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Tornado: farm escape

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It’s not a secret that Net Entertainment is developing online game software. Their products are very popular due to the quality and variety of game themes. Literally every game from this manufacturer offers lovers of gambling entertainment and a new story that players will experience together with the main characters of the slot. Tornado: Farm Escape slot machine will offer everyone a story about how poor house animals escaped from their evil master with the help of a powerful hurricane. A rather unusual story of the game will appeal to any type of players and bring them unforgettable hours of fun.


The design of the Tornado slot machine is executed in pale green colors, this idea helps to convey to the players the atmosphere of the hurricane. The playing field of the slot in the question is represented by five classic game drums with three lines. Symbols play a huge role in this game. There are representatives of domestic animals, for example, a cow, a pig, a horse, a lamb and a chicken, as well as secondary symbols – these are boots, chairs, armchairs, radios and suitcases. Game drums, due to the background, appear to be in the air, because the background is a green glade and a farm that can be seen from a bird’s eye view.

The inscription with the name of the game is located on the small cloud above the game drums. To the right and left of the extreme drums there are yellow dots, that, when the winning combination is added, will turn into numbers that correspond to the number of the active line. There are several information panels under the playing field. They display the current bet and balance of the user.

At the bottom of the screen there are a few keys that will help  you in managing the game. All the changes made will be visually duplicated in the corresponding information. This function is quite convenient, because it allows you to make the gameplay easier. In general, the interface of the game is quite friendly, and there shouldn’t be any problems with using it


The process of playing the Tornado slot  is so fascinating, that dipping headlong into the story and the plot of the proposed slot is simply guaranteed. The device consists of a standard set of drums in an amount of five paylines. You can use one line at a minimum. You just need to remember that the more lines are involved, the higher your chances to win a lot more often, but the initial bets in that case will also be much higher. Before the start of the game, you will need to set the value of the game, as well as Level,  which will increase the bet. For a more accelerated gameplay, there is a special Autoplay key. If you want to play only at the maximum bet, the player can only use the Bet Max key, and he does not have to set any parameters, because they will automatically be set to the maximum.

The slot machine can be accessed by several special characters and the possibility of an additional bonus game. The additional mode assumes two rounds – Tornado and Storm. The first option Storm provides is that during any spin on the playing field, it can sweep a hurricane and turn some characters into wild symbols. Thus, this will bring players more winning combinations.

The second version of Tornado involves activation with bonus symbols. On the first drum, you need a cloud with a red arrow, and on the last cloud with a blue arrow. Progressive Jackpot or a risky game is not provided in the Tornado.


Tornado: Farm Escape slot is a quality product from the famous provider and developer of Net Entertainment’s game software. Plot of the game, amazing graphics, and beautiful music are guaranteed to conquer millions of players.

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Tornado: farm escape Reviews by Players

Antonetta Wager. Reviewed on 30.06.18
I guess I was the first player here at AskGamblers to play this game since the very first day after appearing here in these pages (about 4 weeks ago). Some games are shown in the preview here, even before they are available in casinos and I had to seek out more than an hour on Google asking “where can I play Tornado Farm Escape” to finally find with big difficulty (after I browsed some 10 pages of results) a casino where the game was available for play in virtual mode.

In that casino the game was played on 1 RON/spin (my country currency which is about 25 cents/spin) and I remember that at that time I said myself “Great, here is a slot where I would be willing to risk 50 RON” (the equivalent of about 12 Euro). However being cautious I played first in virtual mode and on the first game play I lost more than 100 RON (22 Euro) until to enter in the first round of Free Spins. Then I gave up writing a review, being at the end of the January month. Today this game became available almost everywhere and I chose Unibet Casino knowing that this is more generous. And indeed as I have expected I won now over 50 Euro in less than 300 spins. Of course I have changed my opinion I have found this slot to be great.

The story of this slot is about the animals from a US farm most probably (because only here one can see these tornadoes). The “Pigs” and “Sheep” present in the game are very nicely drawn, as they have wings and just at that moment they are be taken up by the tornado. There are also some “domestic objects” among the symbols (a suitcase, a chair, a TV, etc.) because, of course a tornado makes no difference in what it takes up in its way. The beauty of this slot are the Free Spins (when on reel 1 there is a warm cloud and on reel 5 a cold cloud) and thus a tornado happens. Unlike all other slots in the Free Spins here not the winning combinations are considered but only certain individual symbols that are gathered by the tornado in its way. From time to time there is one cloud to rain on reels that randomly bring Wilds. If you have 2-3 such Wilds the win is small, but sometimes the cloud is giving 5-6 Wilds and you will have a Big Win (see the uploads above).

Many wins here depend more on the casino where you choose to play. I sometimes lost, and sometimes I won so I will give this a standard appreciation of 7/10.
When first the tornado forms from the two clouds (hot and cold) at the beginning of Free Spins the animation takes more than 30 seconds to be completed. This happened in all casinos where I played and is pretty bad.
Octavia Kerfoot. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Every time Netent gaming released some new slot I am always thrilled, to see what would be the new game, will be my taste or not, so it should be winnings way so I would like the new slot. Although recently Netent gaming disappointed me with the new slots, especially with the newest one Invisible Man.

The new game Tornado Farm escape is really sweet new game, but what I saw I think it has no potential of big winnings, well that’s my opinion, thinking is a low variance game. So as anyone was excepting the release of the new slot I was treat, with free spins from some casinos which I am regular depositor, although few casinos has disappointed me, because I didn’t get not 1 spins from them, well fine, at least in the future I will know whom to give my money!

So the first try of the game was I can say really successful. Just because from only 5 free spins I managed to get till 17 euros from this game and the reason was I was getting the bonus round few times. The game is 5 reels with 20 pay lines which the minimum bet is 0.20 euros.

The main symbols are of course the animals and what I liked the bonus round feature and this is happening when the Cloud Cold lends on the First Reel and the Cloud Hot lends on the fifth reel, so there you will trigger the Tornado bonus game. When the Tornado bonus it’s activated, the 2 symbols which are in the middle of the reels, which one of them is always the Wild symbol and the second one of the appealing symbols.

So when the Tornado starts, every Wild and the other select symbol which previously landed on the reels, the Tornado is collecting them till X 25 the bet so the highest I managed was X 14. So when not even one symbol lands on the reels, then the bonus game has finished. I liked the game but as I previously said it doesn’t have potential of big winnings, which we all seek. Interesting fun game, but not my kind of slot, good luck!

When the Storm feature turns symbols on the last reel wild. If it does that a couple times in a row, then it can be quite frustrating if you don't have to have a winning combination reaching that far.
Deloras. Reviewed on 28.09.18
It's always a surprise what Net Entertainment brings to the table when they release a new video slot since every game tends to be different when it comes to the features. Today was the official launch of Tornado: Farm Escape at online casinos powered by NetEnt.

It's a day that I always look forward to because I generally always get spoiled with free spins for being loyal to several casinos. It means trying this game out for free while still having a shot at making real money.

So how did I fair? Let's first discuss the game Tornado: Farm Escape in depth. This video slot offers 20-paylines, 5-reels and 3-rows. There is no free spins feature or separate bonus game that makes you pick a symbol or whatever. The theme is based on farm animals as depicted in the symbols (piggy, cows, sheep's etc.).

The game is pretty straight forward but does have some new features that I certainly haven't seen much before. The minimum bet is 20 cents btw. That's the bet size I was forced to use with my free spins since they generally don't offer them higher.

The main features I'm talking about is the Tornado feature and the randomly triggered Storm Feature. The Tornado feature gets activated once you get a cloud symbol on reel 1 and 5. Once that happens the symbol on the middle of reel 3 gets chosen and sucked into some sort of bowl.

After that, the reels keep spinning and every time that symbol or a wild symbol (TV) appears, they get sucked into that bowl and increases your prize. The goal is to get more than 17 of them to earn the highest compensation for it.

I never got further than 12 of them though I believe winning like 25x bet size. The other feature is the Storm feature. When this feature appears, random symbols get turned into a wild. I had this happen a few times but it started doing that with symbols on reel 5, which of course failed to make a winning combination.

In addition, I must say base game wins are quite terrible. Nevertheless, I do find this a fun game in all honesty. I made around 16 euros of my free spins but ended up broke eventually by not being able to meet the WR. Ahh well, maybe next time more luck.

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