show its power to all of you, and you will be happy with them with me.

Great medium variance game, which in very rare occasions can became hot and pay great winnings. But generally such slots is very good for making wagering requirements. Most likely i am of course will not open this game just with my usual playtime, because doa sucks all my money in 95% cases.

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