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The Seventies. A landmark era brought so many trends which are still buoyant nowadays. Old-school ladies would remember outlandish high-platform heels, iconic dresses, loose shirts and curly haircuts while the male section might reminisce bright colour britches, colourful sweaters, full-face specs and bizarre hats. The fashion, though, is not the only high spot about the 70’s period which furthermore is spectacular by the way people lived. Crackpot parties to glam rock waves is probably what most ravers will take through time paired up with absolutely fabulous karaoke nights and cassette music. Online gambling is always ready to embrace new opportunities especially when it comes to perpetuating something, so Net Entertainment thought up a machine which would bring phenomenal seventies back. This is The Funky Seventies, a classic slot game designed under a gifted hand of NetEnt’s talents in the best of traditions.

The Funky 70’s isn’t the first game released by NetEnt about some specific epoch. Actually, this machine continues the series of slots dedicated to concrete time periods, thus if you feel like going ten years back from the current set-up, The Groovy 60’s begins a remarkable chain of events with a bright hippie-style atmosphere. It’s not enough to say that The Funky 70’s fairly conveys characteristic elements of the overwhelming funk rise because NetEnt went much further in their realisation by including a wide range of notable aspects like authentic soundtrack and original in-game symbols. Freewheeling spirit is also depicted in the game’s graphical layout – the background tapestry is made in the form of a grand disco ball on green colouring. What’s more, reels and control panel both feature unique designing different from usual NetEnt’s products, so that some more genuineness can come into play. Overall, The Funky 70’s slot machine is open to interpretation where every gambler will be able to find something personal and applicable in particular, yet the disappointing moment about the game is that it is made on an old platform, that’s why not all animation points look great.

The Funky 70’s supports the grid of five drums and four rows which are powered with 40 customisable paying lines. Despite having an extensive set of strings on wager, the machine provides quite moderate in size stakes where the maximum sum you can place per single round will be 100 credits. In addition to classic spinning, NetEnt included two additional bonus elements – Wildcards bearing traditional function to replace for all regular symbols from the paytable and Scatters activating bonus mode in the form of free rounds which, for the record, may be re-triggered with another package of the same symbols. A most intuiting aspect about the game is that it presents a relatively big number of win-lines and at the same time stakes do not soar in the sky, so The Funky Seventies could be a cool for school option for low-rollers willing to get a progressive line-up without going too deep in staking.

Interesting features

The Funky Seventies slot is a game jazzing your screens in a marvellous bright tunes on a simplistic animation pattern, that’s why this game is a great example of good contrasts. First of all, visual interpretation is based upon classical gameplay course where casino players can take advantage of two major additional elements – bonus symbols triggering specialty rounds and replacers substituting for different symbols, though, not Scatters. The interesting compound behind all Wilds is that they come onto the reels as a stacked set consisting of two to five matching icons, so that they theoretically can overlay the whole reel of landing. Bonus rounds also have a couple of peculiarities, so let’s lay down the basics for interesting features with them.

Speaking of similarities, special features for The Funky Seventies slots game go along with two other games in series – Groovy 60’s and Super 80’s – so if you ever come across these two slots then you will find the following bonus incentives quite resembling and familiar because NetEnt chose to stick around to the same set of additionals.  First and foremost, three Scatters splattered anywhere on the drums bring 5 extra spins played for free on the same level of betting. You might enjoy this slightly small in volume flock of rounds due to x2 multiplication and opportunities for re-triggering when more bonus icons get on the reels. As long as The Funky 70’s has moderately low volatility bonusing appears quite frequently and could pay lavishly as the main game is rarely about big prizes. Besides, the common pattern was revealed to often send more triggering Scatters, so it’s highly probable that your initial 5 will grow to 10 or even 15 depending on how much you bet in the base rounds.

The next interesting feature on the list is Wildcards which serve their usual function to make substitutions for symbols in order to create more ‘powerful’ combinations with an extended entry. Taking into consideration that Wilds always appear as a stacked package of +2 icons in a set, casino players might significantly benefit from a couple of handsome symbol arrays simultaneously. For example, Wildset overlays the whole reel and consequently covers a larger area of paylines, so the machine could find five, six or even ten combinations at once and your wallet will surely get bigger. Moreover, there are 40 lines included into the gameplay, so chances for catching something tasty grow considerably.

Other than that, The Funky Seventies have nothing to offer which is a bit disappointing regarding how amazing and popular the theme is. Probably the developer decided to put a certain emphasis on a regular spinning session that occasionally gets diversified by a few bonus recoups to encourage gamblers. Nevertheless, Wilds are powered with additional payouts (five-of-a-kind on any payline gives 1000 credits) and bonus rounds can be re-triggered, so majorly scaling the game still possesses a vibe of advanced gambling, but in case you’re looking for thrilling action, you’d better try out NetEnt’s new engine machines.


Probably you have already noticed that The Funky 70’s slots use an extended set of paylines where you can pick any number in the range of 1 to 40 to be included in your wager. As long as the number is fairly out of box, you are given an option to customise win-lines and select a comfortable value within the prescribed limits. Yet, some gamblers might feel a little strange about playing on an advanced grid given that most slot machines wouldn’t provide more than 25 lines on the whole. The basic strategy of wagering on a big set always involves playing all possible paylines, though, in case of a tight budget on a lower denomination. Note that when you deactivate some picks it may result in losing a really profitable combination of symbols simply because it lands on an inactive line. So, it’s highly recommended to include the whole set and increase your odds on winning good money sums by holding the entire reel grid under control. If high stakes cause a trouble, adjust coin value and bet level to a suitable low value, but don’t forget to cover all lines and your slotting session will be a guaranteed success.

Bonus rounds

There are two specialty symbols which The Funky Seventies provides to gamblers during the base game – Wild and Scatter icons able to trigger additional bonuses. The first one has a picture of a retrophorical logo version used to match symbols in combinations with an exception to all Scatters as they carry no palatable money value while bonus images trigger a set of extra rounds. Well, stacked nature of Wilds opens perspectives to real money, but all the features come with some important rules we are going to look at right now.

Three Scatters will fetch you 5 spins with in a free of charge mode which will be played on the same coin value and bet level as the trigger-round. To start with, bonus icons carry x2 multiplication to your bet for further 3 Scatters during free spins and give more 5 spins to the pool. Besides, when you play on the mode all winnings are increased by 2 automatically, so even 5 spins might become a great opportunity to make twice more money.
50 coins for 3 Wild matches.Broadly, replacing is, of course, the main function of all Wilds, yet here they have two other interesting features: return extra prizes in case they compose a string and form row stacks on the reels. The packs arrive in a 2 to 5 flocks, so the whole reel can be overlain by the symbols. Wilds bring payouts only when positioning includes being on an active payline with other matching icons. Note that cards appear during bonus and regular game mode, so generally stacked beauties have a huge winning potential. They return the following prizes for matches (shown for bet level 1, look up info about levels in ‘Rules and Features’ section):
  • 50 coins for 3 Wild matches.
  • 200 coins for 4 Wild matches.
  • 1000 coins for 5 Wild matches.

Rules and features

Some time ago The Funky 70’s made a whirl of revolution with an extended row grid and paylines regarding that the game was released around 10 years ago. Firstly, the machine offers to play on a 5×4 layout which, to be honest, has no difference to 5×3 or 6×3 options, but it apparently helps to house 40 lines, so that odds wouldn’t be so high. As for the features, it has already been mentioned that the series of time-period devoted slots all revolve around more or less the same setup different only in the title, graphical aspects and soundtrack. These are Stacked Wildcards delivered in groups to substitute for regular icons and Scatters to activate some Free Games. Wilds are notable for having additional payouts for combinations while Scatters can also bring some more spins when you are on the free course.

The averagely estimated payout percentage for The Funky Seventies is 96.50% that is quite a moderate level for a 40-lined machine meaning stakes feature low to mid values. Basically, you can start betting with 0.01 credits and climb to a whooping 100-coin sum when you feel like wagering a lot. Note that a wager is comprised of two major factors – bet level and coin value – where bet level acts as an additional multiplier to the paytable values, so 1 to 5 digit will be multiplying all winnings by the selected level number. Speaking of the paytable, there are 6 mid-win symbols and 4 low-win ones, so payouts vary a lot depending on how many icons are located on a line and what bet level is currently on. Anyway, check out the paytable and learn payments for the first level yourself:

SYMBOL 3 4 5
Muscle Car 25 100 400
Retro PC 25 100 400
Disco Ball 20 75 200
See-O-Matic 20 75 200
Shoes 5 50 150
Cassette Tapes 5 50 150
Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks 5 20 100


The Funky Seventies by NetEnt transports incredible retro imagery to your screens and creates an atmosphere of going back to the decade of wild disco dancing by excellent sound effects and authentic designing points like colours and shapes. The machine is truly upbeat and might even become a nostalgic factor to those who grew up during this amazing period. However, The Funky 70’s lacks diversity in terms of bonuses, but it’s definitely compensated with great enthusiasm and tribute to the culture. Without catchy animation and various additional features, NetEnt still managed to devise a machine conveying something impressive hidden in simplicity and straightforwardness, so no matter what your background is, you will find a couple of impressive moments about the game and enjoy the course of plain gameplay. So, go and get it in NetEnt powered casinos right now.

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The funky 70’s Reviews by Players

Fay. Reviewed on 01.07.18
If you're into the groovy 70's Saturday Night Fever era full of glitters, flashing lights and disco music, then the slot Funky 70's is definitely the right choice for you. I think this slot focuses on people that lived that era, but also maybe the younger audience to give back that nostalgic feeling. I think Net Entertainment done a great job with the production of this game.It's a less flashy than Disco Spins, which is also a slot from Net Entertainment and also focuses on that specific era I'd say. The Funky 70's has 40 paylines and 5 reels in total. On the contrary of many other slots which have only 3 symbols on every reel, this slot actually has 4 symbols on every reel. This definitely makes it more exciting since there are more options to end up having a winning combination.That being said, the minimum bet is a bit high with 40 cents, but I always played this game with a bet size of 1.20 euro. Another advantage of The Funky 70's is that there are stacked wilds on every reel, and that they really appear easily. However, my first experience with this game was kind of disastrous though.My first 20 spins on this slot were all dead awarding nothing lol. Quickly making me regret choosing this slot in the first place. It took me a loss of approximately 100 euro first before receiving a couple of wins up to 40x bet size.Thanks to some reels full of wilds I managed to get a couple five of a kinds. Before I know I was in profit 50 euros. The pay for a 5 of a kind is somewhat disappointing though. But obviously with all reels being stacked there is huge potential if all wilds drop at the same time.The symbol with the black lady dancer is that of the scatter. 3 or more only award 5 free spins matched to a 2x multiplier. This is the only thing I found real disappointing about this game. Like com on NetEnt, only 5 free spins? Where is the fun in that entertainment wise.Unfortunately I never won too much in those free spins either apart from 20x bet size. I would have liked this slot a lot more if there were more free spins to be won.My final rating for the Funky 70's is 6.5/10.
Cathi. Reviewed on 26.09.18
This is a retro slot made in the style of the 70’s when disco was active so I’m pretty sure there are some old timer gamblers out there that would like to play this slot. The game has an older look with poor graphic and little or no animations. Visually I found nothing attractive about this slot the first time I played it.

The slot has 40 paylines and 5 reels and the main feature in the game is the stacked wilds. This is a feature I like a lot in slot games and you can have some great wins with 3 or 4 reels full of wilds. The wilds themselves have a payout attached and 5 of them on a payline award a 1000 coins win which is OK. The paytable is poor but that is usual to slots like this. This game also has a scatter symbol but only 3 of them award a 2 x bet win, nothing more, so the slot is missing the standard 5 scatter payout.

This game offers a free spins bonus which is triggered when you get 3 scatters on the reels. Unfortunately you get only 5 free spins with a x 2 multiplier attached which in my opinion is too little. The free spins can be retriggered but I found out that this rarely happens. It is very strange for a NetEnt game to have such a low number of free spins.
The few times I played this game I wasn’t thrilled. You get a lot of dead spins and occasionally when 2 or 3 wild reels land you get a big win but the game can go on an incredible dry period and your balance drops fast. The free spins weren’t too impressive too. The most I won was 60 x bet which is equal to my biggest win in base play. Still in the end I was always down 20-30 euros playing on minimum bet.
Venita. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Funky Seventies as the name suggests it is a retro looking slot with a great retro music playing on the background. The symbols used in the slot are very simple and they do support the theme. If you want to experience the 1970’s period it is a slot made for you. The slot has 40 play line. It is a 5x4 reel slot unlike other slots which are usually 5x3.

The slot has a great frequency of occurrence of multiple wilds on the reels. This really boost up the balance by increasing the possibility of the number of wining combinations. The slot as usual features the free spins which is triggered by occurrence of 3 scatter symbols on the reels. But the drawback is that the slot awards just 5 free spins. Along with it is very difficult to trigger the free spin feature.

My experience playing the slot has not been good. I find the returns of the slot pretty low. And I even don’t remember win more than say 20 times the bet. As I said earlier the frequency and number of wilds on the reels is good but it actually haven’t proved to be of much luck for me.

I am not much fond of the slot although I really like retro music playing at the background. Apart from that the slot is even a bit boring and off course it is quite weak in returns as well. With free spin as the only feature the slot has, I could not even trigger that in like 200 spins. But till then I had lost much so I could not wait more to trigger the free spins. I would not like recommend this slot to any of the slot lovers but if you are fond seventies then you can give it a try. I would rate the slot as 4 on 10.

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