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terminator 2 Reviews by Players

Sadie. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Terminator2, like most of these high-profile Microgaming releases in recent years, was promoted super heavily prior to its release. If you are a fan of on-line slot games, its difficult not to get sucked in by all this publicity and I couldn't wait to try out this game after watching the promotional video shown by Microgaming.

First up, the theme - The Terminator2 movie has been incorporated into every aspect of the game, far from just dropping a few familiar characters on the reels and using the movie logo as some other developers would do, Microgaming have created clever features such as the T-800 vision, allowing you to find additional 'hidden' prizes using 'X-Ray' style vision, and the T-1000 transform symbol, which will morph into any other character to provide the best possible winning combination. As a big fan of the film, it's really very satisfying!

More importantly for me, the game has significant differences to the rest of the MIcrogaming 243-ways slot games that give Terminator2 its own identity, and a reason to choose to play this over games like Thunderstruck2, Playboy, and The Finer Reels of Life - games that feel, to some extent, pretty much like clones of each other in most ways.

It's a much lower variance game - there are fewer symbols on the base reels, and all of them have lower payouts than you might expect, even for a 243-ways game. I initially expected then, that a large percentage of the games tRTP must be tied up in the feature mode - yet this triggers much more often than other MG games, perhaps every 100 spins as opposed to every 150,. and it can also be triggered with just a single scatter in the "T-800 Vision" feature too.

After several hundred spins, I had gained a modest profit, but had yet to see a win over 120 x my bet, even in the free spins feature. Speaking of the feature, you receive just 10 free spins, but the reels expand so that there are now 1024 pay-ways rather than 243. Unfortunately because there are no stacked wilds, you only have the T-1000 transform symbols allowing you to win on many of the 1024 pay-ways simultaneously. The end result is that on most spins the 1024 ways are largely wasted, and it is difficult to achieve over 200 x your bet.
I have to say I was really quite disappointed with this game. I love the movie, so I was eager to see what Microgaming had done with the license – I had hoped they wouldn’t make yet another 243 ways game, but of course they did – I can’t remember the last time Microgaming came out with a decent nine liner!

I got a few free spins from some of the casinos I play at regularly, and I instantly noticed that the payouts seemed to be VERY poor. I hit several five of a kinds of the playing card symbols very quickly, but they just seemed to pay next to nothing. I guessed all the big action must be tied up in the feature, as it so often is with this type of game, but I didn’t manage to trigger one with any of my free spins.

On my next deposit, I decided I would give the game a bit more of a try, and found that I hit the feature quite quickly – I landed just one scatter, but the “T-800 Vision” feature kicked in and revealed free spins underneath the scatter symbol. This is a very cool feature that can appear after any losing spin, I’m not sure exactly how much you can win from this, but I’d guess a couple of hundred times your stake would be possible, for sure.

When the feature begins, the play area expands so there are 1024 ways to win rather than 243. This seems like a very cool idea, but I realized that even with the transform symbols on the reels, its really not possible to win on a large number of ways at once in this game. There are no stacked or expanding wilds and I really think something went wrong during the design process. I have never seen a win of more than 100x bet in this game even in the feature! Low variance and 243 ways just do not go together well in my opinion, and as for this legendary “hot mode” I keep hearing about… pah, what a silly idea!! The RTP should DEFINITELY have been used during the main game and regular feature instead, because as it stands, this is a bankroll guzzler of the highest order and I won’t ever be touching it again!!
Lorretta. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Terminator 2, as a woman which I am it is hard to say that I was impressed with this game. I claimed a promotion for 30 free spins in some Microgaming casino and I really believed that I would have a cashout of at least 10 euros from the 30 spins but at the end I ended up with a poor 2 euros on my balance. I didn’t even have a chance to enjoy them and I spent only 4 spins on some game with a 0.50 bet. A real shame.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was never my favorite actor nor his pumped up muscles could never impress me as a woman. 3D, really? Well it doesn’t look so realistic to me except for the actors symbols which are 3D worthy and that’s it. I had a good feeling before I started to play and I got nothing. I saw that it has been played only about 500 times, which isn't some big number and that tells me that the game isn't very popular and the creators should ask themselves if they need to add some more details in the game. Asta la Vista baby, you can skip the intro and move on to the game. T/800 John Connor, Vision random bonus symbol with it’s mystery prizes.

The scatter symbol looks really cool, a blue planet in orbit somewhere. 3, 4 or 5 triggers 10 free spins which is a very poor number for me. The T100 symbol can transform during free spins into the highest paying symbol but how to reach the free spins is another story. Maybe we should be amazed by the 243 ways to pay. Oh lord I wasn’t paid at all from the 30 free spins, who knows maybe it was just this one time but I can see that players avoid this game and the name points out to the possibilities that are impossible to reach. The T2 flaming symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the bonus/free spins bonus.

So what does this game has to offer me? Really nothing. A complete disappointment. I would never spend my money to play this slot.
So, here's the kicker- the game has a "hot mode", which is not mentioned anywhere within the slot itself, only in the games attached help file, which I expect many players will never even read. The hot mode is triggered randomly, and very occasionally, when entering the free spins feature. If you have been lucky enough to trigger it, the background will have an orange tinge to it, but you'll likely know straightaway when you start winning as the free spins immediately feature a much enhanced reel set with many more Arnie and T-1000 transform symbols, enabling wins up to 1000 x bet and beyond.

Whilst anybody who scores this feature is obviously going to love it, for the fantastic wins it offers - it is so hard to trigger that I did not see it in over 100 features - its kind of like hitting a wildline on NetEnts Dead or Alive, some people will get it twice in a week somehow, whereas others might NEVER see it... Personally, I would have much preferred the additional RTP to have been oncorporated into the main feature!

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