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Theme park: tickets of fortune

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Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune allows you to return to your childhood for a minute, where joy is unreasonable, and the weekend is expected with special ecstasy, because parents promised an interesting adventure – a trip to the amusement park. Virtual visit to the amusement park and recreation will give you a chance to receive grand prizes and positive emotions, a kind of  a “luck ticket”. The choice in favor of a free game will allow you to familiarize yourself with the nuances of controlling the device, to enjoy the look of bright pictograms,and their extraordinary functions.


The design of the emulator deserves special attention. It seems that the whole essence of the fun is embodied in the use of different colors, skillfully selected by the developers of Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune. Modern design, the use of cartoon graphics, pleasant soundtrack, will fill the player’s soul with happiness and fun, creating a fertile ground for victories.

The background of the slot is a panorama typical of the evening park moon: a colorful swing, a Ferris wheel; booths of roller coaster; colorful balls floating in the air, flashing lights of garlands. The saturation of the color scale causes positive emotions, increasing the level of cognitive activity of the player and drawing attention to amusing entertainment. The emulator control panel is located at the bottom of it; it consists of traditional keys that are easy to learn in a few minutes.


The functionality of the slot machine consists of 5 reels with 25 lines, which are fixed – their number can not be changed. A user who starts a game process must assign a bet to each line (Level). In case you choose a free game, the bet is virtual. If you want to play to the maximum, just press the Max Bet button. It is worth pointing out the value of the coin. The drums are rotated after you on the Spin button.

Game interface of Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune contains numerous indicators, through which the player watches the size of the win, the bet on the spin, the current balance value. The gaming machine is endowed with the ability to produce automatic spins (Auto Play); it is convenient for the user who wants to relax in front of the monitor, watching the immediate process of the game.


The task of the gamer is to create effective combinations. They are arranged traditionally, from left to right, the chips are aligned in a continuous sequence, beginning with the leftmost drum number 1. During the game, with the help of special symbols, the following bonus rounds are opened, which can bring wonderful prizes. The standard bonus mode Theme Park Ticket determines the number of “luck tickets” for the user who unwinds the roulette wheel.

After this, it is necessary to decide on the choice of one of the six attractions that are different in originality and attract the visitor to the virtual park for a long time. That way, in the presence of 10 tickets, a gamer shoots  ducks, choosing a game-shooter, and receiving large multiplication factors; 7 game tickets promise profitable fishing; 5 – useful tags for players; 3 – send the user to break down towns from cans; 2 – power attraction with a sledgehammer; and 1 ticket will appeal to lovers of boxing.

The next additional mode – Park Bonus Wheel, it begins with the roulette spin, but its sectors will offer the user the multiplication factors and the best virtual park entertainment that you should definitely visit.

The third variant of the additional mini-game will be pleased with fun, familiar from childhood. A virtual claw that captures certain toys, and  rewards the user with prize payments that are credited to his balance.


This slot machine is very exciting. Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune will surely appeal to players who appreciate the branched out algorithms of the session, and the presence of numerous bonus rounds

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune ratio exceeds 96%, promising an indispensable success. The chance to visit a wonderful virtual amusement park and purchase happy golden tickets for free is worth choosing the fascinating slot Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune.

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Theme park: tickets of fortune Reviews by Players

Beckie Littlefield. Reviewed on 02.06.18
This week one of my favorite casinos has launched a campaign to promote the new game from “NetEnt” called “Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune” and heeding the call, I decided to give it a look to see what it is.

This video slot, which by the way it has been released by NetEnt during the month of June, has a layout of 5 x 3 reels and a number of paylines of 50, for which the player only has to pay 25 credits in total per spin, and maybe this causes prices of paytable may tend to be a bit low, but that does not matter because the “raison d'etre” of this game seems to be located more on its special features than in the formation of regular lines, and thinking a little better, I do not think I personally have some reason for complaining about my winnings made during the base game.

I have to say that I think “Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune” is one of the most fun slots I've played this year, to the point of laughing out loud literally, especially while I've been playing some park attractions included in special features of this great slot.

The first feature that you will surely note just in your first turns, is the rapid decline of a roller coaster train where each wagon is a wild symbol and therefore when it stops this train will become stacked wilds; by the way, I usually like to use stop button to try to get stacked wilds, and although I cannot asseverate it, I think this has worked well for me on this game.

The amusement park is made up of a variety of games well known by us as Punch Bag, Can Tower, Sledge Hammer, Skee Ball, Fishing, and Duck Shot.

To these games, you can access directly from the “Theme Park Bonus Wheel” feature or by using tickets you can obtain either during this same feature or in the feature “Theme Park Ticket Game.” In order to access the first feature, you need it appears, on the reel 5, only a special symbol represented by a wheel of fortune icon and the word “bonus” on it. To access the second mentioned feature, we have to get 3 scatters.

One aspect I love about this slot is that scatters only appear on reels 3, 4, and 5, which for me it means a real advantage because these scatters, on that position, interfere very little with formation of common lines.

The best thing that can happen on this slot is that you achieve to get many tickets in any of the wheels of fortune intended for this purpose; personally, the greatest number of tickets I could get it was 22 and I have spent all of them in the three most expensive attractions, so I was shooting ducks, fishing and putting balls into holes; the more tickets it costs to play a game, the greater its winning potential; this time and only in these three attractions, I won about 103 times my total bet, which is much in my opinion for a game that usually doesn’t bleed your balance during the base game.

As it is about having fun and winning, then NetEnt, not satisfied with all the features already mentioned, it has arranged that on reel 5 it also appears the icon of a mechanical claw to trigger “Claw Feature” which can grant you an instant award between 2 and 15 times your total bet; what a nice gift!

If you ask me, “Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune” slot is a game not to be missed, I just hope that NetEnt lets this remains so generous in the future. By now, “fantastic” would be the word I would use to describe it.
Arron Steverson. Reviewed on 30.06.18
If you like fun parks and roller coasters then Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Slot is a must slot to play. Its theme of course is the fun parks and the different games you can play in them. Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Slot is like the most new Netent recent releases with many features and bonus games but on the other hand the wins on the base game are low and also from the features winning over 50 times the bet seems impossible to get. There is also no free spins feature on this slot. At least it is very entertaining to play, you can have a lot of fun like you are in the fun park.

The graphics of the slot are very nice, kind of childish which is ok since we are talking about a theme park. The only problem I have about its graphics it is that it makes the slot a bit laggy, they are too heavy for this slot, it could be that I have my pc is getting old but on the other hand it is a slot game and not a pc game that needs heavy graphics.

The game has a minimum bet of 0.25 and since it has 50 lines, the payouts of the symbols are too low, since you are playing with 0.01 cent per 2 lines if we assume that you play with minimum bet. The wilds are stacked but they are only on the reels 2,3 and 4.

As I said there are many features on this slot which can be triggered with the 3 scatters which appear only on reel 3,4 and 5 or with the Theme park bonus symbols which appears only on reel 5. During the bonus feature you win tickets and with these tickets you can buy your entry to the different bonus games it has. The bonus games are nice but they do not have big potential for big wins.

So Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Slot is a very entertaining slot but I do not play it a lot since I do not believe it is my kind of slot because it has so low winning potential.
When NetEnt released this new game, I myself wasn't excited at all about it, but getting free spins to try out this new game meant playing it for free, and nobody in the right frame of mind would refuse that. Needless to say, the few plays using free spins all ended up empty for me, with more of getting disappointments than of fun! If that wasn't bad enough, I had even made a few deposits to give the game a chance to prove me wrong, but I wasn't wrong at all. Not one single game proved to be fun. Not one single game gave me a win. Not any win paid me more than 20x my total bet! Theme Park is yet another totally hyped up game to me, promising lots of fun and entertainment, promising good decent wins, but I got none of such things. Not once, but for over 10 separate tries so far, so I don't think I can be that wrong! I would rather go and play at a Water Theme Park than to play at this Theme Park. It's a big no-no for me!
Herman. Reviewed on 26.09.18
This would be my first theme park theme type of slot that I am to play online. Theme Park Tickets of Fortune is a 50 payline slot that Netent released today. Should I start by saying how interesting this slot look when is saw it was due for release, but when actually playing the slot I just got more and more disappointed. I thought this would be a good come back for Netent since their "Football Champions Cup" game was disappointing but this game is even more disappointing.

Maybe I did not have a good run or the game was not in a good mood, I don’t know but this is definitely a game that I do not see myself playing in the long run. The theme, the graphics and colours variation look awesome and interesting. I will give it at least 3 points for that.

Now let me start off with the wilds. Sure it has stacked wilds, but wilds do not come often, nor does it land on the reels in a full stacked form easily. You will often see 1 or 2 wilds appear on the reels. I was hoping that I would at least get a chance for 2 full stacked wilds in my session, but that didn’t happen either

The payout for the main game were poor and very low. I mostly received small wins, even 4 of kind on some symbols doesn't even win my total bet. Took about 90 spins to trigger the feature. I normally win between 4 – 6 tickets. I got the feature 3 times and the most I won was 8 tickets.I think the theme park ticket wheel should at least have a number 4 and 5 ticket winning prize as well.

I must say the bonus games this game has to offer has some really good payouts at times. Most of the bonus rounds pay between x2 – 50 or 100 your bet. I think the best bonus games would be the fishes and duck bonus games. These games would require 7 and 10 tickets respectively, however the average ticket earning potential is about 5 – 6. The most I won from a bonus round was x25 my bet and in main game x13 my bet. This game would need you to be placing big bets in order to generate some decent winnings, as well as time and patience. This is not a slot to make you rich, similar like your Football Champions Cup.

I will give this game another run at a later stage, but this is definitely not my cup of tea for the long run.
Marietta. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Slot is one of the newest video slot from NetEnt software provider. It has 5 reels and 50 paylines. I think this game is designed great, with a lot of different bonuses. It has quite unique theme and I like that, but I do not like the payouts so much here.

This game has so many bonuses, features so I do not know really where to start. Claw feature is one of the feature which appears during main game only, when you get claw symbols on the last reel. When you will trigger it, you will get some coin wins prize. I triggered many times this feature, but I never won more than x10 bet.

Theme park ticket game is quite good, when you get 3 scatters on the reels the game is activated. You win tickets by stopping the wheel. Tickets won allow you to enter the theme park map to play one or several theme park bonus games. I triggered this bonus game with tickets only once. I think it is very hard to get those 3 scatters on the reels. I played it for a longer time, but I got only one bonus wheel from it. From that wheel I won 11 tickets and I entered the game which basically cost me 10 tickets. I expected big win here, since it is very expensive bonus game. But from it I won only around x50 bet, so yeah I was disappointed and angry at the same time. Now I think it would be better that I selected more less expensive bonus games.

I triggered also some other bonus games, but I never won much from them. Most of the time my winnings were around x10 to x20 bet. And because of that I do not like so much Theme park game from NetEnt. I think it would be much better that the game has less bonuses and better payouts. Also stacked wilds which appears during main game are quite boring, I never got more than 2 wilds on the reels. I am not so sure that I will play it again in near future, mostly because of my winnings on it. My ratio for this game will be 6 stars.

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