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titan storm Reviews by Players

Laurene. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Titan Storm slot is powered by Next Gaming software and it has 5 reels and 243 payout possibilities. This is a game that I decided to play when I was playing at Casino Red Kings.

The minimum bet per spin is 0.25$ while the maximum is 50$. Of course when I was playing at that time I was betting at 0.25$ and 0.50$, in the beginning it was going well but also it had some serious ups and downs. I only picked this game because of it's name I didn't quite know anything about it, but as I was playing I did learn a lot.

First of all the wild symbol, it can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 also the cool thing about this wild is that not only does it substitute for all symbols it also substitutes for scatter symbol which. At that given moment I thought it was pretty cool since it would give a greater chance to hit the scatter bonus, but as I was playing it simply wouldn't appear. But since I saw later that scatter symbol also appears at reels 2, 3 and 4 the chances were the same. So after about 40 minutes it finally happened I hit the bonus for 10 FS and with that bonus every five of a kind win will be multiplied by 5x and also this bonus can be triggered again for another 10 FS. But I wasn't so lucky to retrigger it and also I wasn't so lucky since my payout was only 8$ at that time. After that I continued playing but the slot was getting cold and I eventually lost all my balance.

Overall this is a good game, it does have some potential for big payouts if you are lucky enough within the FS feature. 8/10 from me and a recommend to try out this game.
Titan Storm slot from NextGen has mythological theme and I like these kinds of games because there are lot of rooms for creators to prove their skill and imagination to mix reality with supernatural and enchant me by some great pictorial solutions. Strangely, at Titan Storm I must divide the appearance of the game two parts because the background image is fantastic I get from it what I initial hoped. The designer wasn’t afraid of using the very vivid, bright and powerful colours from green to purple and illustrated a very unusual but still harmonizing image where we can see meadow and mountains as well as planets and outer space but on the other hand I don’t really like what I can see at reels and the symbols. There the graphics are not too great and I don’t find the illustrations of the card elements very fitting to the theme and I also have issues with the overall design of the interface as I think the reel area are too small compared to the entire screen and in my opinion the proportion of this area and the visibility of background image must be reverse.
So I have a so-so feeling when I look at this game and still I wasn’t able to decide whether I like the appearance quality of this slot or not.

The game represents the lately became very popular 243-ways-to-win type products and because of it we have all the right to expect much from the game in money wise and features standpoint but to be honest I can’t really get what I liked to have here. The features are not so great and the power of that symbols that could do some magic are mainly limited. For example if I look at the Wild, it hasn’t got own paying ability and doesn’t multiply the wins and only appears on the 3 inner reels. The Scatter also can work only the inner reels and its best paying ability (max. 50 times of total bet) also can be better.

These 2 function symbols take the responsibility to trigger the only bonus game of the slot as we need 3 Scatter and/or Wilds to trigger 10 free spins. During that session only the 5 of a kind type win is positively discriminated as this is the only one possibility for a multiplier value to be involved but at least a great x5 multiplier is added to that win.

Otherwise, it’s not a good free spin feature and overall my disappointment is not just applied to this extra sequence but somehow the entire game doesn’t seem to be a well-rewarding one because of the much more winning options what the multi-payline attribute promised, this slot just can’t live up my expectations (except the well-known and loved great gambling feature which is a very good thing that this game offers it because the players very need it if they want to achieve any real big win) and at the end of the day it can’t cause and pleasure or delight for me. I’m sure with better game settings this product could have been much more impressive and I really think that the creators have left much things on the table. Sorry to say that but Titan Storm isn’t able to follow the footsteps of other popular and fan favorite ‘243’ video slots.
Bennie. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Somewhere on a plain located exactly at the foot of mountains enveloped in some story clouds a few titans have met. I would have said that these titans are directly taken from the ancient Greek mythology, if one of the slot symbols would not be have been a mythical creature with a crown of feathers, somewhat similar to the characters of legend from North or South America. Apart from this creature (whose appearance here is at least strange) there are found also two classic titans (him and her) and also a legendary sword. This is the “Titan Storm” slot which has 243 ways to win and is part of the NextGen Gaming (casinos ranked in the third place among the players preferences). Generally the slot is pretty good, but all enjoyable aspects are always accompanied by a few weaknesses.

The first nice part is beautiful story of this slot. The modern design that comes together with an epic music makes the game to play alert and “catch” the attention of the players from the first spins. I played the slot in full screen (in Noxwin casino) and it is totally different than when you play directly from its AskGamblers page. The second good part is that for all “3 of a kind” the payouts are about equal to the total bet of 25 cents and this bet is small and inviting for a slot having “all ways wins”. However wins are not so frequent but always the amount available to play remains about the same. The “5 of a kind” combinations are quite easily obtained when some bright columns appear on the plain in the background of the slot. Here you will never win nor lose extraordinarily and I guess that the return of the slot is somewhere around 98%.
The third good news is that playing this slot the Wilds are also Scatters and so you expect to enter the Free Spins more often.

About the Free Spins I do not know what to say: in the first 300 spins I have never played this round, and then I played them 2 times at only one spin difference. And then in the last 150 spins I played again twice these Free Spins.

The slot is good indeed, but it was possible to be almost perfect if some weak parts of it were removed.
As I said the slot has also a few weaknesses. Even if the payouts for “3 of a kind” are about equal to the, for all “5 of a kind” the slot only pays 1-2 Euro and this amount brings you to exasperation. You frequently expect to win fabulous and actually you always win 1 Euro. And this fact says its word when you play 300 spins. You begin to enter into lose (not much, maybe 10 to 15 Euro) and there you never succeed again to be even with these losses. The second weak fact is the Free Spins round: even now for “5 of a kind” the slot pays 5x the value from paytable, in 10 spins you will never win more than 1-3 Euro (and you will never have “5 of a kind”!). Maybe only 2-3 spins are winning and thus the Free Spins round is even more disappointing than the RTG Free Spins!

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