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the mummy Reviews by Players

Latoyia. Reviewed on 03.07.18
The Mummy slot game is based on the epic movie 'The Mummy' . I love this movie and still remember watching it when I was young. It was one of the best movies of the year and in Azerbaijan (that's a country by the way), in my area, in the old cinema they played it like for five years. That cinema only had a few movies that were in good quality and this one was one of them. Whenever one of the guys had a date, that was the place to go to because it was empty in the afternoons. And you know yourselves, what mama cant see, does not bother her. So when i saw this game, all of the memories from the past made me want to play it.

I played it on the smallest bet and in no time got the feature. This is a pick feature and you have to find things to proceed to the next round. I won around €2.50, it did not bother me because I got the feature so fast. Also when I got the feature it opened a new logo on the left side.There are six of them, I only managed to get to the third one, but I'm pretty sure that the last ones are the ones that pay big. The thing I don't like about this game is the random feature. I don't like anything that is random because you just don't know what to expect. I got the feature on my first couple of spins and then the game died. There was no sign of the feature and scatters rarely came out.

Max I got on this game was around €12 but I was not disappointed. At the end of the day I did not lose any money and was like a fiver up. Over all the game is not that great, but it did remind me of my past. If I was to rate this game I would give it 6 out of 10.

Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day.
The greatest promises of this game are in The Lost City Adventure Bonus round, but the sad thing is that it seems impossible to trigger this feature. They may have been more than 3,000 spins and I could never enjoy this fabulous bonus round.
Dora Deboer. Reviewed on 26.09.18
This Playtech slot game took my attention when I saw it first time because of the nice graphics and story!
First time I played this slot at Bet365 casino because I took the welcome bonus of 100% and I didn’t knew what game to play!
I played with my brother this slot game and we were very impressed about the features that this slot games has!
With 160 RON to play(almost 36 euro) I started this slot with a bet of 1.25 RON and with 40 times wagering requirements to complete!

From the first free spins I managed to catch the Mummy Hunt Bonus and I won 32 RON!I was impressed by the good payout rate! 5 minutes later I caught the free spins feature with the super spin feature which awarded me 65 RON!
I spent a good part of my time playing this slot, I had a lot of fun but at the end of the play session I can say that I was disappointed because I didn’t managed to complete the wagering requirements and I lost the money!
Basically after a certain period of time the game stopped paying and my account balance reached zero very very fast!

Now I will try to rate this slot, I will start with the theme which is about treasure hunt, mummies and ancient objects! The graphics are good, the symbols are very nice and the game runs very smooth!I will give 8 for this!
Regarding the payout rate, even if I lost my money I want to say that I think this game has a good potential of big wins especially if you play on bigger bets! For the payout rate I think 9 is well deserved!
The features of this game are very awesome, I like very much the Mummy Hunt Bonus and the Free Spins feature with Super Spin and I will give 9!

Overall it is a good slot, it deserves to be played and to have some fun!
Lyndsay. Reviewed on 28.09.18
The Mummy is another one of many Playtech slot games which are based on some movie hit or serial. I think that this increases the popularity of the slot games and that Playtech is doing a really good job working with the movie studios.

This game has 25 paylines and 5 reels. What I don’t like about this game is that the minimum bet with this game is 0,05 per payline and that means 1.25 euros on all 25 paylines. This means that you have to have a high amount on your balance to play this game. Because my deposits aren't very big I only play this game if I have a good winning streak on some other slot machine which increased my balance. The thing that makes this game different from all the other slots are the many numbers of features – Scorpion Scatter, expanding Mummy, Scarab Attack, Collapsing Reels, Mummy Power, Mummy re-spin, Free game and Mummy Hunt. The Mummy really offers so many bonuses that guaranteed good fun and the chance to earn some good money. Maybe this confuses the players that try to understand the game because the rules are a bit difficult to understand but that’s what separates the game from the others.

The graphic and animations as expected from Playtech are supreme. The characters that appear in the Movie The Mummy were used here as symbols. Beside the main actors and the rest of the details from the movie found its place here like the symbols – The Bracelet of Anubis, the Book of the Dead, The Scarabeo, the Canopic Jars, The inevitable guns and of course The Mummy which is a wild symbol here and replaces all others. This is a really state of the art slot game and it is very fun to play.

I am very happy whenever I have a chance to play it because that means my balance is a lot bigger than the deposit I made.

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