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untamed wolf pack

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untamed wolf pack Reviews by Players

Shella. Reviewed on 02.07.18

another one microgaming 243 lines slot from their untamed series, this series is about animals, and i am not sure did i like this theme or not. But wolfs is cure in my opinion, so i try this game few times, but just few because i did not like the whole idea of this slots and how they work.

Untamed wolf pack has 243 lines, and here microgaming insert the same feature which all this series had - collecting 4 wild on reel and get expanded wild reel for 4 spins. I am think this feature is something not interesting ,but i saw few screenshots with 4 or even 5 expanded wild reels, so this can pay really well, if you get lucky. It is something like wild storm or wild desire feature, but here you just see when it will be triggered and how much wild reels will appear. In my experience i never get even 3 such reels, but hey, if some players get it, i am also have chances, just need play this game a bit more.

Feature here is probably most not interesting from the all series - 3+ scatters award 10 free spins, with running wild, if wild appear, it will grow from bottom to up. IF wild appear at upper position, it will not grow, not interesting, right? Also something like 5$ for 0.30 bet for 5 wilds it is a bit joke for me, i am really did not understand this. At least 5 scatters here pay good money, 250 x total bet. But game sometimes is cold like a stone and few times i just lost my deposit without triggering free spins, so i warn you about bet too high.

High variance 243 liner, but generally immortal romance and thunderstruck II are much more interesting video slots, at least for me, and i am rare play this game. Feature here is worst in this series.
I love this slot very much! The baby wolves are very cute and my first impression when my first play was cutie little baby wolves! I love slots also slots that are in a good and high quality of graphics and as i like the slot the more i deposit and play it for over a long time. Before this slot Microgaming platform they made the first Untamed slots and i will say that these slots are very enjoyable to play. I believe that playing in a casino can affect the casino game's performance like what happen when i play this slot on a poor quality casino. I bothered because the slot that i love and i'm interested to play had lag and error while i'm currently playing! That was very embarrassing moment because i thought that i will enjoy that brief moment of joy. So i decided to switch from a great Microgaming casino that trusted by many players around the world and everything smoothly process.

I always luckily strike the wild symbols and one time wild feature the running wilds! So, how does this works? When my free spins activates or trigger and i hit up to 4 stack of wilds the running wilds symbol can happen and all of the reel or the entire reel will be turn into wild! That's pretty cool to experience i thought that i won the jackpot lol. Another that this slot have is the interesting gamble feature, we can expect that it's like a traditional gambling feature of any slot but it's not because you can adjust the percentage of winning and losing the more you greed the more you lose but i will say that you can gain 500% of the credits that you won by means of their gamble feature.

The largest amount that i gamble to this slot was at least $100 thanks for being strategic i always bank my winnings before i lose it. You'll always notice that the slot had a graphics below reels that's what we called "counter" so that you'll know if you can get the running wild feature or not. Just remember playing this game just needs patience and plans don't be so greedy collect what you win and don't assume huge cash and rewards.
Yelena. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Out of all untamed slots i tried in microgaming casinos i mostly play Untamed wolf pack slot.This is yet another 243 ways slot that has wolf pack as its theme.The slot looks very nice and has some nice features to offer.I call it my bonus wagering slot because i get a lot small wins which helps with wagering requirements and if some big win emerges all the better.

As for the features i prefer collecting wilds because it was most rewarding for me so far.It is very simple feature you need to collect four wild symbols on all reels and when you get fourth wild ,whole reel turns wild for four spins giving you big chance for five of a kind wins.The most rewarding reel as a wild was third reel all four spins that it stays there pay at least small wins and the least rewarding is fifth reel as a wild it often does not pay anything at all.

The free spins on Untamed wolf pack slot are very hard to trigger.You need three or more wolfs eye scatters and if you get two you may have luck that nudge feature kicks in and third scatter emerges from under or above reel.The number of free spins awarded is 10 and you have the running wilds feature while you play them.The running wilds feature means that with every free spin number of stacked wilds on reels grow by 1 and you have more chance of getting nice wins.From my experience i can tell you that 10 free spins is a small number according the play time you need to trigger them.The running wilds feature is nice but don't be surprised if you play all of your 10 free spins and don't see any wilds at all.

One more feature worth mentioning that Untamed wolf pack has to offer is your gamble feature.It similar to gamble feature in older slots but here instead of card colors and suits you get a compass with a needle and red and green area in it.You spin the needle and if it stops in red you lost and if it stops on green you win.You can adjust the size of each area if you make red area bigger profit is bigger also if needle stops on green but then green area gets smaller and you have bigger chance to loose.I set up circle to same size area 50% chance to win and try to double my win,sometimes i win sometimes i loose but that is the way gambling works anyways.

For the end my three grades.Payouts i will rate 9/10,fun i had on Untamed wolf pack is 8/10 and win big with small bets chance is 7/10
Theresia. Reviewed on 28.09.18
The Untamed Wolf Pack slot is one I've had mixed experiences with. This slot basically has a similar layout like Untamed Bengal Tiger and Untamed Panda. The features differ slightly though, but the main concept is equal I think.It's one of the first Microgaming slots I started playing a few years ago. The theme music is very inspiring and the game offers plenty options to win big. Untamed Wolf Pack is a 243-ways-to-win slot. Each reel has a progression bar, consisting of four spots. Every time you get a wild appearing on one of the reels, one of the bars light up. Once all four spots are active, then that particular reel turns into a wild for 4 spins. The big hits during main play could happen if multiple reels get released around the same time. The first time I started playing it, I didn't really understand what all the fuss was all about. I wasted hundreds of euros with no substantial big wins. Only 10x and 20x my bet size, and free spins seemed to be very difficult to trigger.Keep in mind though you have to keep the same bet size in order to proceed with the progression bar or else they will get lost. Luckily the software warns you when you're about to change bet size. I used to play €1.20 bets, but had a hard time to get lucky.In all honesty it's not a slot I frequent since the progression bars do keep you playing and make it a bit addicting. The wolf's eye forms the scatter symbol, and three of them award 10 free spins. The scatters also have nudge, which means if you have two appearing on the reels, and one only one spot below the reel, it automatically moves up to award the free spins.During free spins you can win big since the wild are stacked and each reel keeps adding one wild after each spin. If you get lucky the reels match with lots of wilds appearing. I won big during one session with the free spins. To this day my biggest hit in free spins is 500x my bet, and base game when the wild reels were released around the same time awarding me 400x my bet size.This slot can either be boring as hell, or very exciting depending on the pay outs. I rate Untamed Wolf Pack with a 7.5/10 rating.

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