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The company Play’n Go has unveiled a unique online game viking runecraft slot. This model allows you to receive cash bonuses for the same chain of characters on the screen of the machine. The more characters displayed on the screen when you restart the machine, the higher the bonus.

Interesting Features

Viking Runecraft is a game with a large field that contains forty-nine randomly placed cells (7X7). They are filled with different symbols. They are necessary for receiving payments in different ways. The main task is to get a continuous chain, which will consist of five or more repeated combinations. They should be continuously placed both horizontally and vertically. Such elements can be aligned both in the form of an even line, and diagonally. There are no active bands here. The bet for one round can range from ten cents to a hundred dollars.

In addition to the standard elements in the game are also provided game bonuses, bonus starts, levels and special signs. Calculation of payment for a round is made by using a special coefficient and rate. For example, at a rate of ten dollars, multiplier coefficients can vary from X2 to X10000.

After charging the winnings along the chain, all the characters placed in the form of pictures disappear. In their place, randomly placed new items. Such a process will occur until new combinations are formed. At certain stages with repeated wins, additional points in the form of bonuses can be credited.


Ten types of pictures are involved in the gaming machine. Among them are five stones with hewn runes, an ax, a hammer, a helmet and a breastplate. Each of them makes it possible to compile a chain of five repeating elements. The maximum number of characters in such a repeating pattern is fifteen characters or more. Also on-line are special symbols. Wild (gold sign) is needed to make a replacement in the sequences of other pictures.

Variations of this slot

The gameplay attracts attention due to a variety of winning bonuses. Let’s begin our discussion with the system of levels.

Levels – when you start the game you can find out that on the background, under the pictures on the screen, several cells are highlighted in color. They are displayed on the screen of the machine in the form of certain patterns. When a picture from the winning chain is displayed in such a place, the color of the cell will automatically change. In order to move to a new stage, you must in the same way activate all the positions. At each stage, the player will be patronized by one of the four Scandinavian gods. He will activate winning bonuses from time to time.

Consider the prizes that the gods give:

  1. Thor – this god strikes lightning on the screen. The result is five to nine jokers.
  2. Odin – does so that on the screen randomly placed four jokers. Then they are grouped into two elements.
  3. Freya – Wild symbols appear in four clusters. They do not disappear until a payment is made.
  4. Heimdall – does so, that in each row appears one joker.

The options listed above are run in randomly selected spins. In this case, the player is not presented any requirements.

Runes of Valhalla Bonus – if within one game you can use all five runes in combinations, the bonus round will be automatically opened. This will give an opportunity to launch a round with grandiose prizes.

Charge of Destruction – with the activation of twelve pictures, a unique amulet will be filled with fire. It is located on the left and activates one of the prize options. Such options are directly related to changes in characters on the screen.

Ragnarok – when activating in one round at once forty images you can take part in Charge of Destruction. And on more favorable terms. Additional factors and coefficients will also be included.

The options are automatically activated. For this, the player does not need to know the principle of their action.

Rules and features

The model of the game is presented in different languages. The game panel contains a row with buttons. It displays different levels of rates. The panel can be moved until the desired value is selected.

The new game round can be started in manual and automatic mode. A game in auto mode there are settings for the limit, the number and so on.

There are also general settings. They allow you to choose the screen size, enable and disable music and background sounds, activate the accelerated mode and so on. You can start the game either in the browser on the computer or via a mobile device (for this purpose, a special version is developed).

Information about the game is presented in the form of a table with payments. A help is also provided with a detailed description of all the characteristics of the model.


This online game has a number of advantages. It has a unique gameplay. There is a very wide range of rates. The interface of the game is intuitively simple. The game has excellent design and very impressive animation. There are two modes for the game: demo mode and real money game mode. Also, we should note a fairly high level of return and low volatility.


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