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twister Reviews by Players

Emmy. Reviewed on 02.07.18

While searching for a game I could write a review about here at AG I came across Twister which is a slot game powered by microgaming with 5 reels and 15 paylines. You can play this game in all downloadable microgaming casinos but you can also use the instant play option through the browser without installing the software on your computer. I have to mention the symbols that got my attention at the first sight. Some of them are so funny like for example : ‘ granny with cigarette ‘ .But when I played for the first time I had no luck at all and about after 20 minutes of play I lost all of my money and I didn't even get one free spin bonus. I was so disappointed that I left and forgot about this game.

When I decided to try my luck again after just a few spins I got the free spins bonus! In order to get free spins you need to collect three,four or five scatter ( old tv ) symbols anywhere on the reels. Mostly I used to get 3 scatter symbols , sometimes 4 or 5. This game was my choice few times later if I was in some casino that offers microgaming slots. My bet was mostly 0,15 or 0,30 cents per spin but I have tried with bigger bet . This is the game with only 15 paylines and in order to get some bigger win you need to play with a bigger bet .

Overall: twister is a fun slot game. In my opinion it would be more fun if they would have, besides free spins , some bonus round. I recommend this game, you will enjoy it there is no doubt, if not in big wins then definitely in some very funny symbols.

Twister is a game powered by microgaming.This is one of the worst games that i have played on microgaming. I have given this game a fare shot but it never paid out. In my view it is just like Ho-Ho-Ho but with less features coming out. It kind of became personal and i am betting quite high now to get my money back, instead i'm loosing more.

The pays in this game are really small and you will have to get few consecutive wins to get a decent win. Just like in Ho-Ho-Ho this game has 15 lines and my usual bet this days is €0.75. There is only one feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. It takes me ages to get this feature and i never managed to re-trigger it. It would take me €20 or €30 to get the feature and it will pay a fiver or little bit more. Very disappointing to be honest and sometimes i really wonder why am i playing this game. i guess playing on same software leaves you no choice but to try all of the games. The biggest win i had on this feature was little over €10 and that was on €0.75 bet. I don't get it, Ho-Ho-Ho always gives me features and pays decent but this game is totally against me.

Over all the graphics are not too bad and are a bit funny, the sound effects are decent but it dies not pay. I really can not recommend this game because i never had any luck on it and don't know how good it could be. if i was to rate this game i would give it 4 out of 10.
Hahahaha! Twister, the hot spot lol!! Don't worry, I'm not here to talk about "that" game, I'm here to talk about the video slot Twister. It's composed of 15 Paylines that I find to be not too bad but wished it had 20 or 25 paylines total, one feature not necessarily being the best knowing that every time I spent time on Twister it just offers to return all of my bets back from within the slot and wilds that come and go without a real value to help me out (no multipliers).

I don't really believe there is a good future for me here on Twister because it blows all of my funds away, not to mention I never bet higher than 3 coins. Betting over does not seem to make a good difference anyways so why should I waste more money on Twister. I do however find triggering free spins to be a bit simple but the minute I have it triggered I was already at some point of a loss. Once I find myself losing $15 I quit while I can to avoid more losses.

Twister has only one feature to keep you interested in that's worth 20 Free spins at 2x when finding 3 scattered televisions showing "Breaking News" on it's screen. In my experiences I have never seen $30 or $50 on Twister, all I ever won are in the lesser amounts, occasionally winnings on single digits I don't like to discuss. That nearly killed me for a laugh! I wouldn't recommend this slot to anyone because it's just lousy in my opinion. Maybe if I recommend it to someone for a prank but ultimately it's not the preferred slot to get my hopes high for any reason. I strongly advise a different slot, one that will be the bearer of good news.

Twister the not so hot slot gets a terrible 4.5 out of 10!
Vera. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Always when I play on some casino that is run by microgaming software Twister video slot is my first choice . Maybe I am superstitious , hmm maybe but just a little . I will tell you something in confidence , a friend of mine , every time when he plays online casino he puts different colour socks on but I think that all gamblers are little superstitious, so lets back to the game . Twister is an old game that I found somewhere. If I clearly remember Twister was founded back in 2006 , so that may be the reason the graphic isn't so good like at some newer microgaming slots. What makes Twister slot special are symbols like Laverne , Suzzane , Bunny , Bug , KwikMart , Trailer , Truck and Bun , wild symbol is a picture of a tornado with a human face . I must say that I really like the symbols in this game. Scatter symbol is an old tv and if you get 3 or more scatter symbols you get initial 20 free spins and all winnings are duplicated but the best with this slot game is that while playing initial free spins there is a chance of getting another free spin etc . In theory it is possible to win max JackPot which is 15000 coins, of course with max bet of 75 euros, but I think that a bet of 75 euros per spin to us average people sounds a little ridiculous or maybe not. I also like the sound of this game .

Lets sum for the end

Graphics isn't so bad considering the fact that it is an old game .

Sound is clear and ok.

Features / Twister offers free spins but doesn’t have a bonus round which is the biggest deficiency in this game in my opinion .

Overall / I can't be 100 % objective because it’s my favourite slot game and I spent hundred of hours while playing, anyway I would recommend this game and I guarantee that you're gonna have fun and maybe you'll make some money , who knows , maybe the maximum jackpot is yours .
Some of my winns you can check and see here
For this slot game I give 10 out of 10 .

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