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Arlen. Reviewed on 02.07.18
I myself have just started gambling and i must say it could make you very happy or very sad in a matter of seconds. I especially hate it when two first scatters( Video Slots with bonus or free spins) come out on reels one and two and the third scatted never shows up or passes few times and never comes out, you know what i mean? Its horrible :( But to every story there are two sides, and some times, on a good day, you make a right choice and pick a good game - and it takes you on a roller coaster of excitement. And today i will tell you of a day just like that.

My friend Matt used to always ask me to join Ladbrokes Casino. He use to always brag about ' how easy it was to cash out and how cool their games were'. You can walk into any Ladbrokes and cash out your money on the same day he use to say. So i join them. You must admit it is pretty handy to be able to go to Ladbrokes and withdraw money from your online account. Anyways i signed up and deposited €20 euro. I contacted the live help and asked them not to give me any bonus on my first deposit. Just in case i got lucky, so i don't have to complete any cash out requirements. And that was the first good decision of the day:)

So i download the casino and open it up. The first thing that i saw, was the game Thunderstruck 2. Cool looking game i thought. I didn't want to rush so i clicked games and started looking through. I was looking for something, i myself didn't know what it was, but i knew that once i see it i will know. Avalon, Big Break, Cashville, Dragons Loot - they all looked good but just didn't feel right. I think everyone who plays slots would know what i mean by that:)

At all times i would be thinking of Thunderstruck 2. Something was pulling me towards it. So i open up Thunderstruck 2 and put the bet to €0.30 per spin. I never read the pays because i like to be surprised. On my first spin - i get nothing. Not that lucky:) After about 10 spins I got 3 hammers, and that took me into the "Great Hall of Spins". In this game, if you get 3 hammers or more 5 times it opens up a new feature. I think its great because that way it keeps you interested in playing, makes you want to find out the next feature. So obviously because it was my first feature it took me into Valkyrie bonus. 10 free spins with 5x multiplier and it is also the only feature were free spins could be retriggered. It wasn't too bad i got €25 in that feature. I stayed on low bets so i can unlock all of the features.

Loki was next. With 15 free spins with wild magic feature. If wild magic lands on reel 3 it awards more wilds all over the reels. To be honest i didn't like this feature. I never won more that €10 and the wild magic will be almost impossible to get.

Odin was next with 20 free spins and the wild raven feature. When the feature starts you will see two ravens on top of the reels. With every spin one or two ravens would fly down to reel and award wilds with multipliers 2x or 3x. Good feature. Highest i got on it was €74 and lowest was €20

The last feature. The one you get after you got 3 or more hammers 15 time is THOR. Awesome. It awards you with 25 free spins with rolling reels and multipliers( from2x to 5x). Which means that if you get a winning combination it burns out, And the reels continue to tumble down.

I have played for hours. I promised to myself that once i get to the last feature i will bet max (€3) per spin. I had around €60 and i was willing to risk it all.
I raised my bet and started playing. €10 down and nothing, another €10- nothing, €10 more and nothing. Maybe it was a bad idea i thought. But it was too late. As a good gambler i knew when to quit - NEVER. So i continued. I had around €20 left and boom. I get 3 hammers. Nice one. I pick the Thor feature and click start. This is it, i thought to myself. All or nothing, if its meant to be-then its meant to be.
The spins are finishing and i am not winning anything. I think i was on 18th spin and i only won like €8. "CMON" - i was screaming at the monitor. I was keeping track of every reel. I look down and the first three reels come out identical. They burn out and the following reels are identical too. And they continue to fall - All identical. WHAAAAAT- this cant be, im thinking. At the mean time the multiplier has gone up to 5x and the reel are still coming out identical. WILDS come out on the first three reels and that burned away the 4th reel. And with every spin more things will burn away and more money i will get. I couldn't believe it. I was in heaven. 5 reels burning and more to come. After about 10 minutes the first three reels came out different - and this ride was completed. I looked down to see how much money i have and it was €2156. YE BABY. I did it. I believed in it and it happened.

I stopped playing straight away, and dint even try to get The WildStorm feature. This feature is random, so you don't need to get any combinations. When you do get it though- Thor lands on the reels and turns them wild. It could be from 1 to 5 wild reels.

Anyways, i will never forget that day. I withdrew money to my bank account and after 3 days it was there. Ladbrokes thank you very much. Thunderstruck 2 is definitely one of my favorite games. i definitely recommend it to everyone. If anyone else had that happen to them, please share it. I love stories like that.
Reanna. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pros: Thunderstruck II is famous microgaming game. I think this is one of the most popular microgaming game, but nowadays people for some reasons prefer IR than TS II, but i am prefer this game than IR.

First of all, game is very beauty, and sounds are also great. Here i can't find anything bad, microgaming designers did their job very good.
I had a lot of personal experience this game, and i think i played this game at a lot of casinos, but most times i play it at betat and 32red. I am this man, who make a lot of spin on this game, but never had at least 4 wild reels during wild storm. My best result on this game is x 600 during second feature, when this green god help me to win a lot of money at 0.9 bet.

Second feature is also my favorite feature, and i think most people choose this feature. Of course for such insane variance game i had a lot of bad streaks, also had a lot of good streaks. Game is really amazing, and i will not even spoil all the features and things, most likely you already know them all, but if you never played this game and reading my review, you should stop right now and just try this game.My best hit on base game i did not remember exact amount, but for 3 wild reels in wild storm i get something like x 300 total bet, which is great result i think. For some reasons i like wild storm more than wild vine feature on immortal romance.

This is definitely legendary game, and also this is of course amazing game which will not player to start boring. I give to thunderstruck II 10 stars, amazing game. It is always a pleasure to open it and start gambling.
Cons: Disappointing things about this slot is the low jackpot pot which is not a conventional thing on slot like these.
Thunderstruck 2 is one my all time favourite Microgaming sequels to play! I first tried this slot a few years ago and have loved it ever since. Thunderstruck 2 is based on the Norse god Thor and Viking Mythology. Main Symbols include Thor, Odin, Loki, Valhalla, Valkyries, wild TH2 and Hammer scatter symbol.The reason I really like Thunderstruck 2 is because although it can run very cold often after the run of dead spins it can go bananas! I once had really poor session then all of Sudden I strike 5 Thor with wilds earning me £90 on £1.20 bet! Another time I had just come off a good feature on Secret Admirer straight onto Thunderstruck 2 and within 15 mins I hit 5 valkyries 2 ways with wilds on a 90p bet winning me £42! On too many occasions to mention I have won on this slot it is ideal for bankroll building well it was for me!So with a base game like that the free spins can’t possibly be that good right? Oh, but they can! Firstly players must obtain 3 or more hammer scatters to unlock the great hall of spins. The first stage of spins is Valkyries 10 free spins with 5x multiplier (this is my favourite). Once they have unlocked free spins 5 times they move on to Loki 15 free spins with extra wild. This pattern continues for Odin 20 free spins with wild multipliers delivered by ravens and lastly if you trigger 15 times you get to Thor! 25 free spins with rolling reels and consecutive multipliers up to x5 to make big wins possible. Free spins can only be re-triggered fully on Valkyries but on Loki players are awarded 1 extra, 2 extra, 3 extra etc depending how many scatters they land.Perhaps the most rare bonus feature for me to ever get is Wildstorm. Thor drops down from the top of the screen and can turn up to 5 reels wild! Meaning players even betting minimum can win a maximum of £2,430 if they get all reels wild! Even without managing this insanely rare feat they will find Wildstorm to often be profitable.In Summary Thunderstruck 2 is definitely one of my all time favourites as I have picked up some cracking wins on this! Here is my ProS and Cons:ProsNice GraphicsGood paytableEnough bonus rounds to pick from and the elusive wildstorm featureDoubling WildPossible re-trigger (Valkyries)243 ways to winCoNsCan run cold at times so again I recommend have at least £20-25 bankroll to play.Sometimes lags for meCan be difficult to leave as it’s so fun to play!I give Thunderstruck 2 9/10 I have had some great session on this slot and perhaps should play it more often again!Bigdk88
Jerald. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Pros: What? Writing a review on Thunderstruck 2, after all this years? Hmm, I have told you many times before that I was never a big fan of any Microgaming game, right? So there you go, after all these years, after many intermittent plays, only now I could muster up my keenness to finally write a review on this damn popular game. I may be Rip Van Winkle to you, but who cares! But now, I'm gonna rip, I'm gonna vent, I'm gonna wrinkle this Thunderstruck 2 game...if I can! Hahaha.

Most of you may already be familiar with this game, but please allow me to briefly say a few things nonetheless. Thunderstruck II is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pay 1000x the line bet, and doubles all wins with it too. Thor's Hammer is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pay 200x the total bet, getting 3 or more of them award entry into The Great Hall of Spins, with 4 eventual choices of free spins features to choose from. Probably the best feature of all to aim for is the Wild Storm feature, randomly activated in the base game, turning up to 5 reels into full Wilds, as in Wild Desire of Immortal Romance. As if you didn't know hah? Hehehe. Thor is the highest paying normal symbol, at 500x the line bet for 5 of him, followed by 450x for Odin, 400x for Loki, 350x for Valkyrie, and 300x down to 100x the line bet for the other lower symbols.

The 4 Free Spins games are Valkyrie, offering 10 free spins with 5x multiplier, the only Free Spins game that can be retriggered, Loki is the second, offering 15 free spins with a Wild Magic feature that randomly transforms other symbols into Wilds, the third is Odin, offering 20 free spins with Wild Raven feature that turns random symbols into 2x and 3x multipliers, and the last, Thor, offering 25 free spins with Rolling Reels feature for multiple wins and with 2x up to 5x win multipliers. Which of these 4 are the best? Hmm, very hard to say, because each one can explode and pay out huge at any unexpected time, but I tend to prefer Loki and Odin a little bit more than Valkyrie or Thor. You may like any other one, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

Game play wise, Thunderstruck II is the predecessor to Immortal Romance, so is in fact the originator of any other similarly playing game. The original Thunderstruck game plays with only 9 paylines and is nothing like Thunderstruck II at all. Comparatively, I now prefer Thunderstruck II than Immortal Romance, simply because Immortal Romance has lied to me so many times before with its zero, almost zero, and ridiculously low payouts from its numerous Wild Desire features! About 4 out of 10 Wild Desire features would pay less than 1x the total bet and I've had 3 straight consecutive times with zero payouts! Just imagine that! No doubt I've also had a zero payout from the Wild Storm feature, but only once in awhile, and never yet consecutively.
Cons: Honestly speaking, I simply hate any 'special feature' that tend to pay out nothing! If it's a special feature, as in Wild Storm or Wild Desire features, then it MUST PAY something to justify its appearance! Can you ever expect any world-class celebrity to turn up at your special function without getting paid for his/her special appearance? Not on your life they won't! So Wild Storm and Wild Desire should do the same too! Paying nothing for something 'special' is a lot of bull-you-know-what to me!

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