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tomb raider secret of the sword

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tomb raider secret of the sword Reviews by Players

Nathalie Nicodemus. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Yesterday I received a bonus of 10 Euro in a Microgaming casino that had only the instant play version and from which there were missing many good games. However the “Tomb Raider 2” was one of the slots available and since it was the only one promising some consistent wins I decided to try it. I played “Tomb Raider 2” twice.First time I played it with virtual money and I won in less than 100 spins (actually from the Global Adventure Bonus) about 1650 Euro. The second time I played it for real money, I had won about 6 Euro. This second time in the first 100 spins I entered twice the Free Spins round, and once the Bonus game.

This slot is the first one where the adventure comes first. The tension and the thrill of the game is so big that it is the first time that I felt them directly on to my skin. The background noise, music and talks between the protagonists of the adventure fit very well and make the player feel like he is really a part of the adventure.

The slot is really good also in terms of wins. The minimum bet is 30 cents/30 paylines. It is true that the second time I played I done this in a different casino and the total earnings were much smaller, but certainly I won something extra each time. Here there can be smaller wins (10-20 cents), but quite often they are accompanied by beautiful payouts of 1-3 Euro/spin.

The 10 Free spins come with a multiplier which is advanced with every win. Symbols in winning combinations disappear from the reels and they are replaced by another symbols dropping from above. Every time I had won 4-6 Euro from Free Spins. The Global Adventure Bonus is triggered when all 5 reels are activated.A reel becomes activated when in its middle is the travel “Passport”. This round is super cool, you will travel through various cities of the world and choose various containers which contains part s of the sword. Some containers are traps and they stop the Bonus Game.

As I said, maybe the slot is not the best in terms of wins (which still, in most cases they are present) , but in terms of the game thrill this slot need to be ranked 1st .
To be honest I decided to play this slot game for the first time because I was curious to see if it’s a good game and also because it is a Microgaming slot and I know that this provider has one of the best slot games collection!

I know that this slot game has a previous version but I decided to try this one because it is newer and I think its better! I saw that Redbet Casino has this slot game and I made a deposit of 20 euro to try this slot without taking any deposit bonus! This slot has 5-reels and 30 paylines,0.30$ minimum bet,nice graphics,sounds and nice characters!

I played on the lowest stake, 0.30$ because I didn’t knew the potential of this slot but finally I was very impressed about the payout rate and about the nice features!
I managed to catch the free spins about 5 times from just 20 euro that I deposited,I won 12 euro from the first set of free spins,only 5.4 euro second time and the 3rd and 4th time small amounts and I was a little bit disappointed!
I didn’t managed to catch the Global Adventure Bonus and I don’t know anything about this feature! Finally I lost my money because it wasn’t a big amount and the game stopped paying so well after 40-50 minutes of playing!

Its time to rate this slot game,it was a good experience for me because I had fun,I like the slot,the characters and the nice features! In my opinion it is a modern slot,with nice characters and nice graphics and I think it deserves a 9,for the nice features like Wild Symbol,Free Spins and Global Adventure Bonus I will give another 9,I don’t know what to say about payout rate because it paid well first time so an 8 will be great I think!
Lucrecia Ponce. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Tomb Raider II or Tomb Raider - Secret of the Sword (SOTS for short) is one of my all time favourites to use not just to win on but also to take many bonuses out of my balances. I can't believe this slot isn't as hot as Immortal Romance or Thunderstruck II. Is it because Tomb raider II lacks the way wins ability? Or do people think the Global Adventure bonus isn't worth fighting over? Whatever the reason I find Tomb Raider II to be super good despite it's limited paylines.

Out of the many times I played on this video slot I never leave my seat for hours trying to chase the glorious Global Adventure Bonus! It takes a long time to trigger so I have to find passport symbols landing in the middle of EACH reel to trigger that bonus. There will be a portent of a successful activation just by looking at the top reels holding blue lights or when a passport lands exactly in the centre of reel making a ping sound. The second I trigger the GA bonus I can choose a destination to find lost relics of the mysterious sword which appears to be the magical Excalibur. Each pick from a vase, statue, tomb or other can offer large credits which will depend on my triggering bet, a special option hiding in one pick for a bonus shootout bonus, win all (being the best) can occurs sometimes, 2x multiplier or simply bonus credits, and 2 trap symbols hiding among some of the other objects. I always put down $1.20 to make it rain cash. The unfortunate can happen sometimes when I choose the wrong picks, 2 traps can indeed end my feature...BUT...there is also a good chance to move forward if I find a showdown with Amanda. If she goes down then my second chance of continuing sees daylight, if have an idea of what happens to every feature that doesn't go well. I walked away with a total of about $130 or more when I find all the sword fragments. In the end another big reward is collected as I see the complete form of Excalibur (usually in the $30 - $40 range)!

Another great thing to add under review is the free spins. These entertain me, helping me boost my winnings while I chase the GA bonus. Rolling Reels and multipliers can boost per consecutive win are what to expect inside. All it takes is 3 scattered relics to trigger them. Rolling Free spins containing multipliers, A not so great Super mode of 5 free spins triggered randomly, huge Global Adventure Bonus that pays hard should I find all fragments (requires lots of patience to get) and overall this slot deserves a 9.6 out of 10!
Charlene Bloom. Reviewed on 25.09.18
After the success of the first Tomb Raider slot, Microgaming decided to focus on developing another version to please millions of avid slots fans. If you've played Tomb Raider 1, then you will definitely like the second version as well. It got more paylines, features and the game play is improved significantly.The full title for this game is: Tomb Raider - The Secret of the Sword. Unlike the first version, the number of paylines are increased to 30 with a minimum bet of 1 cent per payline. I used to play Tomb Raider II on €1.20 bets on average. Just like the first version the symbols are made up from Lara Croft in different positions, while the graphics of the game have been slightly improved. The bonus features are outstanding. However, one feature called the Global Adventure Bonus is incredibly hard to trigger. You have to collect passports on each reel. Once this feature is triggered you do have excellent odds to have a nice win. First time I had this feature, which took a lot of spins to activate, I easily won 100x bet size by avoiding the wrong picks. It's one creative adventurous feature not too many slots can compete with. The other feature to look out for is the randomly triggered Super Mode feature. You receive 5 free spins then and symbols are randomly turned wild. Hellboy has this feature sort of as well. It's always nice to have this feature trigger when you have no clue what's going on. First time I had this feature I won like 80x bet size completing a 5 of a kind. Eventually there is the free spins feature which gets triggered by 3 or more scatters. The fun part about the free spins is that there are rolling reels, while at the same time there is multiplier up to 5x bet size. The potential is huge and I once won 400x bet size thanks to this amazing feature and a couple of lucky wilds dropping in.Overall this is one of the better games available. Tomb Raider II gets a 8.5/10 rating from me.
Kenyetta. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword is a follow on to the original Tomb Raider and its again brought to us from Microgaming. With 30 paylines and a bonus game I was eager to get my hands on this game especially having enjoyed the first of the series so much and this did not disappoint!

The first of the bonus features that I managed to land came when I matched three of the scatters and I was awarded with free spins including rolling reels, this added up nicely for me thanks to the winning symbols within the free spins dissolving and allowing further symbols to move down the reels and twice I managed to get three further wins from a single spin :) It thankfully didn't stop there either as each of the rolling reels wins increased the multiplier from 3x to a maximum of 5x.

Having made such a significant win on minimum bet I was not long about increasing this and the wins continued coming for me, even if I wasn't managing to hit such a big win as I did initially I was still being kept well entertained by the beautiful Lara Croft and co all over my reels.

Finally upon activating all five reels I unlocked the Global Adventure Bonus, each of the reels become active by getting the passport symbol on the middle line of each reel and they then remain active until all five are activated and this bonus feature is accessed, which I really like! The Global Adventure Bonus involves having to pick between different locations around the world to find all five pieces of the missing sword. Each of the locations have their own game and while this feature is full of traps I gained some colossal rewards within this feature.

The graphics in Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword are excellent and even without Lara Croft I could easily look at this game all day. This game will certainly be added to my favorites list and have no hesitation in rating it ten out of ten!

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