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untamed giant panda Reviews by Players

Lewis Lassiter. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Untamed giant panda it is a game from microgaming, and it is their new series of slots, which they still release and release. I can't say that i am happy with all games in this series, but this one is good i think, and i play it sometimes.99% of times i played this game on 32red casino, i like to play 243 liners on download casinos, because there is no any lags, and gameplay always is pure clear without any loading screens when i hit bonus.

Base game on this game is really boring, because it is hard to win something decent, only one way to achieve some decent win on base game - fulfill wild collectors in one time, at least 3 of them, or two. Free spins, which can be triggered by 3+ scatters, is much more interesting, and this is a reason why i like this game. Feature award player with 10 free spins, during this 10 spins all wilds will be sticky till the end of bonus, so this feature of course has great potential.

My experience is a bit annoying on this game, because base game is boring, and i am always just clicking spin and wait feature. My best hit on base game was a bit more than 100 x total bet, but best feature result is almost x 500, i get 2 sticky wilds on my first spin, and on 5-6 or i get two more. This was really amazing win, but unfortunately i never had something like this.Of course like for any microgaming high variance game there is high possibility to had very bad streak, and on my experience this bad streaks comes very often on all untamed games.

I like this game, it is worth to try it if you never play it, and i wish that all untamed series slots was like this one, high variance means that most time player will find zero on account, but there is always a chance to win something big. 8 stars from me.
Untamed giant panda slot in microgaming casinos is another 243 ways slot with wild animals as theme.This slot is pretty similar to untamed wolf pack and the only real difference between two is that untamed giant panda does not pay small wins often like untamed wolf packs and there for i don't use it in wagering bonuses very much.

Untamed panda is also very well designed and has even prettier theme of Asian panda bears.This slot also has the collecting wilds feature but i must admit that i takes me longer to collect all four wilds then on wolf pack slot.On giant panda i like free spins because i had fortune to trigger them more often then on untamed wolf pack.They did not pay very much every time but if few wilds stick to the screen early it can lead to big wins.

One session i had luck of getting the sticky wild or brilliant wilds on 3 reels and free games paid about 60 euros total.I think that was the biggest win i had on free games so far when it comes to untamed giant panda slot.The other features like in wolf pack are also there your gamble and lucky nudge.I haven't tried your gamble on this slot because i lost couple of times on wolf pack.I guess reason that there are so many untamed slots is that they all got targeted players and each is special in its own way.I cant say that there belong in top ten of microgaming slots but surely they are amongst better ones.

To summarize my review i will use mythree grades.First payouts i am pretty satisfied because when normal play does not pay free spins do so it is 8/10,second is fun on untamed giant panda and that is 9/10 because animations are super cool,and the last win big with small bets possibility which i rate 6/10
Kaye. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Microgaming, in its slot game "Untamed Giant Panda," has wanted to use these cute animals as its central theme and I think that is just lovely because images of these pandas always inspire good feelings to me as joy, harmony, peace, and tranquility among others. A very curious fact, now in the time of World Cup 2014 Brazil related to pandas, it is due to divination tasks results made by Octopus Paul on last world cup, it has created a trend to use exotic animals for such purposes and as expected, the pandas seem not to have escaped since in China posted pictures of pandas eating from baskets with flags of Croatia and Brazil, which is why the authorities of the province of Sichuan, where there is a reserve dedicated to protecting these animals, decided to ban use pandas for these purposes.

Turning to substance, I can say this game has an amazing ability to surprise. Once I started with this game, I began to get small gains, and after accumulate them for several turns, were suddenly vanished, time after time, but always gains were supported by common wild symbols and the special figure of "collected to wild ". The fight was long, but when I really needed it, free spins rounds happened very close to each other, and for the better, this streak started when my bet level was higher and as a result, I not only recovered my initial balance, but I increased it by 7, and it is unbelievable the potential these rounds have to generate big profits.

I think my hard starting maybe was due more to my ignorance about the game because now I think this is the best slot of 243Ways Microgaming series. Something quite new for me in this game is the gambling system, which unlike I've seen on another slots before, it is not a simple and dangerous "double up" but a real opportunity to increase immediate winnings because the player has the ability to adjust the risk level that wants to run.

I feel when I finally began to understand this game, my gains began to increase, and therefore recommend it to players who wish to start in real with "Untamed Giant Panda," to try it out first on a demo account. It will be worth.
Angle. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Untamed Giant Panda is a 243-ways-to-win slot from Microgaming, and can be found at pretty much all download casinos and the majority of the flash based casinos. This game has a similar concept compared with Untamed Wolf Pack and Untamed Bengal Tiger. The differences between these 3 slots are only in the free spins where a different type of feature is available.With that being said it's one of the slots that somehow requires a sort of an investment first, before it start awarding big wins in most cases. The theme is completely based on the pandas in the first. The best paying symbol is the wild followed by the Giant Panda. Each reel has a progression bar with 4 icons. Collecting a wild during the base game on one of them reels, means that one of those icons will light up. Once all four icons are active, the whole reel will turn into a wild. The art is to get multiple reels turn into a wild at the same time. However, this is very rare and seems a bit impossible but it did happen to me a few times on the other slot (Untamed Wolf Pack). Basically it's pretty hard to win a decent prize on this slot. Especially when all progression bars are empty.It usually awards small wins which really are not worth the effort. When choosing for this game, I think the best strategy is to play a very modest bet size and obviously play as long you hit free spins or multiple reels are released.Only in those cases a big win is bound to happen. The eye of the Panda forms the scatter btw, and 3 or more scatters activate 10 free spins where the Brilliant Wilds become available. These wilds are basically sticky wilds and stick on a reel once they appear. My biggest wins during free spins with this feature is 370x my bet. I had wilds on the reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the end. Could have been more if the second reel had a wild a bit sooner. I also hit 100x, 200x and many other smaller wins multiple times during free spins, and very few in base game.The final rating for Untamed Giant Panda is 8/10.
Jamika. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Untamed Giant Panda, the last 243 way wins video slot under my review, is typically the least I like to play on because of the feature. Sure 10 free spins are an okay amount for a feature but their so called "Brilliant Wilds" aren't exactly the right term to fit on here. "Horrendous" and "Atrocious" seems like the best way to put them when experiencing the feature.

As always $1.20 is my ideal bet so I would continue spinning for only roughly an hour or 45 minutes depending on what I see.....landing wilds and collecting them for expanding reels which I don't have any problems with and later find one or two triggers to greet me with....luckily. However, when putting some thought on the free spins it sounds great but looks can truly be deceiving! I would always think 10 Free spins + Brilliant Wilds are another excuse for 10 Regular Free spins Only! Commonly, I have never seen one wild stick on the reels in most triggers and only just one wild stuck during my free spins on average.

In my lucky days I do see a different view on the Sticky wilds being held at the appropriate positions on the reel. For that, on of my highest wins resulted in $33.28! These are just some of the things to expect on Untamed Giant Panda. As for myself it's just a great excuse to get a good laugh when discovering a win less than $10 for one to no brilliant wilds being held in any position. I would laugh hard at myself for a minute for seeing such a terrible feature that results in a small win close to a common five of a kind win. To sum up, Untamed Giant Panda isn't quite awesome in gameplay as it's equal others because to me Untamed Bengal Tiger will wreck Giant Panda any day! A less than great free spins in many strides and everything else remains good in my opinion.

My score for Untamed Giant Panda is a 7 only because the Brilliant Wilds feature is more of a joke than to take it seriously.

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