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under the bed Reviews by Players

Shawnee. Reviewed on 02.07.18

Under the bed is a game coming from BetSoft gaming and it is one of the newest 3D slots. The whole game looks like a child cartoon and to me it is a very fun game.

It is 5 reels, 30 paylines. The symbols are mostly childish monsters that don't looks scary at all. One symbol in particular and it is a door symbol appeared to me 3 times, on the enter of the slot. Each time I got 12 free spins and I triggered the bonus round feature after 3 bed symbols appeared and that was the moment I was waiting for, while cartoon sounds were running in the background.
Jane symbol which pays the most can bring you a decent win if 5 of them appear. Multipliers are up to 5 x in this game. Min. coins amount was 0.25 dollars that I chose to bet on.

This game has very high return to player rate which is under 94 percent, so this may be the reason I had such a good time and a feeling that I can win money on this slot. Sticky Wild symbol is the one that gives this game even more excitement and after triggered with other monster symbols brings winnings to the player.

I had no idea what the bonus game was here, I saw a few times 2 bed symbols on different reels and finally the time came for me to unlock the bonus round which is pretty fun and I got the most of this bonus game. Unfortunately it was just one so called ' Pick me ' bonus game where you have colored cards to pick and behind each is a winning amount, I picked 4 cards as I remember and the fifth one collected my winnings so I guess, there is no fail, behind each card a significant amount is waiting for you. Another feature would be the bonus round feature which could double your money.

Let me say this game is a “must give it a try” game and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
„Under the Bed“ is one of the best slots of the BetSoft gaming platform. It is not as good as Greedy Goblins, that I personally consider being the best ever, but is quite close to it in all possible aspects. (Especially compared to Rook's Revenge which is the worst slot ever).

The action of the slot „Under The Bed“ is about two children (brother and sister) who are in their bed late in the evening in the absence of their parents and have to deal with the world full of monsters located under the bed. On the bed headboard the game spins are unfolding. The 3D animation is full of fun , depending on how different monsters that line up on the slot screen come out of the game into the real world to scare the two children. In fact, the whole salt and pepper of the slot is given by the different characters animation, and only a disgruntled player could reproach that because of this the spins run a bit slowly and the entire game is somewhat slow.

The slot is very generous and of all 9 possible existing symbols only two or three of them pay less than the total bet value (the slot has 30 lines, so the total minimum bet is 30 credits). A particularly nice feature of this slot is the „Sticky Wild“ feature: when at least three monsters line up on one payline, and one of them has a special border, he turns into a „Sticky Wild“ symbol for a few re-spins. Because „Sticky Wild“ appears once every 3-5 normal spins and lasts also about 3-5 re-spins all the wins here are big and welcome. Moreover, at least in my case in the first 10 spins of the game I was lucky to get into the Free Spins round (12 free spins) twice.

The Free spins are triggered here when the "Magic door"is opened in the middle position of the the central reel. This round is as generous (if not more generous) as a normal game. The third feature is the „Bonus Round“ that I played only once during the whole game, and is triggered by 3 „Bed" symbols. The brothers randomly choose one card from 5 cards aligned on their bed, revealing a prize every time. Finally there is a fourth feature, a double-up choice, but from principle I am against using it. The maximum loss that I had in about 150 spins (playing for about an hour at minimum possible bet) was 8 Euro.

In my opinion the game deserves only good words because of his outstanding generosity and due to excellent and extensive animation full of fun.
Willian. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I never tire of saying that Betsoft is one of the best slot machines programmers currently existing on market, and the game "Under the Bed," ratifies this concept, thanks to the good work of graphics, stages, sounds and 3D animations made in the game creation.

This time, the story that Betsoft plunges us in, it’s a night when their parents leave them alone to Jesse and Jane, who in their room and dressed in pajamas are unable to sleep due to four monsters that are stubborn on scaring them. It seems that monsters compete with each other to get the biggest cry that children can give and for that they use all their strategies and tactics of fear. The background music has a strong content of mystery and plot unfolds amid an environment resulting in a mixture of drama, suspense and fun, it also depends largely on whether the player identifies more with frightened children or the strange monsters that certainly noticed quite enjoy the situation.

This is a slot of 3 x 5 reels, 30 paylines with bet levels increasing in steps of 30 up 300 coins with values to choose between $ 0.02, $ 0.05, $ 0.10, $ 0.25, and $ 0.50.

What makes this game more interesting and fun are its special features, which flow in the course of the game in a naturally way, and they are:
- Stucked wild: every time occurs a winning formed for each of the four monsters, the symbols with a yellow rim will be turned into wilds in the same position. Each wild appears with a number between 2 and 5, which means the number of turns that wild will remain in that position and then number decreases each turn. The wild only works as a substitute.
- Free Spins: triggered by the appearance of door symbol in the middle of the central reel (# 3), which gives 12 free spins and all wins have a 2x multiplier.
- Bonus Round: triggered by the occurrence of 3 or more symbols with the image of bed, where the player must choose a card from 5, each containing a monster and coin prize hidden behind, the cards are chosen one after another until it appears the image of the mother of children with the word "collect" on it. Monsters jump into Jesse’s and Jane’s bed while money jumps into our pocket.
- Double Up: is the typical figure of gambling used to try to double winnings made.

If you ask me, what is my favorite feature, I have to say all of them excepting Double Up, which I do not use anymore in any slot.

Obviously, for me, this slot was great not only for the profits, but because of the fun.

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