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Video slots with a classic interface and symbols that flaunted in gaming machines as early as the end of the XIX century, do not cease to excite the imagination of players who are convinced that it is simplicity and centenary traditions that will bring them luck. The company NetEnt, whose portfolio is different quality and wide range, has presented such an amateur an excellent surprise – an extraordinary slot machine Twin Spin Deluxe. It can not be said that this slot is a representative of the classical game, but certain similarity is undoubtedly present.


The presented slot, like its predecessor, the Twin Spin slot machine, has exclusively traditional thematic symbols, featuring happy red sevens, bells, golden bar inscriptions, diamonds, and indispensable cherries. The set is supplemented by a set of card denominations. But on this similarity with the classics ends. Unusual drums and a non-trivial way of forming prize combinations allows us to classify the slot as an original one. In the game, neither Wilds nor Scatterers are used. However, there is a unique prize option “Twin Reel Feature”


The Twin Spin Deluxe slot machine looks festive – the location sparkles, overflows with different colors, and the symbols are executed colorfully and expressively. To enhance the effect, animation and bright highlighting of the winning elements are used. The dynamics of the process is emphasized by rhythmic major music.


Unusual interface strikes at once – after all the slot has 6 reels for 5 cells each.The lines on these drums are not provided. The bet is selected in a multiple of 10 on 10 levels, which can be set in the “Level” section of the control panel – with the plus / minus buttons. The cost of coins (section Coin Value) ranges from 0.01 to 1.00. Accordingly, the total rate can be at least 0.10 and not more than 100.00 coins. Drums are started in 3 ways: “Max Bet “button – with the highest possible bet, “Autoplay” button – using automatic mode, or round button with arrows. The paytable opens its tabs when the “I” button is pressed. It has all the necessary information on the coefficients of the prize combinations and the rules of the game.


In the absence of pay lines, the formation of paid combinations takes place according to special rules. Prizes are combinations of 9-30 identical pictures, located anywhere in the playing field, but always touching each other with the edges of squares – horizontally or vertically. In this case, a prize is awarded, the value of which is equal to 1/10 of the total bet multiplied by the coefficient assigned in the paytable. Given that symbols fall out long stacks, compositions from identical elements have many chances to occupy a significant part, or even the entire playing field.


In each rotation of the reels there is a bonus option “Twin Reel Feature”. In two verticals, the elements fall out exactly the same set – this is immediately noticeable  because the same drums are highlighted in a different color. Sometimes the option also applies to neighboring drums. Optionally, when all 6 verticals fall into the bonus option. This incredibly increases the chances of success.


The Twin Spin Deluxe gaming machine will surprise even the most experienced players – the unusual interface, the original way of winning songs, the non-trivial bonus option with identical drums – all this along with generous payments will allow you to have a great time.

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Twin spin Reviews by Players

Demetrice Desimone. Reviewed on 01.07.18
I don't really know the official numbers but it is enough to know this is very popular game among players, 243 ways high variance by NetEnt and so much potential with of 0.25.

I can recall when did I gave it a try first and I disliked Twin Spin at first and for what reason, I can't tell but most likely because of my limited bankroll and number of spins. If you check you will found out that this game is a part of many Netent powered casinos offer. I was happy to take mine Free Spins in Betat casino recently, and not only that I won 120 euro from free spins, bear in mind. Min bet is 0.50 euro and if you have an opportunity to choose what game you would like to use your free spins on, Twin Spin is always good choice considering the size. I playthrough my bonus and had 120 for withdrawal.

I lost on Immortal Romance that night and all my winnings from Twin Spin were back on my balance ready for IR to eat it all.
Now Immortal Romance is on stand by for some time while Twin Spin could be played more often.I lost my money,the feelingwould be complete with money on my ewallet but I lost it and .You could win up to 270 000 coins max,in this game.Twin Real future is the one that is pretty much exciting for me and I believe for others as well and it could expand from 1 to all 5 reels together producing very nice winnings.

I would say that NetEnt put together all in one, making old looking theme in latest graphic quality and very attractive paytable, very fun and promising game that most players like very much. I just love this game and will keep playing.
When I first saw the preview videos of this game here at AskGamblers I was really quite excited. I’ve always enjoyed the 243 ways format games from Microgaming and thought it was going to be a huge development to see NetEnt taking a shot at this style of game. My excitement faded though when it became clear that once again, NetEnt had decided not to bother with any scatters or a bonus round – this was clearly another game where the main game holds all of the RTP.

The big feature of Twin Spin is that the reels can pair up – something like 1 in every 10 spins, a random reel will light up, and a random number of reels adjacent will “twin” with the master reel, so you get the same result on all twinned reels. You can even get all five reels ‘twinned’, and with the 243-ways mechanic combined with the stacked symbols on all reels, there's the possibility of getting up to 243 five of a kinds on every spin! Sadly though, more often than not, you will find that it’s the last 3-4 reels that end up getting twinned, and you won’t get a single matching symbol on the first two reels.

I really do feel that NetEnt missed a great opportunity with this game – if they had incorporated a decent bonus round, perhaps with some kind of multiplier based free spins, then this could really have been a classic, maybe even the first truly great NetEnt title to appear since Dead or Alive – I really can’t even take a guess at why they decided to not do this. I have received a whole tonne of free spins on this game since its release and to this day I have only ever seen all five reels “twin” on two occasions, one of them I had a full screen of kings which paid a truly horrible amount considering I had 243 five of a kinds simultaneously, and the other I had three rows of different symbols – this included the diamond symbol, lessoning the pain somewhat, but it still brought home the reality that even with this configuration of game, you can still get the “ultimate” hit, and it be rubbish and disappointing!

I won’t ever be playing this with my own money again and I really suggest you do the same.
Jason. Reviewed on 25.09.18
For this game, I'm mainly invested € 1.25 per spin and so I was not expecting some huge gains it was important to see how it all works. The wild symbol is very sympathetic to me, because the shape of the letter A, and when active then it bounces, and could you do the same if you win a larger amount. Another interesting game from NetEnt platform that comes from 243 Ways series and leaves a lot of possibilities to realize significant gains. The animation is good, sound the same on each payline is graphically perfectly done with a specific sound that follows.

When it comes to the jackpot with this "243 ways" slot machines its maximum that you can win the game reaches a staggering 270 000 coins which is very high and admit for many, it will remain just a dream. At first, I mostly received symbols BAR, so I've got five minutes after four such but it is nothing compared to a gain after a couple of additional spin when the first three columns complete coverage BAR symbols on the 4 and 5 column was another one like this symbol. Then I won a record in 1200 as one of the biggest gains in the slots of this type.

As I said graphically this game is perfect but that does not mean that we will have fun just watching animations that pass in front of us and not bring the excitement that accompanied the appearance of wild symbols. Bonus game here carries a symbolic name as the game itself "Twin Spin feature" and it is activated when two identical symbols on the reels merged into one and you open the bonus section in this game. Personally, I never had the luck to open this bonus game, but I had a lot of luck with 5 of kind combinations.

After an hour and one Big Win enthusiasm on the reels during one autoplay game appeared nine symbols letters J and so completely covered the columns 2,3 and 4 in the first column of the same symbol was on the up position so I'm out of this spin out with 270 coins profits. In the end I can summarize this game in my case has huge percentage gains, and quality animations are only covered by all this and are not in the forefront for me. Great NetEnt slot game i will try again tomorrow and every time when i play on some of NetEnt casinos on net.
Only bad things on this slots are free spins and bonus round - this slot doesn't have it. I just can't imagine how great this slot could be just if they are put bonus round or free spins, they don't need to put both. It will be more interesting, funny and you could earn more money for sure.
Dolores. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Twin spin slot is a 243 ways slot from Netent casinos. Same like in Microgaming versions to win you need same symbols on reels from left to right no mater in which place they land. I played twin spin slot several times in Boyle casino and I am not quite satisfied with payouts. Thanks to great feature this slot has called twin reel feature it has a huge payout potential. In fact I think that most people play this slot because of this feature. Who does not like to have same reel duplicating across the whole slot. With every spin you get twin reels that are linked together. During spin those tween reels can duplicate to become triplets, quadruplet or even quintuplet reels. This can bring some amazing wins especially if high paying symbols occur on reels.

My biggest hit so far was with 4 reels going in twin reel feature. I won decent 50 euros with an 1.25 per spin. This was no profit money because of so many empty spins before this hit occurred.I lost about 80 euros and had more than 100 spins when I finally got something good. After that I decided to play lowest 0.25 cents bets to see if the payouts will change. Again slot kept swallowing my money without giving anything back. With a portion of my money gone I decided to switch to another slot because it was obvious to me that you need a lot of nerves and money to hit something good on twin spin slot. The other sessions I had on this slot were practically the same so I don't play this slot much anymore.

Since this slot does not have free spins feature the only other thing worth mentioning is wild symbol. It can substitute all other symbols but I saw it very rare in my gambling sessions on this slot. I must say that this slot gives a nice adrenaline rush when those reels start to light up and you think of all the big wins you could get but it is really frustrating when reels stop and all you see is that first reel lacks matching symbols. Now to be fair I will rate this slot not taking in account payouts because it could be my bad luck those days. The number of stars twin spin slot gets from me is 7 out of 10 and maybe I will give it another chance before I send it to slot graveyard.
As everyone said before me, there are many, many non-winning spins (but these are fully compensated by the very large and rare wins).

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