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Money Mad Monkey slots

Money Mad Monkey is a neatly crafted game that has a lot to offer, besides having such a lengthy name which is rare in slot machine industry; usually names are short, catchy and snappy. Its zesty name matches the game atmosphere and its focus, which is capturing money.

Unique graphics and style

You can say Microgaming invested quite a bit of their time and resources in the graphics, because its cartoonish look feels really polished and appealing. Money Mad Monkey slot is a game that instantly draws your attention and invites you to try it out. And no wonder, it is highly popular among avid casino players.

Inspired by the classic

While playing Money Mad Monkey slot machine you may get the reference of King Kong. You won’t be wrong, because this game was inspired by the theme of the island king. It has a standard gameplay that is 5 spinning reels and 20 playlines. And behind all that there’s a beautiful cityscape lit by the sun. It’s quite difficult to say whether it’s rising or setting.

Theme symbols and the key to big money

Money Mad Monkey slots game uses classic card symbols for low-level picks. Microgaming also included 6 extra symbols which are:

  •         A peeled banana (the stacked wild);
  •         Money Mad Monkey (King Kong);
  •         A pile of cash;
  •         A barrel of coins;
  •         A guy with a mustache (Zookeeper);
  •         A cityscape.

Money Mad Monkey provides betting options that are easy to work with.. The key to big money is to land 3 or more special symbols in one of the 20 playlines. More will be shown about powerful combinations Money Mad Monkey has to offer later in the article.

Capture the monkey while having the moustache on

There’s one wild symbol – banana. Although, it’s not the greatest when comparing it to the other 5 symbols of the Money Mad Monkey slots. The most profitable symbol in the game is the cityscape. If you land 3 of those on the reels, you are then taken to a bonus level where you play as a zookeeper trying to catch the monkey. Dice rolls get you closer to the guy. Your prize depends on how close you managed to get. The largest prize is given to those who caught the Money Mad Monkey. Microgaming made a pleasant surprise with this bonus game. It is one of the best out there.

Traditional free spin bonus

There’s also a more traditional bonus round. To unlock it you need to land 3 piles of cash. Once you’ve done that Money Mad Monkey prompts you to choose one of them. There are 3 options:

  •         5 spins – 8x multiplier;
  •         10 spins – 4x multiplier;
  •         20 spins – 2x multiplier.

It significantly hikes your bankroll if it lands at least half of the bonus spins, and you feel it better once you play for real money. The only restriction is you can’t get more free spins during the free spin bonus round.

Choose wisely

The Money Mad Monkey, the moustache guy and the calculator are pretty standard; you have a higher multiplied win, if you land 3 identical symbols in a dedicated line. Last but one of the best bonuses is the barrel of coins. If you land 3 of those in one line you get a chance to pick one of the barrels with a 3x, 6x, or 9x multiplier inside. The multipliers greatly increase once you land 4 or 5 of those in one line.


You can be sure Money Mad Monkey by Microgaming is to get on top in a list of most popular slot games in casinos. If anything, you should at least play Money Mad Monkey to try the zookeeper level, which is one of the most unique bonus levels among other slot machines.

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The invisible man Reviews by Players

Debbra Mayhugh. Reviewed on 02.06.18
When I first played The Invisible Man I wasn’t sure what to think of it. In the introduction video it made a reference to Universal Pictures. Hence it being another licensed deal of Net Entertainment with a Hollywood film studio. I’m a big fan of movies but unfortunately The Invisible Man didn’t ring any bells.

After doing some research about it, I found out that it’s apparently some old horror movie based on a novel. The game has been released recently in December and luckily I had played a lot at several NetEnt casino’s to receive a big amount of free spins to try this game for free.

My first impression was quite positive since again we can praise Net Ent for its creativity. In addition to the 5-reels and 20-paylines format, the game features many wilds which result in countless re-spins even during the base game. This gives the player more playtime than a game such as The Wish Master for instance, where a modest balance can be swallowed up within a blink of an eye.

But that’s not the case with The Invisible Man, because the wilds ensure re-spins and more playtime. So I would definitely recommend this game to the recreational player. During the re-spins, which happens when a wild appears on a particular reel, then the wild symbol shifts from left to right or vice versa.

There are two different wilds; The Police Wild and The Griffin Wild. If they confront each other during the re-spins, then you win 10 free spins but this could be more if more confrontations take place.

The min bet is only 20 cents and therefore affordable for even low rollers. I managed to hit the feature like 4-5 times during my free spins from Redbet, Unibet and some other casinos. I also managed a few re-triggers. During the free spins there are two progression bars; One of the Bonus Game and the other is Police Spins.

If you manage to fill up one of the progression bars, then you unlock another feature. I had the Police Spins feature unlocked one time, which resulted in additional free spins and four burning wilds. I was expecting a monster win but unfortunately I never won more than 100x betsize.

Overall I had good results with my free rounds, but winning that much meant it was almost impossible to clear the WR. Hate the fact most casinos have unreasonable high WR on free spins winnings. It often turns out to be just a waste of time. Therefore we have to give credit to for instance Guts and ComeOn which do not apply WR to free spins winnings.

I can definitely say that I enjoyed this game and I'm pretty sure I'll try it again with a bigger bet size.
Like many new NetEnt games, the wilds seem to be kind of worthless. Despite having so much wilds on my screen during my play, it never resulted in a monster hit.
Newton Coomer. Reviewed on 30.06.18
“Invisible Man” from NetEnt is a slot that is playing hard. By saying hard, I mean here to win you have to wait long time and be prepared before for worse - even to lose all and have just small wins. The slot is similar in the beginning with the oldest and most weak NetEnt slots, that where paying 2 cents for “3 of the kind”. This is the way this slot works, and here even the major symbols only pay 15 to 20 cents for “3 of a kind” which is still under the total bet. The game brings you to exasperation and you start to say that here wins and payouts are as invisible as the Invisible Man. With this observation at first you are satisfied when you find that a Wild (“Griffin” - the Invisible Man or the “Police Man”) is trailing, meaning it walks on all 5 reels and at every step it gives you one free respin. And with all these 5 respins again the value of the total win is almost nothing. Sometimes you have 2 or 3 consecutive Wilds that walks to the left or to the right and 10-15 respins. Still about nothing won. You can lose very well 10-25 Euro before to discover the true value of the slot. I said there are two different Wilds. When the Cop meets the invisible man on the same line (one of them walking to the right and the other one to the left) you enter the Free Spins. At first you are said there are only 10 Free Spins but because the two characters (Invisible man and cop) are automatically placed to the left and right of the slot not only that these characters will generate other Wilds (at about every Free Spin) and each Wild generated will provide another 5 respins, but more frequent the two Wilds will met and thus they will increase the number of Free Spins. You even do not really know exactly at what spin number you are. You can play thus 50 Free Spins. And just at the end of the Free Spins you enter the Bonus Game when you pick different items, in fact multipliers and other payouts.

But, again the game is playing very hard. To enter twice the Free Spins I played in parallel simultaneously at 2 slots (one direct from AskGamblers pages and one in Casino Luck). I had roughly the same loss of 10-25 Euros at each slot before entering after nearly 20-30 minutes (and some good hundreds of spins) into the Free Spins. You can very well stop playing this slot and leave the game being sorry you played here before discovering its true value.

Perhaps this is how is in fact this slot, having almost invisible wins as invisible as its main character.
From what I wrote above one can draw the conclusion that the losses are enormous, the payouts are very small and sometimes the wins are non-existent. This NetEnt slot resembles to the weakest old slots from here, even for its graphics that seems very archaic (like the story).
Milo. Reviewed on 25.09.18
This new game by Net-Entertainment is just fantastic! You will especially like this if you loved Jack and the Beanstalks walking wilds feature! The Invisible Man has a wide array of features such as both way walking wilds, free spins, bonus game and police free spins.

The slot is based on the classic Invisible man movie from 1933 (must watch this) and in turn based on HG Wells classic novella of the same name from 1897! The old ones really do produce the best it seems!! Symbols include characters from the movie with nice payouts ranging from 500-150x other symbols are 10-A. Ok not the biggest but you can still hit big wins even though the payouts are not enormous! The reason the wins can occur is because you can have more than 1 wild on the reels at once the game does constant re-spins until no more policeman or invisible man wilds are available on the reels. Invisible Man moves right to left and policeman moves left to right. Once a collision occurs this begins the 10 free spins! If this happens again during you get an extra 4 free spins too!

During free spins every Invisible Man or policeman gives one more respin ideally you want these at the edge of the screen to guarantee at least 5 respins! If you are lucky enough to get 8 or more Invisible man you win the bonus game or 8 or more Policemen for Police free spins. You cannot get both unfortunately therefore once you have finished collecting all other wilds mean nothing more than re-spins.

Invisible Man bonus game: Once you enter the bonus game you must click until you lose beginning with house on far left and moving in order when you hit a red danger pick you move to next area. You can collect multipliers and coin values (up to 5x multipliers). As there is just one bad egg if you like it is quite and easy bonus game to play success rate far better than on some others! Police free spins: Should you win the police free spins 5 random wilds land at once for you on the reels this happens for 3 free spins but can be longer if you get walking wilds to extend your free spins!

Now I will tell you my Pros and Cons of this slot:


Walking wilds.
Free spins.
Bonus game.
Policeman free spins.
Win both ways in all features/base game!
Great music (sounds a bit like professor Layton) and graphics!
Bet from as little as 20p or currency equivalent.
Good for wagering on!

Can freeze on you if your computer is not top of the range.
Can be tricky to get free spins but not always.
Bet safely as it can be dire mostly good for me though!

I give The Invisible Man 8,5 out of 10 almost perfect but could have been more average PC friendly.

Mckenzie. Reviewed on 27.09.18
To be invisible can be one of the greatest abilities mankind can ever have! The element of surprise, the evasive escape, the many intentions involved in your favor.........prevent crime, dig up dirt on someone, rob a bank, make invasive love towards a random stranger or get rage-fueled revenge on an enemy. This is "freedom" at it's utmost form! That all depends on the person's true intentions of this ability. As it is one of the greatest, it can be one of the worst, like King Midas's golden touch that turn's every touch of that magic finger into gold, including loved ones!

In this 20 paylines of cops and robbers, I would place bets such as $0.40 on 0.02 coin size however because this video slot acts and justifies the nature of "Jack and the Beanstalk's" walking wilds. When these are landed on either Reels 1 and/or 5 for Police or the Invisible Man wilds, they move onto their opposite ends, delivering free re-spins until they are gone from the reels. This works quite well with "The Invisible Man's" left to right and right to left pays!!

Normally I do not spend much time playing The Invisible Man because Jack and the Beanstalk offers 3x walking wilds. Having that to me is better than 1x wilds that walk, with both sides paying. What I can say the least are free spins.........the trigger takes forever because I would wait for 1 police wild to collide with the invisible man wild to trigger it, and they need to be exactly on the same row otherwise it will look like each of them, one on top and the other on the bottom in the middle of the road saying, "Invisible Man: Excuse me, can you tell me where the nearest liquor store is?" to the cops before they each move their opposite ways.

The way the free spins work is that I have to collect 8 of the same wilds before the 10 free spins run out to trigger their bonus. In the end of the feature, all I can collect is about $18.60 on my $0.80 bet, often times there is no way I can trigger any of the two features in time, I usually come up short with the wilds! The Invisible Man is a 6.5 out of 10! Sorry but I would prefer JatB any day!
Did they get this idea from that old movie called "Hollow Man" where a scientist perfected a serum to turn someone invisible and goes on a rampage like that dude from "The Shining"? Here's Johnny!!! Other stuff that was not great was making me earn the bonus through free spins! It should be a separate thing rather than to collect specific wilds to trigger the bonus features. What I'd suggest, have this done in the Main Game so that if none of the free spins show, players can look forward to having something after a certain time.......thus giving us players the better chunk of the odds!!!

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