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untamed crowned eagle

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untamed crowned eagle Reviews by Players

Damon. Reviewed on 30.04.18
"Untamed Crowned Eagle" is one of those games able to sink you in absolute serenity regardless of how well or poorly you go in the game, but of course, also depending on how much ascend your losses, because I think if your balance has fallen deeply, I doubt that there is music or scenery able to keep you calm, and precisely these are the methods that "Microgaming" used in this slot to impose a relaxed atmosphere, some nice instrumental music very relaxing and an amazing natural landscape, which corresponds to the mountains that is the territory where they have dominion these incredible birds that are the eagles.

As for the slot, it is a game of 5x3 reels and 243 ways to win accompanied by a paytable somewhat weakened by Microgaming to allow inclusion of a couple of special features that have incredible potential to generate profits depending on the sequence in which the fate orchestrate the emergence of events that are part of those features. First, the round of 10 free games, is a round that seemed hard to be triggered, and even the "Lucky Nudge" function did not seem to help much for its activation, I could even say that the "Lucky Nudge" function turned out to be imperceptible for me, once I had access to my free spins round, I got hits in most of the spins accompanied with multipliers between x2 and x5, a x10 multiplier was never added in my case, but still, I think my earnings for the end of the round could be considered decent, though that was not enough at that time as to approach my balance to its starting point; the big surprise in this game was supplied by the "Collect a Wild" feature, which I saw it was weaving slowly while wild symbols were collecting slowly evenly at the bottom of all reels, which could be considered a truly fortunate event, in my case, there was a time when they were collected three wilds in each of the reels, suddenly it appeared a wild more on reel 5 and it became wild reel, then all spins passed and nothing extraordinary happened until my wild reel faded, then and after about 20 turns, I got a new wild symbol on reel 1 and then this became wild reel and there it was when I crossed my fingers for the miracle took place and then it happened, on the next spin it occurred a wild on reel 2 and on the next one another wild emerged to be located on the reel 3, so I got reels 1, 2 and 3 converted completely into wilds and as expected, in both subsequent spins, I got a couple of super big wins representing me over $ 330, which is a significant profit as my total bet level was only $ 0.90 when the event occurred.

I personally do not get usually excited with many slots of lower payouts as "Untamed Crowned Eagle", although in this case I have to say that luck was on my side at a key moment and for that reason I cannot complain about this video slot.
Lindsy. Reviewed on 01.07.18

Untamed Crowned Eagleis a part of Microgaming games slot and i like microgaming. In this game eagle character are insert. In every slot game only 20 to 30 paylines but in this eagle game 243 payline with the 5 reels. The bonus are in the game. These game are a jackpot game and jackpot are find when play the game.the background and graphics of the game are cool and the cool sound hearing like the eagle are scream.In the game minimum bet are €0.30 so its nice not to low and not high range. The counting of slots and payline are very tough in the game, so don't be just counting on it.In the end of the game i got the 3 scatter than the free spin were ready to start,this is my luck in the game and my score increases.when we found the eagle in the game than the score are multiply 2x,3x,4x,5x and so on...and the score are increase rapidly and the highest score are made.This feature are very nice in many games there no more multiplier.

I want to say about the payout rate that didn’t impressed me so much,I didn’t managed to withdraw some money!But I know that this kind of slots,243 ways to win are capable of big wins even on the lowest bet of 0.30 euro!

It was a very nice experience and I will play again this slot because I like it very much!
If someone will ask me to argue why I think that this slot is good I will say because of the nice graphics and sounds! Also the symbols and the features are really awesome. This is nice game but some point it disappoint me.I scored it 8/10.
I like Microgaming games and I like microgaming slots. Lately we are witnessing a change from Microgamings standard 20-25-50 paylines to these new slots with 243 paylines with standard 5 reels.

The first time I saw this I was excited because I thought that the winnings would be bigger due to the higher paylines. Untamed Crowned Eagle is the latest addition to microgaming Untamed series slots. For a theme it has eagles and wildlife. I have to say that the graphic is very good with a high level of details. Microgaming always pays much attention to the visual design of their slots and that’s why I like them the most. The music is quiet and relaxing. For me the whole game is kind of relaxed and lets you sit back and enjoy while you watch the auto spins go by.

There is no way that you can miss the wild and scatter symbols. The wild is marked by the name of the game and the scatter is a big Eagle Eye.Now the main feature about these new slots is the free spins feature. You need 3 or more scatter symbols (Eagle Eye) to activate the free spins feature and get 10 free spins. During the free spins there is a wild symbol moving from reel to reel changing its multiplier. It can go from 2x bet, 3x bet up to an incredible 10x bet.Now you would think that with this multiplier and free spins you are guaranteed to have some big wins like on progressive 25 line slots. The few times I got the free spins I didn’t have any big wins 13, 18, 24 euros. Maybe it’s just or the wins during the free spins are very small.

Now I like the option that you can gamble your wins and you have a clear insight of your bet but I also haven’t had much luck here. I win the first bet and then loose. Another feature is when you collect 4 wild symbols on one reel then the entire reel is wild for the next 4 spins. But the only way you can get a big win if you get 4 wilds on 2 reels at about the same time. This happened to me once and I had a win of about 60 euros. All in all it’s a fun game to try. I give it a 8 out of 10.
Myles. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I must admit that this slot “Untamed Crown Eagle” is so well made that when I played first time the Free Spins all the chills passed over me and almost I had tears of emotion. That is, the story of those eagles which soar to the heights is so well told that the game play itself is impressive. The slot is a beautiful story and what contributes to such a nice a narration thread is primarily the music behind the action and secondly the graphic presentation of this “story”. What Microgaming managed to realize with this slot is entirely extraordinary, judging by its overall appearance. If I were to find an expression that fully describes this slot it will be “soaring (like the eagle fly) and calming (like the wild nature)”.

For one of the few times here I will not account for the wins and losses to praise a bit more the game itself. As the spins take place, the Wild symbols are added to the bottom of each reel. When 4 Wilds are collected the whole reel becomes wild for the next 4 spins. Just a little waiting to gather these Wilds because at one moment all reels will become one after another Extended Wild. This is a very useful feature. The amplitude of the music changes like if you soar toward the heights even more.

During Free spins if you are at the highest horizons. The emotions are so powerful and the pleasure of the game itself is extreme. A “Soaring Wild” accompanies these feelings and at every spin it places itself in another place on the reels and provides another multiplier. These Free Spins are triggered sometimes due to a “Lucky Nudge” when one reel is advanced automatically until 3 Scatters are on the screen. Equally useful is also this feature.

About the payouts I will say one thing: playing here you will get both small and very big payouts. Although in general wins are the ones that matter most when rating a slot, here the story of the eagles themselves and how it is transposed in the game is what matters. All the game show to what degree of professionalism has Microgaming came lately.
I dislike the low probability winnings when it's free spin i experienced it many times and from that 10 free spins i only got 5-6 win spin and sometimes 3 the result will be low pay out! The gamble feature also where the compass is the setting you in order to win the needle must point to win and if it's points to lose you will lose and get nothing. Just be wise when you are making decision and you want to gamble your winnings!
Latesha. Reviewed on 27.09.18
I've been a great fan of Microgaming's "Untamed" slots series. I think they all provide something different in features and creativity as far the theme and gameplay goes. The basics during the base game however remain exactly the same as expected. After the release of Untamed Wolf pack, Untamed Bengal Tiger and Untamed Giant Panda, Microgaming thought it was time to release another action packed slot in the form of Untamed Crowned Eagle.Like I said, the format is the same. So Untamed Crowned Eagle also features 5-reels, 243 ways to win and a progression bar on every reel. The progression bar consists of four slots which you all have to light up to make the whole reel go wild. With ever wild symbol that appears during the base game, a slot will light up. The huge potential is there if you manage to get the whole reels go wild around the same time.This is an incredible difficult task though, so don't be just counting on it. The minimum bet on this game is €0.30. I've experienced Untamed Crowned Eagle at Unibet playing €0.90 for like an half hour. I know these Untamed slots can be pretty high variance, and most base game wins are nothing to brag about. You really have to invest to get to the free spins or get lucky during base game with a few complete reels turning wild.Since that didn't happen I was pretty much chasing my losses. Luckily in the end I got my 3 scatter symbols to appear, and the free spins were ready to start. Untamed Crowned Eagle differs from the other slots during free spins. You need 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols (Eagle Eye) to trigger 10 Free spins.During these spins an eagle flies around and picks a random symbol to turn into a wild and multiply by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x. Most often I saw the Eagle only give me a 2x multiplier which was kind of disappointing. I fail to see some huge potential here, since I only saw the Eagle turn 1 symbol wild. Not sure if it can turn more than 1 symbol wild.I didn't win more than 20x bet size during my only free spins session. I figure the best win during free spins would be lots of regular wilds to appear with the 10x multiplier. In my opinion this game does bring something different, but it's not better than any of the previous Untamed slots.My final rating therefore is only a 6.5/10.

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