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Ronny. Reviewed on 04.07.18
More sporting games from Playtech, and this time it is Tennis Stars. As the theme would have suggested, I had expected to see a game on the likes of Football Legends, Football Stars or Top Trumps Celebs, but not for this game. You don't get to choose great players like Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe or Billie Jean King from the past era, or even new greats like the ssexyy Maria Sharapova, manly Selena Williams and whomever else your favourites. What you get instead is just a male and female tennis player. Whomever this two players are, no one knows! Tennis Stars should have been more appropriately named Tennis, or Tennis Rules (as in Football Rules), or even Championship Tennis, but it doesn't matter I guess...just play the game and hope to win! Hehehe.

This is not the usual 20, 25 or 30 paylines slot game - it has 40 paylines on 5 standard reels, with a free spins feature game as well as a championship bonus game. Symbols start with 9, 10, J, K, Q and A, with additional symbols of tennis balls, tennis shoes, paying x1000 line bet for 5-of-a-kind, and topping the list, a female tennis player and a male tennis player, paying x5000 line bet for 5-of-a-kind. It is important to take note here that there is no 5 wilds possibility in this game, as the wild symbols only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. So don't look for that x10,000 line bet as you would in other games. The two tennis players, or stars, are the top paying symbols in this game. The scatter symbol is a pair of tennis racquets that pay only x100 total bet for 5-of-a-kind, which is on the low side. Hopefully this would also mean slightly easier in getting 5 of those scatters. I wouldn't know, as yet. 3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels would trigger off a Championship Bonus game, as opposed to the usual free spins award, whereby you get to play tennis against a computer opponent. The game starts by choosing to play a male or a female game, the choice not making any difference on the outcome of the bonus game. This is just a preference choice only. On play, you first choose either to use a flat serve or a slice serve against your opponent. Scoring is as per real tennis game, which is 15-0, 30-0, 40-0, game-0, and is paid out accordingly. For example, if you win with a score of game-30 (opponent's score), you win x10 total bet. Winning game-0 and you win x50 your total bet. Serving aces determine the win multiplier, from x1 for no ace serve, to x5 for 4 ace serves. The maximum possible win from this bonus game is the total bet x50, then x5. For example, $10 win x50 = $500 x5 = $2,500.

For free spins, you need to get the wild symbol, which is a trophy, anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4, for a x10 total bet win, plus 15 free spins with a x3 win multiplier. A totally different concept from the usual Playtech games that may need some getting use to. Retriggering is infinitely possible, as always, but not practically possible. In actual play, I found it rather hard to get wins from Tennis Stars. The Championship Bonus game looks good, but getting a lot of serving aces wasn't that easy at all, resulting in average or low payouts most of the time. I have also never gotten the top x50 total bet with x5 win multiplier so far, and none of the tennis player's 5-of-a-kind either. After not very long periods of playing this game, interest quickly disappears as fast as the credits do too. Perhaps Tennis Stars could have been a better game had it been on 15 or 20 paylines, and having similar feature games as found in Football Stars. Or perhaps it was just not my game, who knows.
Lashawna. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Tennis Stars is another sports themed game and I always liked this kind of slots because they make me curious what are the tricks, unique features, innovative solutions the developers found out to make their products more seductive, enjoyable for players who won’t be able to refuse them. Fortunately, sport is a perfect commodity to show us their creativity.

When I started to play with Tennis Star, my first thought was - ‘Oh, my green!’. It’s so green all over that I almost felt a lack of a 4-leaf clover symbol like I got used to at Irish style games. It’s a 40-payline game with €2 minimum bet and max. 5000 profit, which can be achieved by a 5 of a kind winning with its best symbol, the male tennis player. Generally the base game is not too generous partly because the Wild only works on the center reels, but if 3 come out in a single spin, it means a guarantee x10 of total bet and 15 free spins at triple value. It can happen infinitely during free games.

My favourite part of this slot is the Championship Bonus that requires 3 scatters in the main game. Right at the beginning we have to face a hard decision but understandably they have to be political correct, so a selection has to be made, whether a male or female athlete represents us during this extra game. Our player fights against the video slot and all we have to do to choose how the games should start, with slice or flat serve. I always impel my champ to use 3 flat serves one after the other then switch to slice and return to flat. In the past it worked well and usually there were 3 or 4 aces. (What a good coach could I’ve been!?) If it ends with a love game win with 4 aces the final award is 250 times of total bet. I’m not saying all the Minecraft or Call of Duty gurus out there will immediately drop their toys and run to play this bonus game but I like its great atmosphere and a little different challenge.

The more I played the more I loved this game. It’s not the all-time best video slot but definitely has the ability to entertain in funny ways.

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