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surf safari Reviews by Players

Arlena. Reviewed on 01.07.18
I've played my fair share of 243 ways to win slots from Microgaming, but I find this slot a complete joke for several reasons. My expectations were quiet high when I started playing this game, since I thought it had a lot of potential. However, I couldn't have been more wrong and I should definitely have checked the paytable to confirm this beforehand. The theme basically features the African animals you would expect to see when going on a safari, and the beautiful beaches and surf boards you'd come across of when surfing. The result is a slot which depicts giraffes, snakes, lions, cheetahs in a cool outfit surfing their way through the waves to accumulate prizes for you.The top payout is only 1000 coins though for a 5oak. That goes for almost most animal symbols. In addition the game also features wilds. I happy to see the minimum bet only being 25 cents on this slot. On the contrary of many other 243 ways to win slots where it's usually 30 cents. Surf Safari also has wild symbols on every reel.I played this game with a 3 coins bet size of 75 cents for a good half hour during one session, and could not believe my eyes. During base game I would often only win fractions, hardly ever hitting a 5oak. Sometimes we just have bad runs and that's just happens, but what really pissed me off was the scatter bonus. When you hit 3 or more scatters you get moved to the Safari Surf Wax Bonus.You get presented 15 surf waxes and you have to pick until one says "collect". That's when the game stops. It also has a "big win" wax with the top prize which takes you to another round. Nevertheless I never made it that far.In fact, what I've experienced on this slot was something I don't even wish to my enemies lol. Guess what the first safari wax I picked said? COLLECT - that's right! I played 40 minutes to win absolutely nothing during the bonus round. Good thing I didn't smash my laptop because they sure got me mad and all disappointed.However, few minutes later I had 3 scatters again. I was happy to see I got offered another chance to win some bucks. This time I just selected one safari wax, since it probably random anyway. And again the first one said COLLECT.How on earth is this possible? I closed the game right away and accepted my losses, and never played this silly 243 ways to win game again cause I sure as hell wasn't winning.My final rating for this slot is 4/10.
Deena Demaria. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Surf Safari is a 243 paylines Microgaming video slot saying many things! First of all it basically has the same theme that Big Break would have but a big downgrade on it's graphics. The truth is for a 243 ways video slot Surf Safari can be a turn of a prize wheel from reaching a high point to an ugly low sewer level.

Before I surfed into Surf Safari, I read the paytable to see if it's to be worth playing and it seems just like a common slot, in game or in the feature. So I played for just $0.75. I had my doubts on if whether or not this slot can be re-apt the rewards made for my $0.75 or just another garbage disposal to take down my balance! During gameplay, I see a bunch of simple 5 of a kind symbols on many spins like 9's, queens and even Kings. The large collection for my $0.75 came from 4 female lions surfing the clear waters that provided $15. I wonder what she'll bring with 5 of a kind? The same applied to hitting 4 male tigers! $15 too! What I do hate on Surf Safari are these scatter logos. After reaching 45 spins I still had trouble landing 3 scatters for the bonus round. It took me about 77 total before I hit the bonus round. Inside, there are 15 Surf wax symbols onscreen that grants prizes.

I was already disappointed by how many spins it took for this bonus but I had to play it to shed more hope into my wilting balance. I made 5 choices before the "Collect" sign showed up giving me a total of $24.75 win, there was this big prize of $33.55 + a chance to go into the next round that was a "passed train ride" opportunity for me, ahh how can I miss that!!! As optimistic as I am, I would try again even with my mind hating the slot already. When 20 more spins were punched into the slot, it reeled in another feature round that gave me a different impression for 4 scattered logos giving me $7.50 for my $0.75 triggering bet. This time however the way I approached each Wax gave me a better total of $64, I was lucky to dodge the two "Collect" signs and find the large $45.60 in the first round then made my way to collect in the 2nd round where the Surf Wax are now Red.

I wouldn't recommend this slot for it burns money a lot before the feature bows down to you! Surf Safari gets a 6 out of 10! The feature required serious luck for entry as well as to miss the "Collect" signs & to gain that one "Big Prize"!!!
George. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Surf Safari is a way wrong slot! What this means? Well, here I played nearly 400 spins without entering the bonus round, so without having on the reels at the same moment 3 „Surf Safari Bonus“ symbols. This is something that did not happened to me before, in any other slot. Especially the slot is wrong since is part of the Microgaming casinos and "all ways wins" here (that is it has 234 paylines). A cheap advertisement for a slot otherwise beautiful, with excellent graphics that reflect the seaand the surf made by each of the 3 cartoon characters, representing the snake, the tiger and the giraffe from Africa, plus a boy, which all are on surf boards. I was expecting that such a beautiful graphical look to be accompanied by likewise nice wins, but here all spins are losers. It is true that you will have from time to time even 5 snakes or 5 tigers, but in 95% of the aligned combinations the wins will not be bigger than a few tens of cents, playing at the minimum total bet of 25 cents.

I played here as I said hundreds of spins, with the wish that at some point I will have an extra in the balance and it was all for nothing. The minuses gathered together and after nearly 400 spins I was about 30 euros less. The largest win, as somebody else said before me here, is 10 Euro (5 consecutive tigers , giraffes or boys on the surf board). Maybe with 5 Scatters on the screen you will to receive 12.5 Euro, but I never had more than 2 Scatters and this happened very, very rarely. (about 10 times in 400 spins).

From the paytable I understood that the "Safari Surf Wax Bonus" consists of choosing randomly the Surf Wax from a total of 15 until collect. That is all I can tell you and I do not know what payout exactly you will get, but I guess not big enough to compensate for all losses during normal spins.

So on the overall, except for the graphics this slot is weak. There is no Free spinsround and to enter the Bonus same is extremely difficult. The overall losses are big and is not worth to invest money nor time here and certainly, in my opinion you will be disappointed.

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