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NetEnt company is one of the most successful and well-known manufacturers in the industry of gambling. Recently, it released a new gaming machine called “Wish Master”, which is simply designed to bring a lot of fun and enjoyment to its users. This slot is considered to be among the best, that have ever been created by Net Entertainment.

General Description

The theme of the slot machine is the fulfillment of your desires, that is where Jean is engaged in. In childhood, many people dreamed of having their own goldfish or Gina, which would fulfill all the whims and wishes of the owner. That is exactly what the development team tried to do. For many, this topic is close, which means it just had to become popular. And it happened: for a rather short period of time the slot game became very popular among fans of gambling.

You will visit the virtual world and try to make Gene be your friend, because at Wish Master slot he is more on the side of evil.  You will be able to earn very valuable rewards, the lord of the lamp will help you in this, because one way or another his motto is the expression: “Let all your dreams become a reality!”. Try playing this slot and you will not regret it.


The design of the emulator is carried out at the very high level, and it is considered one of the most beautiful and bright slots. The main character of Jin in the game is somewhat sinister and possessing black magic. That is not the type of hero, that we are used to see in the cartoons. When you start the slot machine, you will immediately be given the opportunity to watch a short video. This introductory scene will guide you through a dark cave, in which there are a bunch of jewelry and treasures. As soon as you see a lamp from the distance, everything disappears, and you instantly transfer to the main screen. This window is represented by five classic game drums, on which the symbols are placed, which fully correspond to the proposed topic.

Luxurious graphics, rich colors, wonderful musical accompaniment and thought-out storyline – this is what makes the gaming machine incredibly colorful and rich. In the upper right corner of the game slot is an inscription with the name of the game in a slightly ominous style. The background is set in a dark and gloomy tone, which is somewhat alarming and creates an intriguing situation. Under the game drums there is an information panel that displays the amount of credits, the number of active lines, and fixes all your winnings. At the bottom of the screen, according to the classical structure, there is a game control panel led by a round green button that starts the rotation of the reels. In the lower right corner is a lamp with Gin, which can appear at any moment.


The gameplay of this slot is incredibly rich due to such a wide variety of features and functions of wild symbols. Jin in the game does a lot of interesting stuff and lures a lot of users. In order to go into these adventures, you will have to set the initial parameters, such as the value of the coin, the number of active lines, and the amount of bets. Then click on the green round button and start the rotation of the reels. As a result, there will be combinations that can be beneficial for you.

In order to have more confidence while playing, you need to get acquainted with the table of winning combinations and corresponding payments. You will really like the gameplay, despite the fact that there are a lot of fascinating functions that are necessary to know, in order to understand the whole principle. It will be better if you first try your hand at the free version of the emulator.


The Wish Master is a beautiful and luxurious slot. It was created for seasoned gamers who do not like simple devices . Here you can not only get good awards, but also really recharge the positive energy and enjoy the game to its fullest.

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The wish master Reviews by Players

Dane. Reviewed on 01.07.18
The wish master is one of the newest online slot that was released by famous Swedish software operator - Net Entertainment.

Like usually happens with almost all new NetEnt slots, this one is really great, and I can not complain about look of this video slot. Everything designed very well here, and my eyes happy when I am playing this slot.

This slot is interesting in my opinion, because you did not need to wait some miracle to hit freespins by 3+ scatters. There is only one scatter and it appears only on 5 reel, therefore you really just spinning with relax and when you get it on five reel - you get it. When you get this scatter, you awarding with 10 FS, with one special feature. This special feature can be one of the following, but in general it is linked to wilds. Wilds can become random at random places, stacked, expanded, or you can get x 2 or x 3 multiplier for your spins. You can get up to 3 different features in one time, and full screen of wilds can pay you 500 x total bet. I never was even close to hit such win, but afaik our Valdes have some awesome wins on this slot.

I tried this slot not so many times to be really good judge, but unfortunately my luck at this slot is really bad. Few times I played it, I just lost my balance on this slot. I never have more than 100 x total bet while playing slot, so it is definitely not luckiest game for me.

I rate this slot with 8 stars, because I like idea and like this slot in general, and of course my bad luck should not give this slot lower mark. I think in future I will try this game again, luckily min bet here is only 9 penny, and I did not need a lot of money to try this slot.
Genius and lamp are something that our mind instantly associates with money and wealth, but with this game from NetEnt I have to say that my dreams didn’t come true.

"The Wish Master" is a slot machine with the format 3 x 5 reels and 20 paylines, excellent design and good sound effects that actually keeps us in suspense during all the time expecting for something great. This game is fully loaded with special features, mainly related to the wild symbol and multipliers, thereby generating high expectations right from the moment the player reads the game information and rules. Unfortunately, the higher is the expectation, the greater may be the disappointment, and that's what happened to me with this game of splendid appearance.

To understand the effect of the special features, I need to start by saying the wild symbol only acts as substitute for other standard symbols, no multiplier is associated with this symbol. Each special feature is triggered by the appearance of a scatter which is represented with the image of a carpet with a lamp painted on it and the maximum active features at the same time are 3. There are 7 Special Features: Multipliers 2 x and 3 x, 2 Extra wilds, one that converts an image of a cobra and the other of a cat into wild symbols, wild reel, expanding wild, and random wild, and based on what I observed while playing, you could say that every feature by itself is weak and its true potential only becomes visible at the instant when combined with any of the others.

The above features are the best and most original of this game, the real weaknesses of "The Wish Master" are the low payouts and low win average forming lines, since it is common that after 10 or more turns without form nor single line fragment it is totally common you win a pay line which prize is less than half the value bet at each turn; when finally special features are triggered, it is practically impossible to retrieve your initial balance, I guess some players have experienced something more positive with this game, but for the moment, and after several attempts, I prefer to stay away from this game, respecting of course the opposing views.
Jackie. Reviewed on 25.09.18
What a big hoo-hah this game created when it first came out! It got everybody excited and playing it like hot cakes on cheap sale. Nah, not for me though. NetEnt wasn't my thing yet by then. Slowly and steadily, the winning screenshots came up a few at a time. Super Mega Win screenshots, if you must know. Then that genie got my eyes wide opened! What the heck! How was it that players were winning big on this new Wish Master thingie, and I was only watching and drooling? No, no, that cannot be, so I decided to play it myself. Hehehe.

Anything new is always so exciting and thrilling, isn't it? This Wish Master game plays in a different way than any other game that I know of. If you look at the paytable closely, then only you will realise that there aren't any free spins game at all. Not even any free Bonus game! Ah yes, those magic carpet things you are saying, right? But do you realise that those magic carpet features are NOT free spins?! Each and every spin that you play with that feature thing costs you the same bet size as when you got it. It isn't free at all. I didn't realise this at first, simply because I was too engrossed with what those individual features could do, and how they could create wins. In very exciting ways, I must admit, but they can be very costly too, especially when the feature isn't giving you any decent wins! This I found out for sure! Sheesh!

Yes, yes, it can be so wonderful and marvelous looking at all those Wilds spread out across the screen. What a beauty there are, but at what cost? When the feature doesn't pay, you'll be spinning and spinning, hoping for the feature to pay something nice and big, but it doesn't. It could even not pay you anything at all! But when it pays, hope for all the Wilds to appear on the 5 reels, for a truly huge win! Yep, a few lucky players did get this, all Wilds on all 5 reels, our Guru here in Askgamblers being one of them, in fact, probably the first one to get it too! Yeah, that made me jealous! Very very jealous! Hahaha. I wanted to win it too, but lots of money I only threw! Damn! The closest I got was 4 full reels of those Wilds, for a reasonable payout of just short of 200x my total bet. Drat and double drat! Hehehe.

What are the features? Oh gees, I thought you already knew. There are 4 kinds of special features that can be won with that magic carpet. An Extra Wild (the symbol thrown forward by the genie), a Wild Reel (the same reel where the magic carpet had appeared), an Expanding Wild (turning any normal Wild symbol into an expanding wild), and a Win Multiplier of 2x or 3x. A maximum of three features can be activated all at once at the same time, and this is how really big wins are created! Get all 15 Wilds with a multiplier of 3x for the biggest win possible in the game! Getting both the 2x and 3x multipliers, for a 6x win, for 15 Wilds, is literally impossible, I would say, simply because 1 feature alone (besides the 2x and 3x features) cannot create those 15 Wilds!
Karlyn. Reviewed on 27.09.18
I believe that The Wish Master is one of the most popular games from Netent software. I have played it many times, but my best winnings have never been even close to what we can see here in the winning screenshots section. Visually I think this game is remarkably done, it has this magical theme with very nice color scheme and I love it. Technically it is super interesting because it has many features that are supposed to bring you better winnings.

Firstly, this game has 5 reels and 20 paylines, that makes the minimum stake 0.20€ per spin. I think it it quite refreshing to see a slot game without a typical free spins bonus round. Overall there are 4 features that you can receive and you never know, what you'll get, and that is exciting. When a scatter symbol appears on the screen, a genie escapes from the bottle and adds you one of the features- a random wild that will land on the screen in two places for the next 10 spins, 2 x or 3 x multipliers that will multiply your winnings, expanding wild which personally is my favorite feature, as it expands the whole reels where a wild is landed, and with this feature I've got my big winnings mostly. And at last there's also a feature called wild reel that will land on the reel where the scatter was. This feature is the one I get the least often.

As most slots, there's a wild symbol that substitutes for all symbols, except scatters. My personal experience with this slot is interesting. There have been times when I have lost 40€, playing with minimum bets and didn't get even a 30 x bet winnings. I believe my biggest winning so far has been around 100 x bet, when I had more than 1 feature active. Great thing about these features is that they stand for the next 10 spins and if you get another scatter, while having feature, it will add 5 extra spins for the active feature and you'll be playing 2 features at the same time. As they are all wild features, you can get quite amazing winnings, if you have all 3 features activated at the same time. But for me it is hard, I mostly get 2 features at the same time, if I'm lucky.

And as I've said, I haven't got over 100 x bet winnings, however, I think this game is great to give decent winnings often. For example last time I played this slot with minimum stakes and got 8"big winnings" of around 10€ so it boosted my balance nicely. I might start playing this game to meet wagering requirements, I think it could be a good fit. Overall I think this game really stands out from other Netent family slots, and yes, there are no free spins or anything free (when you have features, you play them with your own bets) but I still think this game has good winning potential.
I don't like that the free spins aren't free and you pay for every spin. Base game wins are very small and a lot of empty spins. Lot of times the bonus round pays 0 or very little.

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