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Fabulous lights and the fascinating spirit of Vegas are always magnets to a plenty of gamblers wanting to change their lives by hitting a couple of buttons. Today, thanks to constantly developing technology, people can experience the real-like Vegas performance right at home because there are tons of casinos offering a great selection of video-slot games which would mimic land-based machines in the most attractive ways. But don’t we ever forget that lights really make it important especially taking into consideration that brightness sometimes serves as the major quality of a slot machine. Twin Spin Deluxe, a marvellous spin-off of a futuristic game by NetEnt with the same title, is exactly what you need if the whole atmosphere matters. It’s energetic, straightforward and very unusual in terms of gameplay as Net Entertainment prepared a great set of action built upon an interesting gaming grid. Generally, the new Twin Spin chapter looks much better than the previous game, yet some in-game details have remained.

On the one hand, Twin Spin Deluxe represents quite classic approach based on traditional fruit-theme machines where most gaming elements won’t seem too unique. However, on the other side of the coin, Twin Spin part II was devised exclusively for Unibet Casino meaning that the sequel does have many features different from its sister-game, so the action appears to be very promising. In the most part, Twin Spin Deluxe by NetEnt is a colourful game capturing players minds with amazingly vivid hues and shades, so that you could instantly feel in a glamorous gambling club having VIP basis. Dance soundtrack in electronic effects contributes lots of dynamics to this visionary framework while popping animation whirls you screens around with incredible elegant motion. Twin Spin Deluxe slot is a game of contrast where placid scenery can suddenly change at the drop of a hat due to vigorous graphic compounds. It stands to reason that NetEnt undertook loads of work around the machine exercising each gaming body with a precise consideration.

With regard to layout moments, Twin Spin Deluxe is a slot of extraordinary character offering not less than 243 ways of win situations. How is this even possible, you may wonder? Well, the answer is simple: here is engaged an extended drum grid consisting of 6×5 flock and the gameplay is connected with ‘adjacent reel’ patterns that as a result there are no fixed paylines or concrete stipulations at all. Technically, new Twin Spin gets casino players to wager on clusters which are paid in case nine matching icons locate within it. Cluster Pays function allows to completely get rid of classic line format and increase sums substantially. Nevertheless, this progressive-ish arrangement has nothing to do with real jackpot-based machines because RTP percentages still stand on a very returnable level. Sounds a bit complicated? Then you should definitely read the following review on the gameplay to tame Twin Spin machine.


Twin Spin Deluxe wouldn’t give you any paylines to bet on as is usually happens with slot products. Instead of this, you are offered to participate in Cluster Pays method which has a few advantages over traditional settings. First and foremost, there appear 243 different ways of forming a combination where paytable symbols just ought to stand on one-reel section divided into clusters. Speaking of the latter, clusters are specific zones comprised of matching symbols adjacent to one another either horizontally or vertically. Regarding a shred of primitive mathematical combinatorics and matches starting with nine adjacent icons of the same picture, 243 various compositions of symbols could theoretically flash up on the reels. Secondly, Cluster Pays over Line Play offers wagering entirely on the whole set of reels which significantly raises your chances in each spin. So just remember the fundamental axiom laid behind Twin Spin Deluxe:

No lines provided. Cluster Pays totally substitutes any preset strings, so the only prerequisite for a win combination sounds as follows: symbols have to form a matching pattern with each other in an adjacent manner, so that you could draw an imaginary continuous line connecting reel cubes together anywhere on the reels.

Reel Strips

On condition that Twin Spin Deluxe slot machine is out of standard 5×3, some may question whether an alternative set of drums could possibly affect the game play. Basically, you will encounter a six-drum and five-row environment, but it doesn’t mean rules and terms vary a lot because of this. Wagers are placed on the entire panel and taking account of no-line concept you shouldn’t apply specific tactics as you usually do while playing with customisable lines. Six reels honestly are no different with a five-reel package, so regard it simply as an additional extension.

How to play

For those who already get to grips with the original version of Twin Spin some details embedded into the gameplay will be found much resembling whereas the most part of appearance was directly transferred from primaries. Nonetheless, it might be applied only to in-game regular symbols and neon theme subject – apart from that Deluxe modification has a completely revolutionised message. First of all, let’s take down mechanical aspects item by item to find out how the machine operates from the gameplay perspective. Speaking of platforms, this slot game is pretty customisable on both desktop and mobiles but note that Opera users need to do a detailed check-up to ensure stable workability. Overall, it’s more than enough to update your browser and provide adequate Net speed. After that, you have to familiarise yourself with the Cluster Play concept in case you’ve never had prior encounter on no-line machines.

To start with, go thoroughly through the command bar and learn the basic principle of customising. You are not going to bet on lines or even choose them as long as wagering sum includes betting on the whole grid simultaneously. Also, visit the paytable section which will tell you about symbols’ value numbers as Twin Spin Deluxe provides up to 30 icons possibly arranged in a combination that is totally unconventional even for a six-reel slot. Overall, you simply need to place a suitable stake on the reels and, as the saying goes, come what may. All additional features are triggered in a random fashion, so you cannot influence the gaming course apart from selecting bets and spinning the drums.

Interesting features

Without any doubts, we might arrange a long-course discussion about Twin Spin peculiar mechanics and get lost in the maze of unusual features, yet let’s try to keep it as simple as possible. In general notation, Twin Spin Deluxe acquired its name due to an interesting feature included into gameplay – Twin Reel function which allows to start every spin with adjacent to one another reels creating a special bond. In addition to that, the machine entitles Cluster Play technology seeming a bit elephantly in the gaming room because of its rarity. Nevertheless, you can also find the one in other NetEnt’s productions as the technology is a registered trademark.

Broadly speaking, this is not a new element of Twin Spin Deluxe slot’s gameplay as it has been inherited from the original machine in the series. At the beginning of each spin in the regular-base round, the programme selects two or more drums to twist in an adjacent pattern, so that they are linked together. During spinning, the number of adjoining drums could be extended to a larger value, but it, of course, is a matter of pure random. Reels are called ‘twins’ because they spread their duplicates across the gaming grid. For example, firstly you are given a reel filled with, say, three cherries and three diamonds. The second adjacent reels copies the whole pack of symbols and repeat the compound in the same way, so that you have two identical reels stacked together.

Adjacent drums are initially highlighted as they are spinning and after they come to a full stop, the randomiser might select more neighbours to be included in an array. Totally, the whole reel grid can end up full of similar icons to bond the highest in value cluster consisting of 30 vacant spaces to be counted to the payout sum. Obviously, this specific feature is needed not only because it could fetch weighty rewarding but also because clusters begin to pay for 9 symbols within the common line. Anyway, Twin Reel feature has a massive potential when it comes to filling the reels.

Historically, Cluster Pays technology was firstly introduced in the Aloha! Slot machine where all payouts were fixed around specific reel zones with symbols needed to be virtually attached in a chain to one another. Twin Spin Deluxe slots use all the same range of functions for clustering symbols, so the mechanics have remained as well. The paytable starts counting combination from nine matching icons and goes up to whooping 30 meaning the whole reel grid is covered in identical images. It’s not necessary for a cluster to be located in a classic left-to-right direction, symbols may appear chaotically, only they have to form an uninterrupted nonstop of same icons. Overall, a great element to win real money without anything like paylines to be engaged.

Rules and features

Twin Spin Deluxe from the first glance incorporates slightly complicated groups of rules. First of all, it’s closely connected with Cluster Pays method used instead of classic paying lines. Secondly, the reason is that there are no paylines at all speaking of the layout. So you just have to get accustomed to a new set of symbol clusters to understand how this game works. When it comes to betting, Twin Spin Deluxe offers low to moderate stakes where the minimum wager forms 0.10 credits per one single round while the highest players can climb is 100 credits. Note that two options control a betting amount – Bet Level and Coin Value. Bet Level also serves as an extra multiplier for the paytable numbers, so Level 10 increases payouts by 10 respectively. The paytable involves a lot of different situations due to cluster system, so learn the following records on standard Bet Level 1 multiplication:

Diamond Seven, Bar Bell, Cherry Ace, King, Queen, Jack
x9 50 20 10 5
x10 75 40 15 10
x11 150 60 25 15
x12 200 80 40 20
x13 250 110 60 25
x14 350 160 80 30
x15 500 200 100 40
x16 650 250 130 60
x17 900 300 170 80
x18 1200 400 210 100
x19 1500 500 250 120
x20 2000 600 300 150
x21 2500 800 400 180
x22 3000 1100 500 210
x23 3500 1400 600 300
x24 4000 1700 800 400
x25 5000 2100 1000 500
x26 6000 2500 1200 600
x27 7000 3000 1500 700
x28 8000 3500 1800 800
x29 9000 4000 2000 900
x30 10000 5000 2500 1000


Twin Spin Deluxe slots game is surely an anticipated sequel of some time ago popular machine where custom fruit action took a new interesting form of whooping cherries and bells in a great modern interpretation. So, basically, NetEnt managed to cater to a wide range of audience killing two birds with one stone – exclusive progressive-style grids when return to players maintains high values will always be reputable despite all odds. Adjacent Reel features come as a sheer surprise to everyone accustomed to line-base play, so Twin Spin Deluxe is able to amuse gambling sharks with its brand-new drum organisation simply because hardly is there anything close in uniqueness. Besides, well-designed interface and greatly elaborated gameplay provide a smooth go on the reels, so you should definitely include the game in your next slotting session.


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