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Overview “Thunderfist” slot by NetEnt

The subject of martial arts, which is very popular among players, is often found on the screens of emulators. Therefore, the developers of Net Entertainment, choosing the story of one of the clans as a story, set themselves a really serious task – to surpass the slot machines of competing companies. And, of course, they did it – the audience was presented with a “Thunderfist” slot machine, the drums of which store the secrets of the most ancient military techniques. The maximum winning is astronomical 1215000 coins, and the return of the made bets is claimed in 96.7%. Be sure to play in the demo of this video slot for free and without registration. This slot machine will instantly take you from the house to the bamboo thickets where the martial arts master and his assistants are already waiting for you. Bright characters represented in the attacking positions, and the symbol of the Master, located on different parts of the drum, in general is able to surprise the player. All this looks the best against a green background, and even in the frame of golden-yellow branches of bamboo. Even more realistic gameplay is given by musical fragments, which are chosen as melodic oriental chimes.

Interesting Features

The interface of the “Thunderfist” slots is identical to that of other video slots of NetEnt – there are no innovations for developers. Among the main controls in the video slot:

  • ability to select the level of rates – button Level;
  • choice of coin denomination – Coin Value button;
  • maximum bet – Max Bet button;
  • Start the auto game – the Autoplay button.
  • Information windows display additional information:
  • the amount of bet is shown in the Bet window;
  • the total number of coins in the Coins window;
  • total winnings are reflected in the Win window.
  • In the advanced settings, it is possible to adjust or completely turn off the sound, change the graphics quality and activate the fast spin function.

Payments can be divided into the following groups:

  • Younger symbols – represented in the form of playing cards made from intertwined bamboo sticks. They will bring from two to 25 bets on your account;
  • The main characters in the “Thunderfist” by NetEnt are characters that fight in different styles. With them you will get from 10 to 100 coins;
  • Special symbols, or rather special techniques, without which simply cannot do:
  1. Wild symbol is a gray-haired Master who not only has super abilities to replace losing combinations with prize money, but also can fall on one, two or even three cells of the drum;
  2. The Scatter symbol is a golden gong on which a dragon image is carved. When there are three to five such symbols on the screen, the player will be given the right to free spins, which can be from 10 to 20;
  3. Free Spins will open on an additional, this time a blue screen, and the accompanying lightning bolt will determine the multiplication factor during such rotations (from x2 to x5).

How to Play & Real Money Versions

As it has already been mentioned, “Thunderfist” provides quite a good income, but before you start playing for real money, you need to choose the appropriate online casino. Among the great deal of online casinos that exist today, you need to choose one that has a good reputation and reviews of regular customers. After completing the registration procedure, you can start the game and earn money!

Lines & Reel Strips

“Thunderfist” slot is a game without usual pay lines, but this does not prevent you from getting a prize – here prize combinations are formed by using different symbols on the adjacent drums. This time the player will be offered immediately 243 winning combinations. In addition, the following characteristics will be a good weapon in your hands:

  • Number of drums – 5;
  • Number of winning lines – 243;
  • The cost of one coin is from $ 0.01 to $ 0.50;
  • The maximum bet is $ 125;
  • Expected percentage of payments – 96.7%;
  • The maximum payout is 1215000 coins;
  • Wild symbol – yes;
  • Scatter – yes;
  • Free spins – yes. With a random multiplier during free games from 2 to 5;
  • Bonus game – no;
  • Progressive jackpot – no;
  • Doubling game – no.

Bonus Rounds

There are no thematic bonus rounds in the “Thunderfist” slot.

Variations of this slot

Free “Thunderfist” slot machines or fun for money – casino players can choose any option. Victory is waiting for everyone, one can earn real money! On the five drums of the emulator there are prize combinations (there are 243 of them all), which bring pleasant payments. Gambling aspire to collect the best combination by running a virtual machine. And in the online device “Thunderfist” the maximum award is promised five images of a soldier in a red kimono. With the help of the demo mode offered by different casinos, you can learn special symbols. They were a gold coin (a scatter) and a gray-bearded old man (a wild element). The scatter symbol for free activates 10 to 20 free spins with a random multiplier x2 – x5. The image of the old man can be stretched to the entire drum, replacing the missing elements in the combination. One can play without registration by selecting free vending machines or entertainment for fun.

Rules and features

Playing within the slot “Thunderfist” will bring a great deal of pleasure! Firstly, it has fairly simple rules, and therefore even a novice player can study them. Secondly, this slot is able to offer increased winnings, and the risk in this case is minimal. Third, it has quite an interesting gameplay, and therefore play it will be interesting even without using real money. “Thunderfist” was developed by the well-known company Net Entertainment. This time, she decided to use an unusual theme, creating a slot machine dedicated to martial arts. In addition, she increased the maximum prize, which now amounts to more than 1 million coins.

As for running the gaminator, then everything is simple. First you need to select the value of one game coin and the bet amount, and after simply “spin” the five reels by clicking on the large button on the control panel. The turntables will start spinning, and then they will have different symbols. Some of them may be the same. If one row is built from three or more identical pictures, then you will get a win.

History of “Thunderfist”

Eastern culture is one of the most mysterious on the planet. Particularly relevant this statement becomes when the player launches in his favorite virtual club game slots “Thunderfist”. They suggest that you take a couple of lessons in martial arts. To test one’s strength upon the tatami the player will have with quite serious rivals, which are far from the first year of faithfully store the ancient fighting techniques. Win in a difficult battle and get for the courage and bravery of a large amount of gold coins. Casino players have a great opportunity not just to spend time in an interesting company, but also in a matter of minutes to improve your financial status.


“Thunderfist” is great for medium and large games. Make a multiple of 10 euros. Unusually, brightly, stylishly – here’s the first thing that comes to mind when you start “Thunderfist” slots game. Well, it becomes even more interesting – partially or completely appearing on the screen Wild symbol and free rotation with coefficients up to x5. It can serve for playing at small and medium stakes. Due to wild symbols, the whole drum can give out a really large amount in the mode of free spins. Winning combinations in the slot machine are formed with a probability of 36.22%. A little more than a third of the rotation will be successful. Free backs are encountered with a frequency of 0.81%. And this means that every 123 launch, according to statistics, is able to activate the bonus. The prize fund is distributed as follows: 65% for payments in ordinary backs, and 35% for bonuses.

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Thunderfist Reviews by Players

Simon. Reviewed on 30.06.18

Thunderfist is one more netent game, and it is rare 243 lines game from this company. I play this game many times, and can say that it is amazing option for those, who love lot of wilds, and many lines to pay. Games had medium variance, and it means that you can get a lot of playtime without losing a lot of money. This is great, and i use this slot to play when i am extremely bored, and did not have money to make big deposit. Even 20$ is enough to have great time playing this slot, and i use it many times for this reason.

As i said, this game had stacked wilds on all reels, and free spins feature, on which any win will be randomly multiplier by 2x - 5x multiplier. There is a lot of wilds, so payouts for 5 of a kinds not so big, but for lot of wilds + good multiplier , payout can be great. Best my achievement on this game is 200 x total bet and it is nice result with such medium variance game. Sometimes i had bad streaks on its, but only few times, probably2 - 3 no more. So generally, at this game most likely you will not get some nice win to post screenshot, but with few not big wins it is possible to boost balance nicely, and go to next slot which you want.

Conclusion: Here we have amazing and beaty slot, which will not eat all money within few minutes. Slot for killing some time and boring, and with a chance to get some nice win. I think this game of course deserve 8 stars rating, because i can not say anything bad about it, everything with it looks more than OK, and it is pleasure to open such games. I hope to see some new good 243 liners from netent.

This is a very cool looking game with amazing graphics and epic sound effects. I play this game a lot and could tell you straight away it is pretty hard to get a big win on this game, because the pays are very small.

There are 243 lines in this game and a minimum bet is €0.25. I played this game on €0.25 or €0.50 and only had one good run on this game. I am not saying that I lost all of the other times, I actually did not, but I did not make more than €10 on them.

There is a couple if things that I like about this game. The wilds can cover the whole reel and if you get them on all reels you could win tonnes. I guess that is the ultimate goal in this game and I hope to get it once:)

Another thing that I like is the free spins feature. It is possible to get up to 20 free spins in this game but I never managed to get them. You need five scatters to get it, but I only managed to get three. Three scatters awarded me with 10 spins and a random multiplier from 2 to 5. On a bet of €0.50 I won around €20. The funny thing is I was getting good wins but the pays were very small. That is what really bothers me and I hope they do something about it. Maybe make a second part with better wins.

Over all the game is awesome but the pays are horrible. I think that is why the game is not very popular. If the pays were bigger I would have given this game a high rating. As it is now and If I was to rate this game I would give it 5 out of 10.
This is interesting slot from net entertainment with 243 lines. Netent have no many games with so many lines, and it is pleasure to play this games.

Idea of slot is kung-fu, or something like this. Here is fighters with different weapons, and also i think this slot can make me think about china or japan. Interesting and funny idea.

In this game stacked wilds appears very often. It is presented on every reel, and this is good. I never get all wilds, but once i had first 3 reels of wilds, and good pictures after them. This slot can provide free spins, for this needed at least 3 scatters, 3 scatters gives 10 free spins, 4 scatters 20 free spins, and 5 scatters can award with 30 free spins. Free spins have multiplier system, after any win lightning will choose multiplier between 2 x and 5 x. Best hit on free spins for me was 700 euros on 1.5 euro bet, i get a lot of wilds, and start praying for multiplier, and somehow lightning choose x 5, this was my best free spins round on this slot. Usually i win on it something like 50 - 100 euros at different bets.

I use to play this slot from start of my gameplay, it can boost balance quickly, but free spins is of course should be triggered for multiplier, because in main game wins not so cool, only if 5 wilds, but i did not know what chances of this. Sometimes this slot send me to bad world, and i can not trigger freespins for a long period of time. Interesting slot i like it.I remembered how once i open this slot and somehow click max bet, i thought this is end for me, but i won x 5 my total bet, and on max bet this was really great win, and i am was happy.
Nanci. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Hello, Thunderfist is one of those NetEnt-slots with 5-reels and where you can win 243-ways. When I think of 243-ways to win-slots, Microgaming mostly comes to my mind, and have to say that in NetEnt, I have played more other type of slots. However, some that kind of slots are worthy of mentioning and Thunderfist is certainly one of them.

Thunderfist is Chinese Kung Fu-themed slot and in background you can see bamboo-forest and characters in that slot are traditional Asian warriors from different ages and both sexes. Stacked Wild-symbol looks like Emperor, though difficult to say is he meant to be real dictator or rather some kind of demon. :D Scatters-symbol is Golden Dragon, and dragon is good symbol in Asian-culture and "Big Win"-text comes, when you have got big win, and fire seems to hit against water. :) In my opinion graphics are very original and have to say that I like those. :)

I remember when Thunderfist was very new slot and these Stacked Wilds were fascinating. Sometimes they made even whole reel to wild and because Stacked Wilds are very common in Thunderfist, it is very common to get often small winnings. I have played it sometimes, and earlier even quite often and in many different casinos, but in last few months, I have played more other slots. I have played it with many different bets; From minimum-bet, which is 25 cents, to 2,50 euro. Often I have got small winnings, and few times also big wins. I have not ever been disappointed of Thunderfist. :)

I have somekind of love-hate relationship to scatters of Thunderfist. Often it feels very annoying when you get just two scatters, which give you nothing, not even your bet back, like in many other slots. I have got three scatters quite rarely and never more, so I have got always only 10 free spins, instead of 15 or 20. Because Stacked Wilds comes very often also during free spins and every time when you win, there is random multiplier, where lightning hits to multipliers, and choose does it multiplies your winnings 2x, 3x, 4x or even 5x, I have often got very good winnings from those free spins. So, even if it is difficult and rare to get free spins, those free spins are very good, better than in many other slots. :)

Thunderfist was once one of my favourites, but nowadays there is much more slots, what I have played instead of Thunderfist, but I am sure that I will play it someday again and that nice old slot is worthy of recommending for other gamblers too. Nice graphics, you often win something and possibility to win big and 243 ways to win. ;)

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