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the slotfather Reviews by Players

Aja. Reviewed on 02.07.18

I spoke a moment ago about the introduction of slot machines, with the Slot Father's introduction really powerful and I must admit that I like because I'm a big fan of the movie, in which the theme of this slot obvious concerns.

The negative side of this game? There are not many, and those that are, they are actually very difficult to avoid in this genre. There should first be noted little slower drum than it is in other games, but in the form of keys to navigate this slot has a special place in the gambling industry. Spin button is in fact a rifle, which we see in movies about the mafia showdowns, originally no further. Bet per line, lines and Maxbet Select buttons are actually hats of three mobsters who are the main characters in this story. Although none of the participants in this "slot conflict" does not sound like Al Pacino, all you will see during the bonus rounds in this slot a lot of similarities to the popular movie from 1972. I have many times winning significant amounts of money on this slot, sometimes three-digit for only a couple of hours of gameplay.

To me this is one of the most original games that we present and sign a legendary Betsoft, so do not hesitate and get in this game in order and I were delighted with the complete impression.

The payout rate is a major problem here because you might be paid decent let’s say in the bonus or free spins features but in the main game, are moments when you see only the account balance decreasing and no wins!
Slotfather is one of the games I play first whenever I start playing in some Betsoft casino. It’s a nice 5 reel 30 payline slot.Minimum bet for this game is 0.05 euros and maximum is 2 euros. So like in any 30 payline Betsoft game the total minimum bet is 1,5 euros and the total maximum bet is 6 euros. You’ll agree with me that 1.5 euros is a bit high.

Anyway I had a deposit of 20 euros and decided to try a few spins. I like the intro where the Slotfather says “people ask me, slotfather how do you it, how do you keep them coming back time after time playing your slots? I answer them it’s simple I offer them a jackpot they can’t refuse. “This game always takes all of my money and I have never even seen any of the bonuses. This time it was different. At the second spin I got 3 scatter Under boss symbols and knew that it was payout time. I got the Slotfather bonus round a few spins later. 3 slotfather symbols on the screen. You have to choose 3 out of 6 objects to put the slots in. After you choose the objects you go to the hangout where the slotfather awards you your winnings. During my play at this game I got this bonus 3 times, it was incredible. My balance was over 100 euros.

The next bonus I got was Frankie ‘da fixer’. This symbol next to a tommy gun symbol triggers free spins. I got this feature twice once 4 free spins with x2 multiplier and once 10 free spins with x1 multiplier. Total winnings from this feature were about50 euros. The third bonus feature is Sneaky instant win. The symbol of Sammy ‘ Quickfingers’ next to the suitcase symbol gives you instant bonus credits. I got about 20 euros from this feature.

Anyway I had fun playing this game and had a descent cashout which is the first ever from this game and will try my luck again some other time. Overall 8 out of 10.
Anh. Reviewed on 26.09.18
This is a 3d Betsoft slot, 5-reel and 30 paylines with a minimum bet of 0.60 euro, and a lot of features that seems to be interesting! I don’t play this kind of slots with my own money or with a deposit bonus but I had a no deposit bonus anda little bit high wagering requirements to complete so I started to spin!

I managed to catch Frankie ‘da Fixer’ symbol toward the Tommy gun symbol and I was able to choose a bullet hole and to win 10 free spins with 3x multiplier! I won 14 euro from this feature and I was happy, thinking that if this slot will keep paying so good, I will manage to complete the wagering requirements!

The graphics are good and that’s because it is a 3d slot with nice animations and a good story about mobsters, money and guns! An interesting feature is the bonus round, triggered when you catch 3 or more Slotfather symbols on any active payline! You must place 3 of 6 Slotfather’s Slots in different locations and then you will go back to the Italian restaurant where you will be rewarded with money!

I didn’t managed to complete the wagering requirements because it came a moment when the game stopped paying and also the bet was too big in my opinion and the account balance decreased very fast!

Regarding the graphics and story, with mobsters and guns, I will give an 8 because I don’t like how is running, not so smooth! The features are interesting, with free spins,bonus games and cash, so I will give another 8!

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